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After a while of no reviews, I’m back with another one today! Aren’t you lucky? Michelle over at WickedUncle approached me at the start of February with the offer of reviewing their website and products – who can say no to a toy shop? A few members of my family have quite young children, so with them in mind I found myself browsing the WickedUncle website in search of something suitable for them – About The Company

WickedUncle “have scoured the world to find a really useful selection of fun, unusual and different presents for children”.  Testing every potential gift before it appears on their site, WickedUncle build the robot kits, paint the fairies, doodle with the pens, play the games and yes, they even wear the t-shirt! As well as fully testing each product, WickedUncle can giftwrap your presents, send them direct with a handwritten birthday or Christmasmas card, and even send you a birthday reminder every year! This is a key feature for me… I end up relying on Facebook or Timehop for birthday reminders!

Choosing My Product

Automatically I loved the setup of WickedUncle’s website. You can search for present by sex, age, or type of toy, and there are plenty of subcategories to help you narrow down the vast selection. What with all the children in my family being female, I went to the Girls Age 1 section first, before then having a look all around the website anyway.

WickedUncle Collab and Review* Life With Ktkinnes

Eventually, I managed to narrow down my choices, and I decided to go with the Chomp & Clack – Alligator Push Along toy – perfect for the two youngest who are starting to learn to walk! Clicking on “Checkout Now”, I was taken to the final stages of ordering.

Payment Process

At stage one, you get the opportunity to gift wrap your order – perfect if you’re getting it delivered directly to the child! The wrapping paper designs look great, and you get the choice of 12 different papers. The first gift costs £3.50 to wrap, and any subsequent gifts are an extra £1.50 per present. As my order isn’t specifically for a gift, I chose to skip this step, however I would love to hear from anyone as to whether or not they’ve used and would recommend the wrapping paper!

Stage two sees the option to add a card (£2.50) or a free gift message of your choice. There are lots of cool designs to choose from, and your card is handwritten by the WickedUncle Elves – none of the impersonal typed names and such that you get when sending a card direct from other companies! Another perfect little addition to a gift. Again, I chose to skip this step, however I will certainly be using this feature next time I order from them!

Stage 3 allows you to enter delivery information, delivery type (standard delivery of 2-3 working days for £2.95 or collect from Suffolk for 1p), and your safe place information. You can then pay either by PayPal or card! If you have a voucher to use but wish to use PayPal, I found I had to select the pay by card option first to let me enter the voucher code I had received. To enter it, you click on the “Total” in the order summary information. There’s then the option to swap to a PayPal payment.

Once you’re finished, all you have to do is sit back and wait for it to be delivered!

The Parcel

Due to the Beast From The East, my parcel did get ever so slightly delayed, and for that reason this review has been delayed until now. It arrived early one morning just before I went to work, and was marked clearly as being from WickedUncle – covered in parcel tape and just waiting for me to open it. Inside was a smaller box, very well cushioned inside the larger box, and a little “Thank You” note that a child could use to thank the sender for a present ordered through WickedUncle. I thought this was a nice touch – how many of us hated trying to think what to put in a thank you letter? But yes, back to the actual toy.

The Chomp & Clack – Alligator Push Along toy was really easy to put together, and to be honest I didn’t even need the instructions. The colours were bright and attractive, and it was such a cute size – I forget how small babies and toddlers actually are! The alligators chomp in a sequence, not that any children would worry about that, and the fish on the wheels spin to look like they are swimming. Of course I just had to test it out by pushing it along over the kitchen floor tiles, some carpet, and a thick rug – just to know that it would work across different surfaces. I needn’t have worried though, it moved perfectly across all the different floor types I tried it on.

WickedUncle Collab and Review* Life With KtkinnesWickedUncle Collab and Review* Life With KtkinnesWickedUncle Collab and Review* Life With KtkinnesWickedUncle Collab and Review* Life With KtkinnesWickedUncle Collab and Review* Life With Ktkinnes


Needless to say, the easy ordering, attractive website, and brilliant quality of the push along toy all make me say I would recommend WickedUncle to anyone who is looking for a new online shop to try for toys and presents for children. The fact that you can even get sent reminders for birthdays is just brilliant! I left the Chomp & Clack Alligator Push Along with family members with young children, and they were delighted with the product too. I can’t wait to see the little ones using it as they learn to walk and become more stable on their own two feet!



Did you know Wicked Uncle also has a USA website? Click here to find out more.


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