What’s in my bag? 

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Hello lovelies! It’s been a while since we had one of my more traditional posts and so here I am! What did you think of the gratitude challenge? I personally loved doing it, even if I didn’t get posting daily the way I was meant to. 

This will probably be a shorter post tonight as I’m slightly distracted planning Blogmas… can never be too prepared! But after my trip to Edinburgh yesterday, see tomorrow’s post for how it went, I decided to do a little look into my handbag! 
The things I always have with me include

  • My keys – otherwise how would I get back into the flat?
  • My purse – holding money, loyalty cards, student ID and my driving license.
  • A pen and paper, just in case inspiration hits randomly!
  • Tissues. Got a cold? No toilet roll in the toilets? Spilt a drink? A small pack of tissues never goes amiss and you’ll never be caught short.
  • A hairbrush. I hate leaving without a spare brush in my bag.
  • Top up of make up – there’s always some sort of lipstick in the bottom of my bag! 
  • Phone. Of course I never leave without it!
  • Earphones! Who can travel without them?

So what else do you carry in your bag? I can’t remember if I’ve got everything listed!
Ktkinnes xx

3 thoughts on “What’s in my bag? 

  1. Sam

    I totally always have headphones, my wallet, headache medicine, tampons, hand sanitizer and tissues in my purse!

    S .x

  2. ktkinnes

    Hi sorry, for some reason your comment got lost in my spam folder so only saw it now! Those are some great things to always have around, I definitely should start carrying round headache medicine as I always needs it but never have any! Thanks for the comment xx

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