What Makes You An “Adult”?

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This thought crossed my head while I was reading The Signs Of Having Your Sh*t Together by Lexilife95 earlier tonight. Brilliant list and excellent blogger, give her a read and see for yourselves! But she got me thinking, at what point do I have to accept that I’m slowly yet surely entering adulthood? I mean, what makes you an adult anyway?

Student life is that in between stage where you’re independent (well you’re meant to be anyway) but not a fully fledged adult with horrible things like council tax and everything else that comes with leaving university. I mean yes, I pay rent, I pay bills, I’m responsible for my own actions, and I don’t rely on my parents for anything. Except my phone bill. Only reason for that is they can claim they only pay it so I’ll keep in touch with them.

Take today for example. I woke up at 10:30am and had a sudden panic that I’d wasted a morning of revision time. Instead of breakfast, I started straight into 90 minutes of Physics ahead of next Tuesday’s exam – terrified! I know so little for it! Following that was lunch, a pre-made lunch of soup I cooked last week and defrosted overnight. Then I forced myself back into revision mode. Another break at 3:30pm for coffee and a chat with my flatmates, before another half hour’s revision and then I gave up. I watched The West Wing, I phoned home about my EHIC card (European Health Insurance Card – another reason the UK should stay in the EU), and then eventually cooked a chicken pasta bake. After dinner, Mary and I chatted for a while and then I scrubbed the bathroom from top to bottom simply for the sake of it.

So until half an hour ago, I felt quite responsible and mature. Then I realised, if I was really an adult I would be at work and having to get up earlier. I’d have more responsibilities to take care of before I could sit here and write this blog. And I’d certainly be trying to get to sleep before midnight! Another thing I rarely do.

I suppose everything is relative. Having done 4 hours of revision today, I am considering doing another hour before bed. Or I could tidy my room. Another alternative would be to read and relax. Which of these is best? Who knows! The real question I want to ask though is what makes someone an adult? Is it their age? The way they act? Their responsibilities?

If it’s age then why are there different ages for different things by law? Legally in the UK you can have sex at 16 or get married with parental permission. However you must be 18 or over to drink, vote, share/own “explicit images” of your partner (on the condition they too are over 18), and so much more. Yet at the age of 18, you’re still a teenager – still restricted by life’s obstacles. The majority of 18 year olds go to university, and so aren’t working or as responsible as someone who does work full time. So is it when they graduate? Because again this differs according to course and university, and sure some people never go to university, or leave before they can graduate!

Is it the way someone acts? I’ve always been told, from a young age, that I act older than I am. Not always a bad thing in my opinion. However this didn’t make me an adult. And a childish adult is still an adult.

As I sit here writing this post, it has occurred to me that “adulthood”, whilst influenced by someone’s age, mannerisms, and actions, is a state of life that we choose to enter at our own pace rather than at a set stage in life. Sorry for the slightly more sobering post tonight, but now I shall have to go do a bit more revision! Thanks again for reading!

2 thoughts on “What Makes You An “Adult”?

  1. Allison | thenutmegdiaries.com

    I completely understand! Even at 29 years old, I still do not feel like an adult. I’m not sure that I ever will feel “grown up.” I hope more people feel this way- it’s as if everyone is just playing a part but on the inside you want to ask Mom and Dad for help at every turn. Thanks for sharing!

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