Two Weeks

Two Weeks Life With Ktkinnes
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Can you believe it’s Wednesday again? I’m not sure if I can or not. But here we are, another Wednesday morning, and another chance for us to have a little catch up. Can you believe it’s been two weeks?

I get it. We’re all tired of reading that C-word, even after just two weeks of a lockdown. We want outside again. I know for a fact that all I want right now is a walk along the beaches of the north coast, a drink in the Harbour Bar, and dinner in one of the restaurants up north. I don’t even need out of the country – even though that would be lovely. No, I am just craving being allowed to go somewhere and do something different.

However, have any of us taken a minute to realise just how privileged we are to be feeling like this? For how many of us is this two weeks thing just a temporary situation? How many of us are inside houses with heating, hot water, enough food to see us through (plus those extra snacks and drinks)? Internet, smart TVs, Netflix, everything. So many of us have moaned that we can’t pick which book to read next, because we have so many unread books on our shelves. Or we can’t keep up with all the films and shows we want to binge on the various streaming services available. We’re bored. And trust me, I get it.

Two Weeks In And I’m Struggling

In fact, it’s a bit like a diet. The minute you’re told you can’t do something, or can’t eat something, that is the one and only thing you want to do.  I sat here a few weeks back talking about how Mum and Dad were away for the weekend, and all I wanted to do was lock the door and not set foot outside the house the full weekend. If I’d known what was just around the corner, I would’ve gone on a shopping spree for some loungewear! It’s incredible how few clothes I own when it comes to sitting in the house doing nothing. In fact, I’ve been alternating my 2 pairs of jeans with my leggings, some joggers, and then for a change I’ve maybe put on black jeans – just to keep things interesting! I feel really daft even complaining about that, but there we go.

A view of Loch Ness from Dores beach, looking out from the shore to the water. The words Two Weeks are written in white writing in the centre of the image

So as of today, I have been at home for a full two weeks. Unlike a lot of people, I can’t work from home, so am currently trying to find free online courses to work through. I’ve been reading, watching TV, playing guitar, exercising in the garden (big shout out to Joe Wicks for the fact I haven’t been able to walk for two weeks!), and going for our 1 walk a day every couple of days, just to escape the inside of the house. There’s cleaning to be done, games to be played, and plenty of things to do in the garden to occupy ourselves – today we’re painting benches and sheds. But I miss work. I miss my colleagues. I miss the coffee we drink. I just want to go back! Even to phone the couriers to complain over misrouted items or lost parcels. I never thought phoning UPS and asking for a customer representative would be something I’d miss, but there we are.

On the other hand, I’m feeling refreshed. I’m probably the healthiest I’ve been in a long time. As I said, I’m exercising each day with the PE With Joe classes on YouTube – yes I know there’s controversy around him and The Sun but I like the workouts – and I’m sleeping well most nights; at least 8 hours a night! I’ve been cooking again, keeping my room tidy, and journaling more than ever. My to be read pile is gradually getting smaller, I’ve discovered films and tv shows I never thought I’d be interested in, and I have managed to teach myself another couple of songs on the guitar, leading me to wonder whether or not I need to keep bothering Dad’s friends each week with lessons, but I’d miss them if they completely stopped. At the minute, knowing I’ll be going back eventually is what’s keeping me practising almost daily. Another benefit is I’m drinking more water again. Where in work I find myself with a cup of coffee in hand, and then a sometimes a biscuit to go with it, I’ve been filling my water bottle a couple of times a day, and Monday to Friday I am trying not to snack between meals. It’s crazy that it’s taken a world pandemic for me to get myself on track, but hey why not?

Last week I asked you all if you’d be interested in more posts a week. And while I like the idea of it, it dawned on me that I’d struggle to find enough content to post. But if we’re still on lockdown in May then I may try a daily posting challenge… either that or I’ll start working on my Blogmas posts for this year!

After a bit of a rambling post, that I suppose has done nothing to really update you on life in general, I was coming to ask for suggestions of how you’re filling your days at the minute if you’re like me with no work from home, no kids, and you’re beginning to find the fun things from the start a little monotonous. I mean, I haven’t quite resorted to playing The Sims in the last two weeks, but we’re only a matter of hours away from giving it a go!

So how are you finding lockdown? Or are you reading from somewhere else in the world, and looking to share your experiences of the last two weeks? Let us know in the comments below, and we’ll try and get a conversation going!

As always, stay home, stay safe, and we’ll speak again soon.

Two Weeks Life With Ktkinnes

9 thoughts on “Two Weeks

  1. Elsie LMC

    Really enjoyed reading this! ✨ I’ve been taking my dog for a walk most days, reading books (I think I’ll start re-reading some old series that I want to get back into so that I am up to date for the latest editions), I started a bullet journal and I’ve been baking 🍞 It certainly feels like we’ve been in isolation for longer but time is just having a tricky time adjusting in our minds. I really want to try out exercising with Joe Wicks videos! Take care 💕💕

  2. V

    I would just suggest that your comment ‘Unlike a lot of people, I can’t work from home’… you might actually be more like a lot of people than you think. I don’t say that to criticize, I just say that to make you feel less alone. Unemployment here in Canada is the highest it’s been in 20 years.

    We feel you. We really do. <3
    Sending you some love.

  3. ktkinnes

    Oh wow, that’s scary! I was reading that unemployment is scarily high worldwide now because of all this, but the highest in 20 years is scary.
    There are times it bothers me I can’t work from home, but then my family have reminded me that maybe it’s a blessing as it means I’ll value my job all the more when I get to go back to it.
    Thanks for the support 💖 hope you’re staying safe and healthy xxx

  4. J | thenellybean

    I’m definitely feeling a little closed in too. I have exams to study for and I should be occupied with that, but there have definitely been times where my mind has just wandered to places that it shouldn’t. I guess I’m just one of these people who need to be out and about busy doing things to keep myself sane! Stay safe and hope you’re keeping well x

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  6. Giulia

    This is an interesting post idea! It certainly has been a … strange… unexpected … something kinda of year!

  7. ktkinnes

    Haha thank you, and I know, hasn’t it?
    I first did this sort of a post back when I was at university and doing more, but I thought it would be appropriate to start the decade with it. Little did I think the decade would begin like this!
    Thanks so much for stopping by to comment xx

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