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It’s been far far far far far too long since I last sat down to write a blog post, and in fact I ended up starting this one quiet afternoon in work – the first time I’d had the time and motivation to do it!

Actually, thinking along those lines, do any of you ever find that when you’ve the motivation there isn’t enough time, and when there’s all the time in the world you just lack the motivation? That’s been me for the last few weeks. So finally they’re both here together!


The title of this post meant two things to me. The first? It’d been too long since I wrote to you all. The second? Well that needs a little background.


As some of you may be aware, I joined Weight Watchers back at the start of June when I moved home for the summer.  I had gained so much weight during my first year at uni, and while I lost little bits here and there, I came home at the end of 3rd year weighing a heck of a lot more than I wanted to. It was time to put my ass in gear and actually do something about it.

Too Long Life With Ktkinnes
My Weight Watchers stuff

Week one was tough.  Well, it wasn’t as bad as I expected.  I was allowed more daily points than I could eat, I was going out walking (well, sometimes half running to keep up with Rachel’s ridiculously long legs!) and I was being very strict on what I could or couldn’t have. This was fine until a small incident on the Friday night of that week that I won’t go into here. I began to feel really low about the whole thing.  My family had said they would support me, but were continuing to scoff sweets and cream buns and just generally I wasn’t feeling supported.  I never expected them to fully join me on the weight watchers programme, but I did somewhat expect them to be a little more considerate than to offer me sweets and chocolates! However, my perseverance had paid off when it came to that first weigh in and I had lost 6½lbs! I was over the moon! Well, I should’ve been.  Instead I was disappointed I hadn’t lost the another ½lb so I could reach that first Silver Seven.

A page from the weight watchers tracker book
Tracker book

The next 3 weeks went well.  I continued to lose between 2 and 3lbs each week, and just last week I found I had lost a total of 14½lbs – yes that half is important to remember.  My WW leader took my card from my hand, I jumped up onto the scales, and when she told me I’d reached the stone, I sighed “Finally!”

Well she nearly took my head off. “What do you mean finally, that’s only your 4th weigh in! That’s a fantastic result!”

I laughed at myself to be honest, she’s right. 4 weeks to lose 14½lb is fantastic. But then again, the weight I am I could definitely do with losing another 5st minimum and they certainly won’t fall off me as quickly as that first stone! The important thing though is that I am trying.  I’m enjoying what I’m doing.  I’m loving feeling better about myself.

My blue weight watchers stone I received for losing a stone
A stone for a stone!

I got on a plane to Glasgow on Tuesday night and for the first time in a long time I didn’t feel awkward crushed in between two people. Not only that, but I didn’t have to loosen the seatbelt as far as it would go to fasten it! That was definitely the biggest YES! moment of this weight loss journey so far. I had a great time while over in Glasgow, and, in typical me-fashion, I was delayed on my flight home on Wednesday night. After over 3 hours sitting around that airport, we finally boarded the plane. I sat down quickly, happy to have an aisle seat on the tiny Flybe planes. There was a bit of confusion in the row behind me as it turned out this woman had got the wrong seat. She was told she was meant to be beside me. As she stood up, I was aware she was larger than me and could probably do with the aisle instead, so I moved over to the window. As I did that, she looked at me and said, at the top of her voice, “Why is it they always somehow manage to sit the two obese people together?”

I swear I must’ve gone as red as Santa’s suit. At that moment, the stewardess informed the woman there was an empty row further up the plane if she would be more comfortable on her own. The woman got up and moved without so much as a glance in my direction, as my eyes teared up and I honestly struggled to not burst into tears sitting on that plane. My confidence was shattered. I no longer felt good about myself. Instead, I began to question everything I had eaten that day – did I really need to eat those full 24 points out of my allowance of 45? Maybe I should cut it down to less than 20? Or should I just forget the entire thing, buy all the junk food in the world, and hide away forever?

Thankfully some lovely people and friends spoke to me afterwards on Twitter and convinced me to ignore what had been said to me. I got on the scales yesterday and I have now lost a total of 18lb, and I am even more motivated to keep going no matter what.


That woman was horrible. She knocked me down for no reason. And it’s taken me too long to realise that I shouldn’t listen to what people think of how I look. I’m proud of me, and I’ll be even more proud when I reach my goal.


I won’t bore you here with what I ate, how Weight Watchers works, or any of that mumbo-jumbo, but if you’d like to know more about the Weight Watchers programme or anything else, please feel free to DM me on Twitter, comment below, or email me at the email address listed here at any time and I will do my best to get back to you as soon as possible.


Apologies to anyone here looking for a Friday Favourite – I’ll post it on Sunday instead, but I just wanted to get this out there first xx


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15 thoughts on “Too Long

  1. withanoceanviewblog

    Katie you have done amazingly and I’m so proud of you, a stone in 4 weeks is awesome, you should be really proud. I’m so sorry that you encountered that horrible woman on the plane, she was totally cruel and unfair, if only she knew you then she would have kept her mouth shout. You are doing amazing and I’m loving watching your journey on WW. xx

  2. ktkinnes

    Thanks Zoe 💖 I am actually so so happy with the last 5 weeks! I know it won’t continue this well over the next lot of months, but I’m feeling so much more confident – I even bought shorts for my upcoming holiday! And as for that woman, I hope she someday realises how hurtful her words were. She’s given me the motivation to push myself further, but hopefully someday something will happen to give her the push too. And whenever I’m feeling low, I just head over to your Instagram posts for the inspiration to keep working at it! xxx

  3. Holly

    When I read the bit where you said your weight watchers leader nearly took your head off I giggled to myself just imagined her taking a swing at you 🙈 Be proud to shout that your reaching some goals. Your an inspiration Katie 💗 Xxx

  4. Michelle Gil

    That is truly amazing! Keep up the good work. I personally understand what is feel like when someone kinda shatter the self esteem when we’re doing our best to loose weight. Remember you are a warrior and don’t let anyone make you feel worthless what you are doing is great!


  5. Tiffany

    You’ve done so well with weight watchers! Honestly you should be so proud of yourself! I’ve been needing to lose weight for a while and I’ve been trying but just struggling to actually do it and stick to it for more than few weeks! Ignore what that woman said, she clearly wasn’t thinking and you shouldn’t let it get to you, just think of how well you’ve done, a stone in 4 weeks is a massive achievement! So lovely you’re back blogging, missed your posts!

    Tiffany x

  6. Kayleigh Zara

    congrats on your weight loss! A stone in 4 weeks is absolutely amazing progress towards your goal and you shouldn’t get disheartened x

    Kayleigh Zara 🌿

  7. Alison

    It’s so easy to be difficult on yourself, I think we all get caught up on that. But it’s wonderful you have people in weight watchers ready to be your motivators and ready to make sure you know how well you’re doing!

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  9. abbeylouisarose

    Oh Katie, I am so sorry that you had such a negative experience on the plane! What an awful woman to make that horrid comment, she had no right! You’re doing so amazingly with your weight loss, don’t let one obnoxious person pull you down! I think you should feel very proud of yourself for everything you’ve achieved so far, stay motivated because you’re doing such a great job!

    Abbey 👑

  10. Tarnya

    Awww I’m so proud of you! You’ve done so so well. You’ve given me the motivation to push myself and start losing some weight. One little step at a time xx

  11. Jordanne | Thelifeofaglasgowgirl

    You’re doing so amazing with your weight waters and I’m insainly proud of you. Like I said at the time, that woman was out of order, you’re amazing and she’s jelouse 😉 so glad I got to see you!

    Jordanne ||

  12. ktkinnes

    Thanks hun 💖 did I tell you I finished the college applications? 🙌🏻 we’re both smashing it 💪🏻

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