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The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie

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Happy Monday everyone! Why is it happy? Because I’m off work! Yes, 5 full blissful days of no work, plenty of family time, too much sports on TV, and getting time to read. Rachel had brought back her copy of The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie for me to read, so of course I sat and read it in one day. But before we take a look at my thoughts on The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie, who fancies a bit of a catch up?

As I was saying before that “Read More” tab rudely interrupted us, I wanted to have a little catch up on the last week before talking to you all about The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie. Monday was spent going backwards and forwards between myself and Dad talking to the car sales people regarding getting my car the way I mentioned in A Night at Lunn’s. Surprise surprise, I still don’t have my car, and they now won’t give me an estimated date because they don’t have a clue. And with us having our Bank Holidays last week, who knows when I’ll hear from them about it. But we’ll cover that when the time comes – so keep a look out! It just meant I was in a foul mood on Monday. Choir changed from Wednesday last week because of the 12th July, so I was quite pleased with the opportunity to take my mind off the car – or lack of it. Tuesday I got the call to tell me I definitely wasn’t getting the car that week, but they had a courtesy car for it. Wednesday came around, and it was the last day in the office for the week. Getting home, Rachel was there, back from uni for her 10 days of summer holiday. We watched the end of the tennis, had Chinese takeaway for dinner, and enjoyed the start of my summer holiday. On Thursday, we took the morning around the house, and headed down to Newcastle for a while. There’s an old road that was covered by a dam for ages, but the good weather has dried it up and the road has reappeared – read more about it here. We went home for a barbecue, and an earlyish night because Mum was in work on Friday morning. While she was at work, Rachel and I went to visit family for coffee in the morning, and then Friday afternoon was spent walking around the Titanic Quarter of Belfast just to see what’s around there. Due to the great weather on Saturday, we had a day around the garden, when I sat and read The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie while the others watched Wimbledon on the TV in the garden. Saturday was finished off with dinner in The Hillside in Hillsborough, and music in the back garden. Finally, yesterday was spent working on clearing out the attic and then doing computer things while again everyone else watched the tennis.

the prime of miss jean brodie book cover

Now that you’re all caught up, let’s talk The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie!

The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie: The Blurb

At the staid Marcia Blaine School for Girls in Edinburgh, Scotland, teacher extraordinaire Miss Jean Brodie is unmistakably, and outspokenly, in her prime. She is passionate in the application of her unorthodox teaching methods and strives to bring out the best in each one of her students. Determined to instill in them independence, passion, and ambition, Miss Brodie advises them, “Safety does not come first. Goodness, Truth, and Beauty come first. Follow me.” And they do–but one of them will betray her.

I had heard of The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie from my parents, and surprisingly the film was on before the weekend. So we recorded the film, and I got to reading Rachel’s copy of The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie.

Starting when the Brodie set are in their later teens, we get a little information on each of the girls. Already, I was slightly confused by the number of names thrown at you in the first 2 pages. However, throughout the book you are reminded what each of the girls were “famous” for amongst the other girls at Marcia Blaine School for Girls. Reading The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie, I was reminded of The History Boys slightly,

A short and easy enough read, The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie is set between the 20s and 30s in Edinburgh, and is full of references that would stand out to anyone from the area or even with some sort of connection to the city. Was I disappointed we didn’t get a little more information on the girls themselves, yes. However, I did need to remind myself that the story is about Miss Brodie in the prime of her life.

It was a quick and easy read, and an interesting insight into character development. From the start, we know Miss Brodie was betrayed by one of “her” girls, and so you find yourself learning a little more about each character and questioning whether she was the one to betray her role model.

Would I recommend The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie? Yes. Can I explain why easily? No. It was one of those books that left me kind of hollow when I finished it, not sure what to do with myself. Well written, enjoyable, and certainly one I recommend everyone takes a turn at reading. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I must get up to have some breakfast.

Have you read or watched The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie before? What were your thoughts?

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  • thoughtsfromjasmine

    Hope you enjoy your days off! Also, I love a quick and easy read, and sometimes those books that you can’t really explain why you like are the best kind 😉

    Jas xx

  • sophieheartsnet

    Although this book sounds really good, I do hate when books chuck too many names at you too early and it’s an effort to keep up! Sounds great apart from that though, I need a new read so I’ll try and pick it up!
    Soph x

  • Change for the better

    Those hollow leaving books are always hard to finish. Thanks for sharing sounds like an interesting read… not sure if I’ll add this to the list though as I’m not great with that feeling 🤣


  • ktkinnes

    It was slightly off-putting at first, but part of the story is to constantly remind you of who’s who so it wasn’t too bad thankfully 😊 if you get the chance, you should definitely watch the film! xxx

  • ktkinnes

    Haha I don’t blame you for that Mike! Maybe a good film to watch on a cold and damp Sunday in Autumn though? To be honest, I still haven’t been able to pick up another book yet! xx

  • Stacey Spruels

    I haven’t heard of the book or the film, but it certainly sounds interesting. I love the book cover too, very eye catching. We need to sort our attic some point, but the husband doesn’t like heights and I don’t like spiders so not doing too well on that front

  • Maya

    Looks like you had a good time on your days off. I have a couple day’s off next week and this posts reminds me I need ot pick up a book!

  • ktkinnes

    I sent my Dad and sister into the attic for those 2 exact reasons 😂🙈 any relatives you can bribe to come help? xx

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