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The Grey's Anatomy Tag Life With Ktkinnes
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Ah-ha! Okay so I saw this tag ages ago now, and I just knew I needed to do it. I adore Grey’s Anatomy, and Tag posts are some of my favourite ones to write, so to take part in a Grey’s Anatomy Tag is perfect! So without further delay, shall we get started? Here we go with my Grey’s Anatomy Tag post!I first came across the Grey’s Anatomy Tag actually on Joy’s blog, Sunkissed Scribbles, some time last year when we were both taking part in the Bloggers Tribe comment swap. It was so exciting to see one of my all time favourite tv shows with it’s own tag post that I could write up! As usual, questions are in bold and my answers are in normal text.

  1. How did you discover Grey’s Anatomy?
    One of my friends in secondary school was going on about an upcoming plane crash, and kept pushing us all to watch it. Eventually, we had an afternoon at her house where she put on her DVD of the first season and within 10 minutes I was hooked. I binge watched the whole way up to that episode within a month – while at school, doing homework, and everything else a 15 year old is doing!
  2. Who is your twisted sister/person?
    Without a doubt, Jordanne. She won’t even get this reference because she doesn’t watch Grey’s Anatomy, but she’s my twisted sister. She’s my person. And everyone should have their person.
  3. Favorite Series?
    Season 7, without a doubt. All my favourite characters appear in it at some stage (well, most of them anyway) and it features my favourite episode!
  4. Favourite Character?
    Callie Torres or Arizona Robinson. Either of them. Or Mark… Or Lexie… Or Alex… Okay yeah it’s too tough to just pick one!
  5. Favourite Episode?
    Season 7 Episode 18 – Song Beneath The Song. Actually, this is a brilliant episode in my mind, but it truly divides Grey’s Anatomy fans. It’s like the marmite of Grey’s Anatomy to be honest! Callie and Arizona are in a car crash, and Callie experiences an out-of-body type thing where she can walk around the hospital even though she’s really dying on a gurney.
  6. Favourite Guest Star?
    Héctor Elizondo. Even though it took me a long time to actually like his character, I got so excited at seeing one of my favourite Princess Diaries actors in Grey’s Anatomy. Actually it was only when I was googling his name the first time I saw him in Grey’s Anatomy that I realised Sandra Oh had been in Princess Diaries too!
  7. Favourite Death?
    Is there ever such a thing as a favourite death? Like is it the one I feel was done the best? Or my favourite because they were my least favourite character? Well, the death I feel was done the best was probably Mark’s. It was a full emotional rollercoaster. And it came so quickly after Lexie’s that I was still heartbroken.
  8. Favourite Wedding?
    Callie and Arizona. Bailey overseeing the ceremony, Callie telling her mum to stuff it because her mum didn’t approve of Arizona… I’ll be honest, I sat and cried.
  9. Favourite Season Finale?
    Season 5 – “Now or Never”. If you don’t already know the link between Bambi and 007, and the army guy, then prepare for tissues. Then throw in Izzie, and I was a sobbing mess. Notice the theme here with Grey’s Anatomy?
  10. Favourite Storyline?
    Callie and Arizona learning to accept each other’s flaws while falling for each other, with Mark just hovering around for the majority of it all!
  11. Favourite Mer Love Interest?
    Going to be super boring here and go with Derek. While there were several times that I hated them both, they were the one true couple I thought would last forever. Screw Patrick Dempsey and his love for racing…
  12. Favourite Couple?
    In case you haven’t already figured it out, one of my favourite couples is Callie and Arizona. However, the one couple I feel could’ve really lasted the trials of time now that they had everything figured out is Mark and Lexie.
  13. Your own crush?
    Sara Ramirez. Or Jessica Capshaw. Three guesses who? I would marry them both in a heartbeat if given the opportunity!
  14. Favourite Actor Bow Out?
    Addison, mainly because there’s always the opportunity that she may come back!
  15. Favourite Meredith Danger?
    Right, let me start this by saying is Meredith ever not in danger? But my favourite one would have to be Season 12 Episode 9 – The Sound of Silence. I actually loved the way the writers did this episode.
  16. Favourite Surgery?
    The one where Burke practices his vows for his wedding to Cristina! Although I still do not like Burke. Not one little bit.
  17. Worst Series?
    Season 5. New interns annoyed me, Izzie hallucinating, and every other awful part of that series.
  18. Worst Character?
    Ava. Alex’s crazy girlfriend. Or Lucy. Safe to say, Alex doesn’t have much luck with his girlfriends!
  19. Worst Episode?
  20. Worst Guest Star?
    Okay so I simply adore Hilarie Burton, however I will now forever hate her for what she did to Callie and Arizona. And shh I know it takes 2 people to cheat, but Arizona wouldn’t have even thought about it if Hilarie Burton’s character hadn’t been there.
  21. Worst Death?
    Meredith’s Step-Mum. Seriously. Who dies from hiccups?
  22. Worst Wedding?
    Owen and Amelia. She ran away from the wedding for goodness’ sake. Surely that’s enough reason to say “maybe we have too many issues and shouldn’t get married”?
  23. Worst Season Finale?
    The one that ends with April marrying Matthew because I had to wait the entire summer to see what happened after Jackson spoke!
  24. Worst Storyline?
    Izzie’s tumour and hallucinations. I didn’t mind Denny, but leave him dead! Oh and remember when Callie and Erica were a thing? That was a serious no for me simply because I didn’t like Erica.
  25. Worst Couple?
    Callie and Erica.
  26. Worst Actor Bow Out?
    Cristina. I hate to admit it but I was so disappointed by her final episode. She was worth so much more than they allowed her to be in that final episode.
  27. Worst Meredith Danger?
    The ferryboat accident and her drowning.
  28. Worst Surgery?
    When Ben operates during a powercut.

Do you love Grey’s Anatomy? Or have you never seen it before?

7 thoughts on “The Grey’s Anatomy Tag

  1. sunkissedscribbles

    Thanks for linking me in this! YAY we have same favourite episode and we both love Callie! We have a few shared answers here. I also loved Hector Elizondo, he’s so funny as Callie’s dad. That upset me when Callie left, knowing he won’t back either. Since my post, I’ve started crushing on Amelia … well, Caterina Scorsone. And I’m really starting to like Maggie too. A really cool post and YAY I have another Greys fan friend 😀 xxx

  2. rachaelstray

    I love Grey’s Anatomy. I have watched it from the very first episode. I saw an advert for it on Sky and knew I’d love it.

    I didn’t like Burke either. I was so mad at Patrick Dempsey for leaving and obviously being killed off. I think I cried the most at George’s or Mark’s death.

    I didn’t love your favourite episode the singing thing was kind of annoying for the entire episode.

    Having to wait months to know what Jackson said was irritating to say the least.

    I still love Grey’s but the earlier seasons were better.

  3. tvaddict4life

    Hard to believe but I never got into Greys 🙈 I am going to watch the spin off Station 19 on Sky Living tho to see what I think 18th April!

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