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The Gift of Christmas Book Review | AD

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AD – PR PRODUCT | Right some of you may remember back when I finally got my Rombouts Coffee* post to go live that I mentioned I had a book review due to go live but was having difficulty posting. Now here we are almost a week later and I can now finally say that this review is here and it is live! A huge thank you to Kelly for her patience with this, I can only apologise again for the lateness of the post.

Please note I was gifted this ebook in exchange for an honest review of The Gift Of Christmas. As such, all thoughts and opinions below are my own.

I’m not entirely sure what’s been going on, but the post has been showing in my published posts section since Wednesday, however it’s been hidden from my actual blog. When I went to try and force it to appear, the options weren’t loading and nothing seemed to work. I couldn’t even copy and paste the paragraphs into a new post! And so on Sunday I sat down to rewrite the post. Thank goodness for HDMI cables and a TV acting as a second computer screen, otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to read and write at the same time!

So yes, today’s post is my review of Kelly Matthews’ Christmas Novella – The Gift Of Christmas. Keep reading to see what I thought!

Kelly got in touch with me over Twitter to ask me to review The Gift Of Christmas and of course I jumped at the chance to read another Christmas related book! Set in New York, Lisa, our protagonist, inherits her grandfather’s farm. She leaves London to move to New York for a job in publishing, and as time progresses she realises how lucky she is to have been talking to a man on Twitter for the past year.

The full blurb for The Gift Of Christmas is below:

Lisa is not the most enthusiastic person when it comes to Christmas but she has her reasons. When she inherits her grandfather’s farm in New York, she takes off from London to work at her dream job in a publishing firm. But little does she know how quickly her life will turn around when weird, synchronistic events and a guy she meets on Twitter steer her towards her life’s true purpose. Will Lisa find her love for Christmas in more ways than one?

I of course jumped at the opportunity to read another book, and to be honest loved that it was a short story because it meant I could justify sitting reading it all in one sitting! Within the first page of The Gift Of Christmas I felt a connection to Lisa – her flight was delayed, the airport was packed full of people travelling for the festive season, and she is stressing out. Anyone who knows me when travelling will know my flight is nearly always delayed, it’s never a simple journey, and I get so easily stressed – especially flying in December!

Within a matter of minutes, I found myself fully drawn in to Kelly’s style of writing. It’s not often I find myself enjoying a main character who hates Christmas (don’t worry, we find out why!) but Lisa was so well developed, and I could actually view all this playing out in my head like one of those Netflix own movies that seem to appear out of nowhere but suddenly become one of your favourite things to watch.

I loved that we were set in New York, but not directly in the hustle and bustle that everyone seems to describe. Living in her Grandfather’s old farm, Lisa is out by the woods and yet still able to travel into work easily enough. When talking to her best friend’s daughter, Lisa says she used to think the place was magical, and to be honest I can imagine it being magical especially at Christmas!

The plot moved along easily enough, and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it – only took me a little over an hour! In chapter 3, Lisa finds a letter her grandfather wrote to her father that brings a little mystery to the whole story, and from that point on I really didn’t want to stop reading! Mysterious workers that had been sent away but would be back soon, and she has to wait until Christmas to find out what’s going on? Not going to lie, my mind jumped straight to “She’s becoming Santa!” but there’s a long family secret, and a lot more to go through before you find out the truth behind the contents of the letter.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading The Gift Of Christmas, and to be honest came straight to writing this post! Well, straight to writing the original post that for some reason didn’t post. In fact, it’s only now as I sit and rewrite the post I realised I never asked Kelly where you can all get your hands on a copy! So I’ve since fixed that problem, and you can purchase your own copy of The Gift Of Christmas from Amazon through this link –> The Gift of ChristmasThe Gift of Christmas Book Review | AD Life With Ktkinnes

One thing to note – it is only available in Kindle format, however you can download the Kindle app to any device for free, and I would highly recommend you do this!

I’ll be very honest and say that I would love to reread this novella closer to Christmas just because I felt so festive when I finished reading it that I managed to type out another 3 blogmas posts!

So overall, I would say that you all need to go either buy a copy of The Gift Of Christmas or put it on those Christmas wish lists for someone to buy for you! Or in fact buy it for someone else’s Christmas present! But either way, I would give this a solid 5 out of 5 no questions asked. I can’t wait to read more of Kelly’s work!


*I was sent a PDF version of The Gift Of Christmas for free by Kelly Matthews in exchange for an honest review. The thoughts and opinions above are entirely my own and have not been influenced in any way by any persons. Photo for feature picture is a screenshot of the cover of The Gift Of Christmas as this was an e-book.


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