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The Devil’s Poetry Book Review*

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So I’m hoping by now that you’ve seen The Devil’s Poetry by Louise Cole popping up all over the place, but, if you haven’t, hopefully you’ll be able to find out a little more about this great new book that’s out on sale now!


As you may or may not know, I simply love reading absolutely anything I can get my hands on! So when I saw that Louise’s book was going on tour, I knew I just had to read it.

The Devil's Poetry Book Review* Life With Ktkinnes

Our protagonist, Callie, discovers that sometimes questions are dangerous but answers can be deadly when World War III breaks out and she, along with her friends, is conscripted to the front line. A mysterious stranger in a bar hands her an old book, his only instructions being that she is not to read from it.  And so our adventure begins, as Callie is forced to determine just how far she is willing to go in order to help stop the war, when the only two people she can trust are her best friend and her bodyguard.


I instantly fell in love with the way this Young Adult Thriller was written. Normally I would shy away from stories set during a war, however the concept that reading can end the war had me hooked and I am so grateful that I have a three chapters rule when it comes to new books! Immediately, I connected with Callie as a character; holding my breath for her when things got tense, laughing when someone tried to lighten the mood, and just generally feeling that connection we all dream of having with a short,main character. The short, yet riveting chapters kept me turning the page for more, even as my eyes streamed from tiredness because I simply couldn’t put it down without thinking ‘Just one more chapter, then sleep’.


Just in case my brief description of The Devil’s Poetry didn’t entice you (even though I’m not quite sure why it wouldn’t haha), here’s the official summary:

Questions are dangerous but answers can be deadly.

Callie’s world will be lost to war – unless she can unlock the magic of an ancient manuscript. She and her friends will be sent to the front line. Many of them won’t come back. When a secret order tells her she can bring peace by reading from a book, it seems an easy solution – too easy. Callie soon finds herself hunted, trapped between desperate allies and diabolical enemies. The Order is every bit as ruthless as the paranormal Cadaveri.
Callie can only trust two people – her best friend and her ex-marine bodyguard. And they are on different sides. She must decide: how far will she go to stop a war?
Dare she read this book? What’s the price – and who pays it?

See? It’s still sending goosebumps down my back just thinking of how exciting the whole story is!


One particular reason I truly loved reading The Devil’s Poety is because of the relation to reading a normal book. The concept that reading can transport us, support us, and even sometimes save us was mirrored by the essence of the story, and so it left me reflecting slightly on the other books I’ve read that have “saved” me in the past – quite a hard task to achieve!


If you like thrillers, and are interested in books that combine adventure, fantasy and love, then The Devil’s Poetry is going to be right up your street. Whilst it is aimed at young adults, I very strongly believe that you would be hard pushed to not enjoy Louise Cole’s book, and on this strength I would have to give it a solid 4.5 out of 5. To be honest, I’m docking the half a point because I just wanted to read more – I didn’t want it to end! Thank goodness it is part of a series… not sure what I would’ve done had it just ended.

The Devil's Poetry Book Review* Life With Ktkinnes

The book tour continues from here on, and I’ll include the schedule below for any of you who would like to read more reviews, guest posts, and interviews over the next couple of weeks. Anyone who can’t wait that long to start reading – you can buy The Devil’s Poetry to read in Ebook (Kindle format) or paperback from Amazon, or you can find it on Goodreads now!

The Devil's Poetry Book Review* Life With Ktkinnes
Are you going to give it a go? Or have you already ready it? Let me know below and let’s get chatting!


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* This ebook was sent to me for free by Faye Rogers in exchange for an honest review. The thoughts and opinions above are entirely my own and have not been influenced in any way by any persons. Photos for feature picture and those in the post were sent to me by Faye Rogers in a media pack at the time of agreeing to read and review.


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  • ktkinnes

    Yay! Glad to hear it 😊 I often worry when writing a good review that other people won’t enjoy it too 🙈

  • abbeylouisarose

    Oooh, I’m so intrigued by this book! Thrillers are definitely something I need to read more of and this story sounds right up my street! Thanks for sharing your thoughts – it’s always good to know you’re going to enjoy a book before you get started from having read a glowing review!

    Abbey 😘

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