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For anyone who read my blog post yesterday, you’ll know that I spent the beginning of the week unwell. So on Monday night, Nuala, Jason and I sat down to watch The Bridge To Terabithia, a heart-warming children’s film released in 2007.

Without wanting to ruin the story, all I will say is this film was a delight. The story of two young friends, with different family problems, who escape the real world only with each other in Terabithia. I would rate this film 10/10 and class it as a must see film for all ages.

The movie synopsis from IMDB for Bridge To Terabithia is as below:

A preteen’s life turns upside down when he befriends the new girl in school and they imagine a whole new fantasy world to escape reality.

It doesn’t give a lot away, and that’s how Nuala got me to watch it – by not telling me anything about it before we started. So if you do know, please don’t spoil it in the comments below!

What I loved about watching this movie with no preconceptions was that everything seemed so plausible. The two children develop a friendship similar to any friendship from your childhood. Playing make-believe allows them the escapism many of us experienced in our childhood. Mine wasn’t a faraway land, like Terabithia, instead we were crime solvers running around our local school grounds. With loveable characters, a pleasant script, and an emotional storyline, there’s nothing to complain about with Bridge To Terabithia.

It’s a really beautiful film, emotionally true, achieving the difficult and delicate balance of depicting the world from the point of view of the children, whilst not holding back from the harshness and pain of life in the story. It is remarkably well acted by both the child and adult cast. The two main characters are wonderfully acted, and Anna Sophia Robb’s performance as Lesley is absolutely exceptional; almost putting the young cast of Harry Potter and Narnia in the shade with its vivacity, empathy and subtlety.

The way the filmed story unfolds is also very well constructed, and I felt the balance and shifting between the fantasy world of the children and their gritty day-to-day existence at school and home was entirely believable. It’s actually a classic film about childhood, and as with other films that transcend entertainment and have something to say it’s not an entirely painless process for the viewer.

Currently, the full movie is available to watch on YouTube here but for anyone with Amazon Prime it’s also available there (at time of writing). I’d never have known about this fantastic film if Nuala hadn’t been trying to choose a film for herself to watch so now I’m sharing the magic with you. Enjoy!

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  1. ktkinnes

    I sat crying for about half an hour after watching it, it reminds you just what real friendship means to people

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