That festive feeling

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It’s almost here! Christmas is almost upon us and I’m beginning to feel that festive feeling. With most of my Christmas presents decided on – and even some wrapping done! – I am beginning to turn my mind to December in general.

I bought my secret santa present a few weeks ago. I can’t tell you who it’s for just yet in case my flatmates come on to read this. But the present is wrapped and ready to be put under the tree when it goes up on Tuesday. Also fully finished is Rachel’s present. I bought it for her a while ago but bought the final piece yesterday. She’ll probably be mad at me for overspending on her but it’s one of the only chances I have to spoil her now. I couldn’t get her an outfit from Forever 21 which is where I had planned to go but I did get her a nice Boxing Day outfit if she wants to wear it then. To go with this is a new set of hat scarf and gloves, hand cream and a ‘Wreck This Journal’ book from Waterstone’s – they’re pretty cool!

We ordered Dad’s present yesterday, Mum’s present arrived earlier in the week and I have decided that I will make potpourri for Aunty Judy to go along with their ‘night in’ kit I am making. Potpourri is surprisingly easy to make for Christmas! All I use for each bag of it is 1 orange, 1 apple, 2 slices of lemon, a handful of cloves, 2 cinnamon sticks and some star anise. Bulk all this out with some nice pine cones and hey-presto you have a simple but nice gift!

I am listening to Christmas music and considering going to the shop to buy some wrapping paper even though I really ought to be revising… Maybe tomorrow I will start…

Anyway, that’s the brief update for today! Tomorrow is the last day of November and so I have 24 hours to contemplate the goals I set for myself this month and whether or not I achieved them… I’ll let you know!

Happy Holidays everyone!

Ktkinnes xxx

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