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Friday Favourites: Tiffany

Wow who knew we would reach my 13th Friday Favourite? I’m actually kinda proud of myself for getting this far.


Today’s post is all about the delightful Tiffany from Food and Other Loves. I first was aware of Tiffany back when I was working with GRLPOWR and then as she got more involved in Bloggers Tribe, I found myself looking forward to reading her next post, anticipating when they would appear in my inbox. So why don’t we take a look at Tiffany, the person behind the blog?


Blogging and living in Sheffield, Tiffany is a 22 year old lifestyle blogger who uses her blog to write about whatever she feels like. It’s for this reason you’ll probably find a lot of baking posts or posts about London – she loves them both! Tiffany started blogging about three years ago, and loves it more and more each day. Can we maybe help her love today even more?


Now don’t get me wrong, I may have only been following Tiffany over the last couple of months, but I have managed to go back and read a lot of her posts! I really don’t sleep much so it’s been great slowly reading back through to 2014. My favourite blog post of Tiffany’s is It’s Okay To Not Look Forward To Your Birthday. It’s raw, honest, and I loved the entire post. I know I keep picking lifestyle, and quite personal, posts, but that’s just because they’re what I enjoy reading. Of course, there are plenty of other posts on Tiffany’s blog if this one doesn’t appeal to you, so head on over there and give her a follow! As always, her links are below:


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Friday Favourites: Melissa

Hey everyone, it’s finally the weekend again and now university has officially finished for easter (and for the year – scary biscuits!) I have another Friday Favourite for you!


As today’s title would suggest, here’s why you all should follow Melissa from Love Melissa. She’s a 19 year old blogger from England, and before I go any further why is everyone younger than me? Anyway, sorry, mind isn’t fully with it there. Melissa started blogging in 2015 under a different name, a different site, and it just wasn’t her. After a bit of rebranding, and a decision not to care who knew about her blog, Melissa started again in 2016 and damn that girl has done well!


Between her love of fashion, and her genuine happiness writing blogs as part of her English A Level course, Melissa soon found something that was both constructive and fun – how many of us can say the same? In the mean time, while she tries to figure out what she wants from life like the rest of us, Melissa is writing some brilliant posts and that’s why you’ve got to go check her out now.


Now, as you know, I’m more of a lifestyle fan at the best of times, which is why I love reading the blogging tags Melissa has done such as her Versatile Blogger Award tag, but one of my favourite posts from Melissa has to be her Top 10 Under £10. As she says herself, it’s great finding drugstore products that work equally well (if not better than) the highend products that take over our newsfeeds and time lines. Definitely worth reading if you’d like to where to get great makeup at an even better price.


I got to know Melissa back when I was part of the GRLPOWR crowd, and I honestly miss talking to her now that I’ve left the group, but I’m so happy to say I’ve had the pleasure of talking to her, and now I want you all to get the opportunity! Just click the links below:


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Friday Favourites: Kimberley

Hello hello, I’m heading off to the airport in the next hour or so but we’ve just got time to get today’s post up! Today is all about the lovely Kim from Kimberley Jessica and here’s why you should be following her.


Kim is a 19 year old blogger hailing from Hertfordshire. She’s a self-confessed lover of life and all the small things that make it as great as it is. Her blog covers lifestyle, beauty and more so as usual there is something there for everyone to enjoy!


We started chatting back during Twitter Chats and from then I’ve always loved our little chats. Kim is incredibly supportive – even when she’s not in a good place herself, Kim always seems to have time to talk to anyone who needs it.


I honestly love reading Kim’s posts, so picking just one to feature here was just too difficult. One favourite was Too Many Or Not Enough? where Kim talks about her 23 pets – 23!! I’m extremely jealous, it was enough of a fight for us to get one pet! She’s clearly passionate about this topic, and it helps that there are some adorable pictures along-side this post.


Another favourite is A University Student Living At Home. A lot of people think it’s not worth going to university if you’re going to live at home, but this post reminded me of the many reasons I could’ve chosen to live at home. Anyone considering university but afraid to move out, this is the post for you. It’s perfectly fine to stay at home!


So these are just a few samples of Kimberley’s posts, and if you’d like to follow her, just click the links below!  Have a great weekend everyone, and I’ll be back Monday to join in chats and everything again.


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Friday Favourites: Katy

Yay, this one is hopefully actually going up on time! Anyone else find that their scheduled posts don’t go up at the time they planned?

The first Friday Favourite of the month is going to the ever-energetic Katy from LexiLife95 – head over and check her out!


Now, before we go any further I will quickly say: Katy’s middle name is Alex and since she didn’t want her first name popping up unexpectedly she chose to go with a variation of Alex instead, hence Lexi.  Kat’y blog was started as her little space to share her thoughts and hopefully spread a little laughter around the internet “even a smirk or one of those ‘inside your head’ laughs happen.”.


Katy always manages to brighten up my day, whether through her tweets, her blogs, her youtube channel, or her snapchat. Not only is she a brilliant blogger, her vlogs and snapchat vlogging are so much fun to watch! Her friendly, approachable nature on the camera is, what I consider, a perfect representation of her personality, and I’m actually delighted that I found her through Twitter.

Back in the summer of 2016, I was going through what I like to call a quarter life crisis. I was turning more and more to blogging, and came across Katy in a Twitter chat. I immediately started to read her blog and found myself getting drawn in easily to everything she was saying. Next thing I knew, she was on YouTube and I could really put a face and a voice to this girl that I’m honestly in awe of! Actually kinda praying I never meet her because I’m going to look ridiculous having a proper fan-girl moment.


So, as for my favourite post, this is a rather tricky one! God, that makes it sound like I didn’t like any of her posts but I promise you I did! However, Katy updated her blog and so I can’t access her older posts that I fell in love with! But I did find one of her newer posts that I really enjoyed reading – The Ultimate Blogger Planner.Katy’s review actually made me go out and make my own version of this blogger planner becuase it was just perfect! Maybe when I’ve a bit more money I will buy it… but isn’t her photography awesome??


You can find Katy at any of the links and info below, and I honestly couldn’t emphasise how much you should!


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Have a lovely weekend everyone! Anyone got any plans?


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Friday Favourites: Jordanne

Hello and welcome back to my Friday Favourites, where it’s a Friday so I’m gonna name another of my favourite bloggers that you all should definitely be following!


Today’s blogger is the amazing Jordanne from The Life of a Glasgow Girl and to be honest I don’t even know where to begin with this one! Probably best thing would be to talk a little bit about Jordanne:

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TFI Friday

Hello lovely friends! Another week has come to a close and once again I find myself on WordPress to keep you all informed on the exciting ins and outs of my life.


This week I decided to rearrange my bedroom and so I can now actually do more than one thing at a time in my room if I wanted to. We continued to learn new steps to new dances in Irish Dancing and for the first time ever I didn’t have sore legs come Wednesday morning. Wednesday’s presentation went well I feel but we’ll find out about that on Wednesday this week. This was followed by the last practical lab of the semester (thank goodness…) and I feel it wasn’t a complete disaster. However I now need to have a presentation prepared for Wednesday afternoon on some telescope I wrote a paper on months ago. Still don’t actually know anything about it. Afterwards, was a quick dash home to change top and shoes to meet Iona for dinner at the taco place at the bottom of the street before we went to GULGBTQ+’s Women’s Week event. It was a great night and resulted in Jason bringing back his current flame – surprise surprise. Although we like Daniel so this is fine. I’ll tell you about him another time.

Thursday and today have been purely essay writing and getting some work done as we approach the end of the semester – better late than never, right? Except I’ve now been distracted by the thoughts of Rachel’s upcoming 18th birthday. When I say upcoming, it’s not until September bus this is a big year for birthdays and so I want to be ahead of the game. I’ve decided to go for the stereotypical present of 18 gifts but I’m stuck on the last few ideas. At least I’ve a while to think them up, however any suggestions would be appreciated! So fat the ideas are:

  1. scrapbook of pictures and memories – I’ll write messages and add all the pictures I can find since she’s always complained her baby book was never filled in.
  2. Jar of notes for “When you…” – I got this idea from a friend’s valentine’s day present years ago. Rachel did something similar for her boyfriend but it was a Dates Jar with ideas of what to do on dates. So mine will be little notes of encouragement, memories, tips and advice.
  3. A book of some sort. Whether this is an age specific one or what I have no idea but since she’s living at home for yet another year I don’t really want to get her a survival book. Someone somewhere suggested ‘Oh, The Places You’ll Go’ so I’m going to look into that!
  4. her favourite chocolates – after eights or creme eggs
  5. hangover kit – she can now legally drink! So of course this means she’ll actually experience a hangover now.
  6. perfume
  7. CD with 18 songs on it – songs either that she loves or have some relevance to the two of us.
  8. some sort of jewellery – my typical present. Not sure what we’re going for this year.
  9. Alcohol. Another stereotypical present for an 18 year old in the UK.
  10. ‘Smuggle your booze’ hairbrush – its a hipflask disguised as a hairbrush! What’s not to love?
  11. Onesie of some sort.
  12. Places I’ve Been map
  13. tickets for either a holiday, a concert, rugby membership for the year or something. This will be the main present and so I don’t want to spend a fortune on the rest of the presents but we’ll see how it goes.


This is all I’ve got so far so I’m sure you can tell I need another 5 ideas. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!


Have a great weekend everyone, whatever you get up to! I’ll be sitting thinking up ideas instead of working and wishing certain people weren’t in Edinburgh.




Speak soon!

Ktkinnes xxx


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