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Taking off!

We’re finally in the air! After an half hour delay (not long, I know, but annoying as no information given) we finally took off. You probably won’t get reading this until tonight but I felt the need to blog and update you, even if you aren’t interested.

This morning, I woke up at 5:30am. No need to get up until after 9am… Those were the longest 3 hours of my life. Eventually, I jumped through the shower and got through the whole legs, arm pits and hair washing routine. With nails painted, all I had left to do was pack my nail polish and final few toiletries! Eventually we were organised enough to load the car. At this point, I was banished to walk Baron as he gets very anxious when we leave for anywhere and so we’ve been hiding the suitcases from him for the last week.

Quick walk around the block, I actually got to go hunting for Pokemon! Have you downloaded Pokemon Go? It’s so addictive! We then all bundled into the car and drove to the airport. Security and bag drop were speedy enough but just the usual nerves of “have I any liquids in my hand luggage that I forgot about?” Thankfully the answer was no and we went to have lunch in The Lagan Bar. Now I know it was lunch time and the place was packed, especially with Belfast International Airport having so few good places, but when we went to order we were told they’d run out of all 3 platters, all fish except tuna mayo, all sausages and several other items. So we ended up having a cold baked potato with a spoonful of not the nicest chilli in the world. However, we didn’t care – we’re going on our holidays!

Eventually we were called to the gate but at the last second they changed us to a different gate. Then we were boarded quickly but sat for over half an hour with no explanation as to why we weren’t moving. I’m now sitting with a bottle of prosecco, listening to Taylor Swift and ready to have a nap! I’ll speak to you all soon!

Ktkinnes xx

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Holiday thoughts

Once again, my mind has been drawn to the upcoming holiday to Ibiza however today I haven’t been as excited as in previous years.

Map courtesy of

Looking on TripAdvisor for the hotel (link included), I’m beginning to be a little apprehensive about booking half board. According to the recent reviews, not enough diners were staying for dinner and so the dining room has been closed and meals are being served from the restricted Pool Bar menu… Not what you’d expect for over 30 euros per person per night! Fingers crossed this isn’t the case with us. Another thing is no one here seems excited. It may be down to the fact we still have our ever present house guest of my uncle, but part of me feels it may be more than that. Any ideas on how to pick up the mood?


To distract myself from the lack of holiday spirit, I decided to go back and repack my hand luggage. What I really can’t decide is whether or not to take my laptop… If I take it, I can watch DVDs on the plane. However, I don’t think I would use it any other time. So what do you think? I tend to blog from my phone so that’s not really a problem, and I’d be leaving it in the safe during the day. Let me know what you think!


Now, before I go away, I must finish Season 5 of Scandal before we go. Being on episode 15, that shouldn’t be too hard! Last year was 24, the year before was Orange is the New Black  – there’s always some TV show I’m trying to finish before we go! What’s on your summer watch list?


Speak soon!


Ktkinnes xx

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Too much to do

Success in life is a matter not so much of talent or opportunity as of concentration and perseverance. – C. W. Wendte          

Today I woke up feeling like I could lie in bed forever, but here’s why I can’t. 

  • I’ve still to unpack from Paris. I am the world’s laziest traveller. Most of the time, everything ends up back in the laundry basket so I can have a few more days of doing nothing. But this time I’ve to unpack so I can repack to return to Northern Ireland. Great…
  • I need to wash my hair. It hasn’t been washed since Wednesday night and looks a state right now, so I’ve tied it up in the hope I can leave it until tomorrow.
  • My Paris blog post needs to be written. Except I’m waiting until my external hard drive arrives so I can save all my photos to it before writing the post. 
  • I need to start packing for going home. Normally packing takes me 3 weeks, now I’ve to condense it to 2 days!
  • Dinner needs cooked at some stage…
  • My bedroom is a mess and the kitchen needs sorted
  • I’ve too much food and no idea if it’ll freeze or not.
  • Shopping needs done since I’ve got parts of meals but not actual meals

And probably so much more that I can’t think of right now! The first step will be getting out of bed. Wish me luck!
Ktkinnes xx

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On the road again…

Once again, I find myself writing packing lists and trying to cram a week’s worth of clothing into a carry-on bag measuring 56cmx45cmx20cm. The real worry is always the liquid allowance – the time when every woman has to choose between her makeup and her shampoo.

I read somewhere once that you can “click and collect” your toiletries at the airport in order to save the problem of security and it also saves you spending the over the top on the items in the airport. This of course is continuing along the theme of student budgeting.

Now I know a lot of people argue that students go home to be spooky by their families and to be bought things as frequently as possible but here’s one student who likes to provide for herself! 
Ironing is completed and the outfits are in the carry-on case. I’ve added my reading (And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie, hopefully a good read) and, ever hopeful, my sunglasses are tucked away in a neat little pocket. One thing I simply must do is find my passport. This happens every time I travel. I come back and put away the passport in a safe place with my driving licence and then proceed to lose them both the next time I need them. 
For a change I am actually looking forward to going home for a while. I think I need either out of the flat or out of Glasgow. I’ve grown restless here for some reason this semester, possibly with the change in second semester dynamics now that I’m experiencing it without Kelsey and Nikki, our exchange students last year. It’s not the company I miss, think it’s having people I can go chat to whenever, instead I come to you all here on WordPress. Not that I’m complaining! Still having a great time and couldn’t complain about life really, I think that’s why I feel restless instead of anything else – I’m genuinely loving this year. Something just feels off within me if that makes any sense.
There’s nothing really to talk about though, I think I really am just restless and needing reminded  as to why I try and escape the family as frequently as I do. Only time will tell! One slight problem at the minute is the amount I’ve been thinking about relationships, and I’ve been especially broody recently. Not exactly a great combination when you’re as single as possible and as far away from having kids as is possible. All of this isn’t helped by rewatching BBC’s Call The Midwife!
So with that, I’ll sign off and leave you all in peace.

Speak soon!

Ktkinnes xx

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A busy day!

Good evening fellow bloggers! A warm welcome to darlydarly and Amy Wong, both of whom started to follow me this morning.

Tonight is a little different to this time last year. This time last year I was drinking in the garden with my mum, celebrating the night before the holiday. I then proceeded to watch 3 hours of Orange is the New Black instead of sleeping before the flight. Somehow I have the feeling that’s how I will be spending the next few nights but I shall swap OITNB for 24 as I hope to have finished season 6 before we go. Apparently the family have placed bets on what my first drink will be when we get to the hotel.

Last year, I made it my goal to try every cocktail on the menu however this lasted 3 nights before I discovered the mojito. This was no ordinary mojito, it was a “special mojito” – one of the waiters actually called it that. Turned out the waiter I went out with a few times was the cocktail chef (is that what you call them?) and so my mojitos slowly became more and more alcoholic. This not only made them better and better but I loved the mint and lime mixed together. However I doubt at 10:30am I shall be ordering alcohol. 
Tomorrow marks my granny’s 84th birthday so we are taking her for lunch to a restaurant in Lisburn city centre called Angelo’s, I’ll place a review here tomorrow! 84 is a marvellous age to reach in my opinion, even with the population living longer. My aunt’s father-in-law celebrated his 99th birthday on 30th June, 99 years old!! Not long now until he gets a birthday card from the Queen! I find age such a strange thing to celebrate. Why celebrate the day you were forced out of a warm, safe environment and into the world here? Silly I know but occasionally I think about it like that. 
To round off, I’m going back in a loop to the holiday and all the last minute shopping required for it. I am working every day this week until we fly out so have been panic packing the last few mornings. Driving into the centre, paying the car parking fees and wrestling against the bustling crowd, I have hunted high and low for my remaining shopping items. Okay, let’s be serious, Lisburn isn’t exactly busy and there aren’t that many shops. However, when you’re trying to pack for a holiday and find yourself in Boots for the 5th day in a row, you begin to dislike anyone who happens to be in your way. Today was an example of this. Boots seems to have become my home from home, I’m in every day to get something I forgot the day before. Checking things off my list, I gradually made my way to the counter to find only one till was open and the queue was to the middle of the shop. Now, working in a shop myself, I felt sorry for the poor woman sitting at the till, watching as more and more people get gradually more and more impatient with her. Unfortunately, I found myself getting increasingly impatient as the woman in front of me hmmed and hahed about whether or not she wanted to go back for the 3rd item in her 3 for 2 offer, and I didn’t hide it overly well. Eventually I got out of the shop, swearing I wasn’t going anywhere near it again until after the holidays only to realise I’d forgotten to buy Veet. “Stuff it,” I mumbled to my dad, who had kindly driven me in due to the lack of car. We proceeded to the bank where we then queued for another 20 minutes for me to simply tell them there might be a possibility of me using my card abroad (unlikely due to the lack of funds but ah well) and after was a quick dash to the beauticians for an eyebrow wax. 
So all in all, it was a productive day! What did you get up to? How was the hottest day of the year with you? Speak soon!
Ktkinnes xx