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Wishful Wednesday

Hey! Please be patient with me as I try a few new things here on my blog, I felt like it needed a bit of a change up. Before I start, how are you today? I can hardly believe it’s only Wednesday, feels like this week has been going on forever!

Today I was up at 6:30am to get ready to go to my granny’s house to help her clean for my cousins coming over for this wedding. We worked from before 9am until at least 3:30pm so suffice to say I’m exhausted tonight. Legs are shaved, everywhere’s exfoliated, and I’m ready for my first ever fake tan tomorrow! Kind of excited, kind of nervous. Not sure what to expect. Have you had a spray tan before? Any advice you can give me?
Anyway, sorry, once again I have managed to ramble on! Don’t know why you let me do this, I must bore you to death with my ramblings (feel free to disagree). I decided to trial a theme for a few days of the week, ie Wishful Wednesday. I have decided to write a “wish list” of things I want to see or do over the next lot of months and hopefully you’ll be with me when I can tick these off!
Today’s Wishful Wednesday:

  • See Les Misérables live on stage, either on the West End or Broadway.

I’m sure over the last few months I have mentioned at least once my love for Les Misérables. The music, the story, everything about it makes me feel that warm tingly feeling course through my spine. I can’t watch it without crying at least once. Now, if I get those feelings just listening to the music or watching the film, imagine what it would be like on stage.
What would you put at the start of your wish list? Start big or small? Let me know in the comments below! Or feel free to tell me if you don’t like the idea of themed days, any feedback is welcome!
Ktkinnes xx

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How to spend an afternoon

Hey there everyone! Wait a few days for a post and a couple come along at once, sorry. I thought I would update you all on life.
Dieting still going well, or should I say – healthier eating plan still going well. The minute it’s called a diet it becomes a chore and I can’t continue because I put a mental block on it.
This afternoon I introduced Jason to the wonder that is Les Miserables. He’s now in bed watching a film to cheer himself up. I on the other hand chose to talk to you.
A few posts ago, I mentioned a book I was reading – Tapas, Carrot Cake and a Corpse. Having finished this book I thought I should let you know my opinions.
Set in an English town but written by an American author, this wasn’t a bad read. I wouldn’t rush to recommend it but as it was being sold for my favourite price on Amazon kindle I thought to pot, I’ll read it. Light with a good bit of humour, the actual crime story seemed to be forgotten about in the mix of introducing dozens of characters and their backgrounds. However it made it easy to remember who each person was. The crime part itself was a tad obvious but I don’t know if that’s simply because I read a lot of these sorts of books? To finish off, it lists the actual recipes mentioned throughout the book – I might have to give them a try!
I’m now back in bed watching Doc Martin to catch up on last night’s episode. Hope you’re all having a great afternoon!
Ktkinnes xxx

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Jetting off

Tonight my case is zipped up and beside the door. My passport is beside my bed and the alarm is about to be set. It’s been a busy day!

This morning on Facebook I saw an interesting article on saving money, the link can be found here. Basically it suggests, for anyone who has difficulty saving money, that for every non essential thing you buy, you put the equivalent amount of money into a savings account. This in principle should work and I will definitely give it a go when I’m back in student ville but for now I shall happily keep spending money on “luxuries” as food is being covered by the parents. Hopefully next summer I’ll have a better job and will be able to help out with the cost of living at home! Now if only the government would stop giving us a student loan based on our parents’ income… 

Another thing I would like to briefly mention is another website that I would ask a few of you to maybe look at? I have a friend who writes fanfic on this website and, having only found out about it last night, I decided that tonight I shall have a proper nosy through it before attempting to sleep. Yesterday’s post was based on Les Mis and can be found here

I hope she doesn’t mind but I’ve copied and pasted it to here so all credit goes to her, I just wanted to share it.

The worst part is, Eponine can’t even hate Cosette. Cosette is lovely and kind and genuinely nice and oh it stings because Cosette and Marius are perfect for each other. Similar but complementary and almost sickening sweet together. She is the best person for him. And Marius deserves the best. 
Marius deserves someone like Cosette. Someone who can make him happy- and Cosette does make him happy. Eponine can see it, in the way he’s smiling more and laughing more, in the way he’s more confident.
But everyone just acts so sorry for her and she hates it. Enjolras asks her opinions on things. Combeferre lends her books. Chetta invites her round for movie nights. Nothing that they haven’t done before, and she’s grateful for it, she is. But it feels like they’re hovering anxiously, waiting for her to break down. 
She isn’t going to, though. She’s been pining after Marius for years. If anything she should be thanking Cosette. Maybe now she can finally get over him. 
But she sees them together and she just wants to shout at Cosette. “How does it feel?! How does it feel to be adored by him?” Because Marius does adore Cosette. There’s no other word for it. She can see it in his eyes when he talks about Cosette, when he looks at her. 
Cosette is so pretty, with her butterscotch hair and her lovely blue eyes. But more than that, Cosette is good. Eponine is jaded and bitter, but Cosette just feels so much. She’s had a hard life and she’s came through smiling anyway. She sees the joy and the hope and the beauty in everything. 
And Eponine could never, ever match up to that. 
So she goes dancing with Jehan and drinking with Grantaire, because they understand unrequited love as much as she does. 
And she acts like she’s fine and Cosette bakes cupcakes and cookies and brings them to the meetings and Eponine smiles and laughs and inside she’s hurting, breaking. 
Because Eponine can’t be anything more than she is. And Marius has never loved her for that. And he never will. 

Finally, as a brief ending to what has been a longer post than I expected, I just wanted to say another huge thank you to everyone who reads my posts. Every view, like and comment means a lot to me so thank you very much! Good luck for the upcoming week!
Ktkinnes xxx