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Catch up!

Hello again everyone! I’m actually posting twice today, what is this? Well, to be honest, I realised that last week I posted my To Do list and never actually let you know whether or not I achieved it – sorry!


My homemade to do page. Write everything on post its so you can remove what you achieve!
  • Write at least one blog post for today
  • Schedule or at least draft posts up until Friday of this week
  • Order some prints from the lovely Tarnya (@sweet_allure)’s etsy site – honestly you should have a look at them!
  • Tidy and clean my bedroom. With being ill yesterday (and yes, a migraine counts as being ill), I was a bit of a slob and just left things lying.
  • Finish cleaning the flat (again, was ill yesterday so didn’t finish this)
  • Go to the gym or at least get some fresh air
  • Do at least 3 hours revision for my final resit
  • Look into classroom assistant jobs as I think I’ve found a course I would love to do!
  • Speak to family back home. This happens that regularly I often forget that I’m not actually with them. Think we spoke 4 times yesterday?
  • Put a wash on and actually deal with it before the 4th spin. We don’t have a tumble drier so I tend to over spin things
  • Finish reading The Cursed Child
  • Look at other jobs and courses that I could do instead of being at university.


Wow, I actually achieved quite a bit! Since then, I managed to achieve the final two on the list, both on Wednesday actually!


So how to do you organise your to do lists? Also, let me know if you enjoy this sort of post! I’m trying to learn as much as possible about what you like and/think so get in touch! Comment, email or send me a tweet!


Ktkinnes xx

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Hello once again for your weekly summary of what I’ve been up to! How was your week? Has it been busy?

My To Do List – use post it notes to use it again!
Sunday, I posted my to do list. I’ll be posting later how I got on with the to do list. Did you like that or prefer me to not post things like that? Let me know! I’d rather know these things than post content you aren’t interested in. The rest of the day was spent revising, cleaning, blogging, and I actually went to the gym! It felt great to be exercising again. The best part about it was I got to see some of the olympics at the same time! Later that day, a friend came round, we all had dinner together, then we went to a pub for drinks with some other friends. We ended the night just after 11, but the friend who came for dinner didn’t leave until 3am, during which time I had a great DMC with him. Eventually we realised the time, he left, and I collapsed into bed.

Monday was a great day for my blogging planning. I scheduled a load of posts, finally started filling in my bloggers planner, revised a bit, and got taking part in some great Twitter chats! A couple of friends called over to chat, and it was good to see people again. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy being alone, but I also like knowing there are other people in the flat. Oh, I also signed up to a blogging challenge for September but I’ll fill you in on that later in the week.
Tuesday was spent in bed, cramming for the maths exam. I went for a walk to enjoy the sun a bit but really I didn’t do very much. Sorry!

Wednesday morning dawned and I took myself off to my exam. I didn’t realise until I got to the main building that I hadn’t checked what room I was in or anything so had a momentary panic. I actually liked the paper, it was fair in that if you knew your stuff you were fine. Some poor guy sitting beside me literally answered the first 6 marks, read the rest of his paper, closed his books, and sat there for 80 minutes not writing anything… Whoops! Afterwards, Nuala and I went for coffee/lunch in a really nice little place near us. I’ll definitely go back, maybe when Rachel’s over at Halloween. Then, it was home to pack and make up Mary’s bed again before heading to view a few friends’ new flat. What was meant to be 5 minutes for a cup of tea and a tour, turned into 3 hours of a stay. I walked back to the flat, booked a taxi, tidied up once more, and left. The airport was fine, quite boring to be honest, as all airports are. I went to the nearest bar for dinner and discovered I was stuck between a Pokéstop and a Gym but unable to access either of them despite the fact they were both so close! However, someone had dropped a lure and so I sat and caught Pokemon while eating dinner and talking to some lovely people on Twitter. At last, my gate number was put up and I headed off to wait. We were queuing to board when next thing David Cameron walked past! Fun times, right? So we boarded, had a quick and easy flight, and then home for a relatively early night. Or so I thought. Could I sleep? Not at all! Got to sleep at 3am and was awake again from 5. 

And so Thursday was an interesting day, surviving on 5 hours sleep in the previous 48 hours. Rachel’s AS results came in, and while she was disappointed in 2 of her grades, she was over the moon about the other two! We rushed through the shower and headed to M&S to get some things for dinner, visited one granny, drove to school to speak to Rachel’s teachers about possible resits and remarks, and then went for lunch with the other granny. During a lovely meal, she decided to bring up the fact I don’t want to continue at uni and said something along the lines of “don’t give up just because it’s difficult”. Well at that point I started crying again, explaining that it wasn’t just that I clearly was struggling with passing, explaining everything I’ve thought, said and done in the last year. Afterwards, it was decided that my university stuff shouldn’t be talked about, hell I wasn’t going to complain about that! We then came back to the house for a barbecue and everyone ended up in bed just after 10. I decided that, since my new hand weights arrived this morning, I would do a mini weights routine before bed and so 20 minutes later crawled into bed in an attempt to sleep.
I actually managed a decent night’s sleep and so on Friday morning I woke up feeling fresh. My granny and aunt called round so we sat and chatted for an hour or so before they left and I was finally able to get through the shower. Stupidly, I decided to exercise after said shower – cue a rather sweaty Katie for the rest of the day. However, I was so proud of myself for motivating myself to exercise that really I didn’t care. That afternoon we went into Lisburn and I picked up a couple more things for Rachel’s birthday present as I now have 3 weeks left to sort everything for it – help! Then we went for drinks with Mum and Dad, and then out for dinner. It was actually quite a nice change of a day!
Saturday then was slightly less busy – even if the other days don’t sound busy they were! We were all through the shower and getting ready by 10am and set to clearing out one of our bookcases down stairs. Apparently people in this family get rid of books – the horror!! After lunch, we headed down to Boucher Road to try and get Rachel a bag for her upcoming formal, considering she managed to break my bag from the wedding that I was going to lend her. We didn’t get her a bag, however we did manage to get 4 new seat cushions, a photo frame, a table, and a bit of clothes shopping. Not bad for one afternoon! We visited Granny and then came on home. I got started on writing blog posts, and everyone else watched some of the Olympics. A night in front of the TV was had, and we went to bed reasonably early as Sunday has an early start with us taking part in a car boot sale. Wish us luck!!
Ktkinnes xx

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End of the week, end of the month!

Wow okay so I’ve actually got both of these to write up today, please be patient while I try and remember the last month! Or will I start with the week’s review? Yeah, let’s do that first and then come back later for a round up of the month. Here goes!
Monday, I was an abandoned child while Mum, Dad and Rachel all went to the beach. I lay by the pool and read to my hearts content, and yes I still have that review to write. I’ll get on that as soon as I’ve finished these two posts, I promise. When they came back, we had our usual dip in the pool followed by a pre-shower drink so that we could go get ready for the night ahead. As was our usual routine, we got changed in our respective rooms and then Rachel and I moved through to Mum and Dad to chat while they finished getting ready. As we started down for dinner, Rachel somehow managed to kick the door frame and ended up with a bleeding toe. Now, while this doesn’t sound funny here it was hilarious at the time. To be honest, her toe is still sore so maybe it isn’t funny… But it definitely was at the time. After dinner that night, we met José in Es Canar for a few drinks with Mum and Dad. It was a good night and we got back to the hotel around 2:30am.
Tuesday was more of the same, just lying by the pool and getting some sun while reading and revising. I accidentally fell asleep for an hour and woke up completely sunburnt on the back of my legs to the point that it hurt to walk. That night we said goodbye to 2 of our friends who had been going to the hotel for 10 years but they have decided that this year wil have been their last. There were quite a few tears, and the night ended reasonably early given the circumstances.
Wednesday marked our last full day. We said our goodbyes to some of the staff in the afternoon, making them promise to come visit us if they’re ever in the UK. That night there was a party of some kind in the hotel and everyone was invited however we felt extremely underdressed, even in some of our best clothes. There were people from Chanel there… Rachel and I were then to go on and meet José in Es Canar again for a few drinks and so we said farewell to yet more staff – it was painful, especially knowing they mightn’t be there the next time we go if and when we next go. After a few drinks in one bar, we went on the dodgems (I’ve a serious bruise on my knee to prove it) before having a few drinks in another bar and then on to a club after. As per usual, we ended the night on the beach before getting a taxi back to the hotel.
Thursday had us doing our last minute packing and soaking up the sun. It was also the worst day for goodbyes as we were properly saying goodbye to José and I honestly didn’t want to. I could have a platonic marriage to a 39 year old and live in Ibiza, right? We got on the bus and went to the airport and finally got home around 10pm on Thursday night. 
Friday brought about a mad scramble to unpack and then repack for me. I got a new phone in the middle of it all, and then Granny H came up to the house for a Chinese takeaway and a catch up. It was a quiet enough day considering we were adapting to the delightful summer weather we get here in the UK.
Saturday (yesterday) was then a case of up early to finish packing and get across to the hairdressers. I was furious when I came out though. The prices have gone up to £34 for a cut and blow dry, my hair looked nothing like what I’d asked for, and when I voiced that concern the response was “well I did what you asked and there isn’t anything else I can do”. My hair looked like it hadn’t seen shampoo in a month it was that limp!!! So I came home and restyled it myself to look semi reasonable. We then went and visited Granny before taking me to the airport. I then flew back to Glasgow, arrived into the flat, and collapsed into bed. It had been a busy couple of days!
So today I’m going to revise and write a few more blog posts. Have a great Sunday!
Ktkinnes xx

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I’m back! Again!

Hello everyone! I’m back in action today after a very busy week. Kelsey arrived early on Wednesday morning and only left yesterday so it was go go go the entire time, even with my final exam in the middle of it all.
On the Wednesday she arrived, we all went for lunch in Cafe Andaluz, a tapas restaurant. Oh my word I am still fantasising about that meal – best food I’ve had in who knows how long! 

All the food. We ordered 3 plates each!

Of course, Nuala was the one to photograph the food while the rest of us took pictures of each other. I would highly recommend Cafe Andaluz to anyone in Glasgow looking for a lovely meal.

(left to right) Nuala, Me, Kelsey, Mary and Jason

Afterwards, we sat in George Square for a while until it was time to go and see Captain America: Civil War! Great film. Go watch it. Now. Or at least watch the trailer here! I would probably rate it 8 out of 10 as although I loved the film, there were some things that put me off it a bit. My opinion is that the plot was almost non existent and simply there to move the film from one action scene to the next. Still was a fantastic film.
Thursday was then spent in the Botanic Gardens, sleeping off hangovers in the sunshine. When it came to dinner, I cooked my Chicken Jalousie with some salad, wedges and garlic bread. I even made gluten free pastry from scratch! It was an interesting experience and not one I will hurry to repeat.

Thursday night flat dinner

After dinner, we started drinking and ended up on a night out in Garage. They were having a Disney party and so we all got tiaras.

Friday, I spent the morning revising. We then went to the park to play frisbee for a while before ordering Dominos pizza. Unfortunately there was a problem with our order in that we were given someone else’s pizzas. We had ordered 2 large, meaty pizzas. The pizzas we were given? 2 medium, vegetarian pizzas. A very sad moment. So I phoned the store and they sent out new pizzas to us, also allowing us to keep the other pizzas! So 4 pizzas for the cost of £18.99. We were still eating pizza on Monday. Friday night we just watched a film and had an earlyish night.
Saturday. Jason and Kelsey went back to the botanic gardens to give me some peace to revise. After a few hours, I joined them and we looked around the orchid show in one of the green houses. Afterwards, we met a friend for drinks and dinner in Wetherspoons before we headed home to watch Eurovision. My Twitter feed exploded – sorry to anyone who follows me!
Sunday was spent doing last minute revisions while everyone else took a more relaxing day – reading and sleeping for ages. Around 7pm, we went for dinner at The Hill on Byres Road. One word – delicious. It was so good. I had a beef stir fry with udon noodles. So much flavour, less than £10 a main course. Returning to the flat, we watched Sex Box – a strangely intriguing show. Not sure if I would recommend it or not.
Monday. Final day of exams! The exam wasn’t great, but it meant I was done for summer! Afterwards, we went to Paws for Stress – an event in the union where you could go and play with dogs to relieve stress. Honestly the best I have felt in a long time. After this, we started drinking and didn’t stop until bed almost 12 hours later…. It was a long long day…

Yesterday, Kelsey left very early in the morning. I spent the day with Paul, shopping and talking and walking a lot before going to his to watch Big. Having never seen it before, I loved it. Would definitely watch it again!

Now I’m just sitting waiting for Jason to get ready for us to go into town. We have euro to buy and some things we need for Paris – less than a week to go!
Sorry for the long winded description of the last few days, I will get onto more interesting posts at some stage soon. But for now, I need to take out the recycling 😔

Have a good day!
Ktkinnes xx

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Wait, what?

How did it reach 10:25pm on April 1st and me not realise I have a blog post to complete? Strange, it’s normally the first thing I do on the morning of the 1st.


March seemed to have gone by in a bit of a daze. It saw my first date (and the ones that followed it, might I add),  an Irish dancing social, a second date, rearranging my room, a presentation, a dinner date, another presentation, GULGBTQ+’s Farewell dinner and night out to Polo, St Patrick’s Day with my first ever ceilidh, Super Saturday of rugby and a mini flat “party”, a few good films,a coffee date, a journey home, an Easter break in County Fermanagh, and a 2500 word essay written across 2 days. Not bad for 31 days, was it? 

I socialised at any given opportunity and found myself loving every bit of it. It was good to get it out of the way before exams start – only 25 days away now, eek! I made it to the Irish Dancing classes when I could and learnt some great new dances. Still can’t believe I can actually learn them! Maybe by this time next year I’ll have improved and be able to keep up with the girls running it. I did well to keep on top of uni work, even if it doesn’t sound like it. However this did mean that I didn’t get reading as much as I’d hoped to. Maybe now it’s study leave it’ll be easier. Finally, I didn’t do too bad at keeping my room tidy… Just a little out of practice it seems but we’ll get back into the way of things.

As April began today, I was reminded I have a wedding in 10 weeks. While I can’t say I’ve made a significant effort to lose weight, I have lost some! And so I plan on continuing. What else do I propose as goals for April?

  • Read one book. Any book. Prove to yourself it is possible.
  • Sort a good revision and day routine and stick to it. It’s one thing to make a routine but another to be able to stick to it.
  • Keep up some form of exercise. I’m not sure yet if dancing will be on during the next 2 months but if it is I will definitely make an effort to go.
  • Lose weight (see above)

So there you have it! Not long now until Kelsey comes over and I need to be at my best to keep up with the plans for those 6 days. 
Finally, I decided I’d give this a go:

It appeared on my Facebook today so I think I’ll try it. Starting with number one on the list, here’s my reflection – forgive the pjs!

Maybe a few of you want to join in too? Wish me luck!
Ktkinnes xx