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Rachel’s Birthday 2019

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With being away for the weekend, it suddenly dawned on me that I never shared with you what I’d got Rachel for her 21st birthday! The week of her actual birthday was mental, so I didn’t manage to post anything, and all of a sudden it’s almost a month later. Crazy how time flies.

Hi by the way, and happy Tuesday once again.  Have I got over my mini meltdown about age since I turned 24? No.  But thankfully Rachel’s birthday always comes along as a distraction straight after mine, so at least we’ve something to be grateful for. I feel old until someone makes a comment about me being almost half their age and then I feel better.  I guess it’s the benefit of working with older people, and most of the choir being older too. Still missing choir by the way!


As I said in my post a few of weeks ago, I had the 2 days off for Rachel’s birthday, and the main celebration started when her friends arrive in from Edinburgh on the Thursday. I won’t bother re-hashing it all, but you can catch up on the events of Rachel’s birthday here.


Back in July, Dad asked me “You aren’t doing that silly 21 presents thing, are you?” because I had done 18 for her 18th.  I’ll be honest, until he said it I hadn’t really considered it.  Then of course it seemed like the only viable option. So naturally, I went ahead and organised 21 birthday presents for Rachel.  Below is a list of what I gave her, and where it was possible I’ve included a photo!


  1. Spa Weekend
    So this was joint with Mum and Dad, and is actually what we’re just back from! It’s what Rachel had asked for, and I’ll have a post detailing what exactly we got up to live hopefully Thursday so remember to call back! Unless you’ve read this after Thursday, in which case you can find that post here.
  2. Back Stretcher
    I had bought this back ages ago, and then saw Rachel and her boyfriend tag each other in it on Facebook saying how much they needed it at the end of the working day on their feet, so I has delighted to know it would be useful! We all had a go on it over her birthday and seriously I am now considering buying myself one.
    back stretcher
  3. Pjs
    A bit of an annual thing now is for me to give Rachel something Disney related, and when I saw Eeyore pjs saying “I don’t do mornings” on them, I just knew I had to get them for her. In fact, she opened them and laughed, saying it exactly the way Eeyore would! So I think they were a success.
  4. Slow Cooker Recipe Book
    I thought this might come in useful over her long shifts, and considering she has my slow cooker, it’s perfect for the cold winter nights!
    Cook book
  5. Perfume
    I picked up a Lacoste perfume from Boots that she can wear as a daily perfume as I know she spent a good amount of money on a good perfume for special occasions.  Sometimes it’s nice to just have a quick spritz of something light and go on your way.
  6. Soap and Glory Shower Gel
    She adores this stuff and had asked for some for her birthday.
  7. Soap and Glory Body Scrub
  8. Soap and Glory Body Lotion
  9. A Lady Title
    Well, technically I bought her a square foot of land in a Scottish castle in the highlands, meaning legally she can use the title of Lady.  I’m not sure if she’s set it up yet, but yeah I thought it was a little different and kinda cool!
  10. A Mug
    This is to go with the bit of land and the title! I just had to!
  11. Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate
    Now I got this because Rachel had tried it last year when we went to London for her birthday, and she loved it.  Little did I know that the tub of it she had bought herself had been emptied over the kitchen floor on a particularly bad day, so when she opened this she was delighted.  I just thought it would be good to go with the mug!
    hot chocolate
  12. Personalised Book
    Now I’ve actually wanted to buy this for someone for years, and I finally had a chance to! So I opted for Sense and Sensibility.  You get to change all the main characters, add a photo, put in an inscription or dedication, and it’s then wholly unique to the recipient! I then hand wrote a little message inside that had everyone in tears… whoops!
  13. Sketch
    I got a sketch of Rachel and Maisey, and had it framed.  It’s not the most recent photo, but it’s the only one I had of them together.  Since by rights Maisey is Rachel’s and Rachel has had to leave her over here, I thought it might be a nice idea for her to have this for herself.
  14. After Eights
    I’ll be honest, these were a bit of a filler.  But they’re her favourite and I only get her them either for her birthday or Christmas each year.
  15. Hand Cream Set
    I managed to finally find a set of small hand creams that are the perfect size for storing in the pockets of her scrubs.  The hand sanitiser can be quite harsh on her hands, so it’s helpful to have hand cream handy.
  16. Outfit
    This one was hit or miss and I think she liked it? It was a pair of brown leather look trousers, and a cream blouse with blue, pink and brown checks on it.  It’s quite autumnal, and she said it fits her so… I mean, I gave her the gift receipts for if she didn’t like it and she decided to keep it so I guess that’s a win?
  17. A bottle of champagne
    Because no one can celebrate their birthday without some bubbles and a bit of pop!
  18. Desk Organiser
    Okay so one Christmas I was buying her a 3 for 2 and bought a desk organiser pad thing as a filler because it was something I thought she might find useful sometime.  Turns out she loved it and has used it religiously to keep track of university classes, hospital shifts, shifts in the pub, and whatever social life she can fit in around it all! So with that one coming to an end, I got her a replacement one.
  19. A poetry book
    Rachel loves poetry, and this one seemed like it would be a good mix of poems for her.
    Poetry book
  20. A Notes Jar
    Notes, Quotes, Poems and more, 366 little notes for her to read to give a little boost each day over the next year.
  21. A weekend in Warsaw
    Well I decided to bite the bullet and buy the Wowcher mystery holiday, so we’re going to Warsaw in November – the perfect opportunity to explore somewhere different! The way it works out we’ll have a day and a half to explore, so hit me up with anything we should see or do!


And there you have it! It was actually really hard not to double up on anything and to stay away from jewellery as so many other people were getting that for her. I hope she enjoyed them all, and I’ll let you know how the Warsaw weekend goes when we get there!


Thank goodness the next big birthday I can do a simple present!


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