On The Road Again…

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Once again, I find myself writing packing lists and trying to cram a week’s worth of clothing into a carry-on bag measuring 56cmx45cmx20cm. The real worry is always the liquid allowance – the time when every woman has to choose between her makeup and her shampoo. Thank goodness I discovered shampoo bars and other eco-friendly items for when I next am on the road again! This post contains affiliate links, meaning at no extra cost to you I may earn a small commission if you make a qualifying purchase through one of these links.

I read somewhere once that you can “click and collect” your toiletries at the airport in order to save the problem of security and it also saves you spending the over the top on the items in the airport. This of course is continuing along the theme of student budgeting from my last post.

Now I know a lot of people argue that students go home to be looked after by their families and to be bought things as frequently as possible but here’s one student who likes to provide for herself!

Ironing is completed and the outfits are in the carry-on case. I’ve added my reading (And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie [aff], hopefully a good read) and, ever hopeful, my sunglasses are tucked away in a neat little pocket. One thing I simply must do is find my passport. This happens every time I travel. I come back and put away the passport in a “safe place” with my driving licence and then proceed to lose them both the next time I need them.

For a change I am actually looking forward to going home for a while. I think I need either out of the flat or out of Glasgow. I’ve grown restless here for some reason this semester, possibly with the change in second semester dynamics now that I’m experiencing it without Kelsey and Nikki, our exchange students last year. It’s not the company I miss, think it’s having people I can go chat to whenever, instead I come to you all here on WordPress. Not that I’m complaining!

There’s nothing really to talk about though, I think I really am just restless and needing reminded  as to why I try and escape the family as frequently as I do. Only time will tell! One slight problem at the minute is the amount I’ve been thinking about relationships, and I’ve been especially broody recently. Not exactly a great combination when you’re as single as possible and as far away from having kids as is possible. All of this isn’t helped by rewatching BBC’s Call The Midwife!

So with that, I’ll sign off and leave you all in peace.

Speak soon!

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