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November 2019

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Happy Happy Friday everyone, and what a truly happy day it is because we are now into the penultimate month of the year, and it’s the weekend soon! Well, those of us who work 9-5 Monday to Friday will be celebrating – those who work weekends not so much… sorry! But as I say, November 2019 is now finally upon us and I am super excited.

Before we can properly look into the month ahead, which has quite a bit happening in it by the way, I do want to take a look back at October 2019.  But before we do any of that, just a quick reminder that you only have until Sunday to sign up for my Christmas Card Swap, which you can do by clicking here! We would love for you to join us.

So as I was saying, looking back at October.  The start of October saw me start guitar lessons with one of Dad’s old friends.  My first night of going there, I managed to take the wrong turn off at the roundabout and drove for 6 miles in the wrong direction before I could come off at the first exit and double back on myself. Did I mention it was on the motorway?  Anyway, I eventually got there, and that is how I’ve been spending my Wednesday nights since choir ended! We took the cat to the vet about her limping on her front paw, only to find it’s been a tiny piece of grit stuck in the pad of her paw.  All was well, the vet removed it, and we then spent the next 4 days trying to syringe an anti-inflammatory liquid medication into her mouth. Needless to say the battle scars are finally on the mend… But the weekend was soon on us, and between watching rugby matches and housework we managed to squeeze in a lunch out at the rugby club. The following week I had a catch up call with Paul and it made me realise just how much I need to try and sort a weekend in Glasgow asap. More guitar lessons and going through it in the evenings, along with then my trip to the local beauty salon for a “Spa Pedicure” – it was bliss! After that I dashed home to pack for our weekend up north for Rachel’s birthday present, which you can read all about here. Since then, while we’ve been busy, I honestly can’t tell you what we’ve been doing!




November 2019

Now that we’ve looked back at the last few weeks, it’s time to look ahead to the next few weeks! So this weekend will be spent practising guitar, working on my open university course, seeing family and starting packing for next weekend away.

Next week I’m flying over to Scotland on Thursday, and Rachel and I head off to Inverness on the Friday morning! We’re just there until Sunday, and then I’m coming straight back to Northern Ireland, but it’ll be good to get away for the weekend. The following week will be usual work, except then on Thursday Mum and Dad will be heading away for a few days to see Rachel – I get the house to myself! Unfortunately I couldn’t get time off while they’re away, otherwise I had planned on spending a full day working on Blogmas content, but I guess we’ll just have to spend the evenings doing that.



Looking back again briefly, I wanted to see if we managed to achieve all the goals I set myself for October.  What do you reckon – did I manage them?

  1. Read 2 books 
    So I managed to finish 2 books in October – The Handmaid’s Tale (from my list) and the second book in the Game of Thrones series – A Clash of Kings. Yay!
  2. Stick to my posting schedule for this month 
    I was right – Trello really helped me stick to my posting schedule this month! I think I actually managed to post every post I had planned, which would be the most posts in a month in quite a while – almost a year!
  3. Start guitar lessons.  
    I’m so pleased to say this is a big fat YES! As you’ll have read above, I’ve been going once a week, and I’m making sure to take time each day to go through what I’ve been taught.  Who knows, maybe we’ll be able to have a very basic singsong at Christmas?
  4. Start my Christmas shopping
    Well, I managed to buy something small towards the start of Christmas… does that count?


November 2019

I’m really pleased with myself for last months’ goals, so now I just need to set some goals for the upcoming month.

  1. Continue to my blogging schedule
  2. Start drafting my blogmas posts
  3. Read 1 book


What have you got planned for November? Any goals or wishes for the month ahead? Let me know in the comments below!


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