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Ah Wednesday again! Is it scaring anyone else that we’re in the last full week of August? Just me? Must be because it’s not only 2 weeks until my birthday! But today’s new post is nothing to do with that you’ll be glad to hear. Instead, I wanted to talk to you about MyPropertyID. I was very kindly sent a PR package by MyPropertyID in exchange for a post on social media, but I decided to share my thoughts with you here on the blog today.

As I said, I was sent a PR Pack of 10 tags by MyPropertyID in exchange for a share on my social media accounts, but I thought I would give a more in depth write up here. If you would like to know more about how I treat sponsored posts such as this one, please read my disclaimer.

About MyPropertyID

MyPropertyID is a U.S. company developed by Jon Shelness – a leading expert on Operation Identification; a police developed, Justice Department researched, and FBI endorsed strategy for deterring burglaries and convicting criminals. Inspired by his graduate classes in criminal justice and public administration, Mr Shelness combined his desire to contribute to society with this education and volunteering, and developed MyPropertyID.

How MyPropertyID Works

When a burglary takes place, one way to help the police is to simply file a report. It is thought that upwards of half of all burglaries go unreported. Many of us wouldn’t be able to quote or put our hands on the serial numbers that would be needed to properly track and trace our valuables were they to be stolen. And that’s where MyPropertyID comes in.  By purchasing tags, you receive a universal identifier with which you mark your property – it’s a little like registering your car, or getting a ticket when you hand your coat or bag in at a club – this identifier marks as a lost and found and can help identify which items are yours. The make, model and serial numbers are recorded on the MyPropertyID Registry which ,in the event of a crime, can be printed off and given to the police. By aiding the police, you may be assisting in solving a string of crimes, and therefore your items are more likely to be returned to you. You also receive warning signs which can be posted on doors and windows in order to deter criminals from breaking and entering.

MyPropertyID tags on red laptop and iPhone

My Experience of MyPropertyID

First up, delivery took a while. Having agreed on July 24th to help share my thoughts and experiences of MyPropertyID, I was a little concerned when I still hadn’t received the kit by 11th August – however when it arrived on 12th August, I was delighted. Your tags are sent out in a simple envelope – almost like your bank statement or other mail, and therefore you don’t need to worry about someone being in to receive them if you work 9-5 like I do. It also means you can recycle the packaging easily!

Anyway, I received my 10 tags, and decided to add them to my personal belongings such as my phone, my laptop, my TV, my keys and my Kindle. I considered tagging my iPad, but decided if someone wanted it they’re welcome to it as it’s one of the original minis and barely supports anything anymore! This left me with 5 tags that I could use on other things in the house after discussing with my parents. For now, we have agreed to keep the 5 remaining tags, and I will use them as and when I find myself needing to.

Setting up my account online was easy. I checked first of all that the asset tag numbers in my kit matched the preregistered numbers I had received in my confirmation email, and applied them to my devices, following the instructions in the booklet I had received as part of my kit. Next up, it was time to enter the information onto the database. The first time you do this, you need to enter the account number at the top right of your tag sheet, but don’t worry – after this you can easily add the brand, model and serial number of your property to your preregistered asset tag numbers at any time. Now, if I am ever in the unfortunate position where I need to report something as stolen, I can go online from any device and access my inventory to provide to the police!

Final Words

If you’ve read all this and have decided that you too would like to use MyPropertyID, then you can use my promotional discount code “KTKINNES” to get your 10 Personal Plan Tags completely for free! But hurry, this offer is only available to the first 10 people to use this code. Otherwise, this pack would cost $39, and shipping is free.

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  1. Lindsey

    This sounds like such a simple and effective way of adding another level of security to personal items. Anything that helps in the long run both deter and report burglaries definitely has to be positive, although I hope you never need to use these fully! Great post!

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