My Trip To Escape

My Trip To Escape Life With Ktkinnes
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Happy Tuesday everyone! How are we all today? I’m up and ready for another day, and here we are today to talk about my latest trip to Escape Hair Company here in Lisburn.

So I’ve been going to Escape on and off for many years now. I mean, I think I was about 9 or 10 when Escape first opened, and then between moving to Glasgow and trying a few different salons throughout the years, I went back to Laura again Saturday just passed.

 My Trip To Escape Life With Ktkinnes

Escape Hair Company is a small hairdressing salon in Lisburn, actually really close to where we used to live.  I remember it being built, and every time there’s a change to the salon it makes me remember the days of going in while it was being built.


On Saturday morning I was going in for a simple cut and blowdry – a tidy up if you will.  As always, the little car park was busy, but there was plenty of room to park up, and I was welcomed by Lucy who was going to wash my hair.


A good shampoo and conditioner later, and I was sat in the seat closest to the door and refill station (we’ll come back to this in a while).  Normally I’m not a fan of sitting here, as during the winter it can be a bit drafty, but this weekend it was quite pleasant.  Soon Laura was over, her usual chatty self, and ready to get started.  We discussed the colour she had put in my hair last month before my birthday, what I was looking to get cut lengthwise, and if I wanted to change anything about the style.


What I love about going to Laura is after all these years she’s honest about what will and won’t work with my hair.  For years I asked her to just “do whatever”, or even as a child I always let Mum tell her what to do with my hair.  But since I went to university and tried a few different things, I now finally know how I like to wear my hair, and Laura’s input is always welcome when I’m trying to change it up a little.


We agreed to just tidy up the dead-ends, maybe half an inch off – this lead to a conversation as to what people actually mean when they ask for half an inch, but that’s a story for another time – and Laura suggested long disconnected layers.  I said yes without really understanding, but she said it would stop my hair from just hanging but wouldn’t make it look as thin as it actually is.

 My Trip To Escape Life With Ktkinnes

Laura is one of those people who will talk away to you if you’re in the mood to chat, but she also reads when you don’t want to talk, and I think over the years she’s realised that I tend to not really talk.  I’ll reply if she asks anything, and I won’t be completely silent, but there’s something nice about just watching your hair being done without the conversation that always seems to go on a loop of “any plans for the weekend?” or “have you booked any holidays?” so that’s always good.


After a trim and a blowdry, we got talking about a shampoo sample I had got from her on my previous visit, and I was looking to buy the full product.  Laura is now stocking Oway Organic products – a new, more sustainable colour and product brand.  All their shampoo and conditioner bottles are glass and can be refilled at Escape’s refill station. The products are made from natural, biodynamic, organic ingredients.  Laura had recommended I try the “Frequent Use Hair & Scalp Bath” Shampoo, and to be honest I loved the sample! It was a no brainer to buy the full size bottle, especially because it meant I was actually getting longer out of each wash.  With the bottles being glass, they can be refilled at the refill station, or I suppose you could rinse them and recycle them with your glass jars and bottles as normal if you chose not to continue using them.  The first purchase is £20.50 for the glass bottle and shampoo, with then subsequent refills costing £16.50 – saving you 20% the original price.  I had a quick look online and found you can get this on ebay and a few other sites, but then there’s no refill option, but if it’s something you’re interested in then it might be worth investigating!

 My Trip To Escape Life With Ktkinnes

All in all, I was in and out of Escape within half an hour, and very pleased with the end result.  I’ll keep you up to date on the shampoo situation, and I’ve already booked my Christmas night out appointment with Laura for December! It’s just a shame she closes so early on a Friday and Saturday, as it can be difficult to get an appointment late enough to suit going out at maybe 8pm if you find your hair drops easily.


Anyway, all this talk of hair and thankfully I’m not having to wash mine this morning, so I’m away to squeeze in a few minutes of guitar before I have to shower.  I hope you all have a great Tuesday!

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