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My Favourite Place On Earth

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Trying to bring something happy back to my blog, I wanted to talk to you about one of my favourite places on earth – Ibiza Sol Beach House, Santa Eulalia.


My friends who read this blog are probably laughing. I talk about Ibiza so frequently, and you’ll probably find so many posts about it if you use the search feature at the bottom of my blog. In fact, I first started blogging just a few weeks before our first journey there back in 2014. Back then, that version of the hotel is probably my favourite place on earth. It was redecorated and changed so much before the 2015 season, and while I love the new place, the old one is the one I dream about when I remember the happiest place I’ve been in years.


I remember stepping off the bus the first time and looking at this yellow and orange hotel in the back end of nowhere. I remember my excitement at the first holiday ever without my granny. The heat and the sun, the tress that surrounded the place, and the peacefulness that just oozed from the building. We lugged our cases up the steps, past the security guard, and into the lobby. Honestly? It was like we’d walked back into the 70s or something. The average age of the guests we could see was probably around 60. It was my first time in an adults only hotel and already I was a little nervous. We went straight down for lunch in the pool bar – a narrow little thing with about 20 tables and covered by a canvas. The menus covered everything from a snack to a light lunch to a full blown dinner if that’s what you wanted, all for less than 15 euro. The staff seemed friendly enough, but we were annoyed by the number of smokers around. I don’t care how they word it in the aw books, but to me ‘inside’ is anything with a roof over your head.


It rained that first day, up until about 4 o’clock in the afternoon. Eventually, Rachel and I decided to ignore the weather and jump into the pool. It was so strange not having other kids in playing, and most of the adults stuck to the shallow end, so we were free to play about and do handstands and the likes as much as we wanted. Our shrieks drew some attention from the staff, who would look over at us and laugh when they saw us messing around. Even the older couples lying in the sun sat up and stared at where this new noise was coming from. We were having a ball and couldn’t wait for the rest of the holiday.



The food that night was pretty good. We were shown to a nice little table inside the restaurant and were handed a wine list. Here began my love for Campo Viejo, even if it was warm the first night we had it! Mum being Mum, caused a scene and embarrassed me and Rachel by giving off to one of the waiters that the wine was warm and insisted on an ice bucket. They never again served us warm white wine… Dinner was lovely, and it was exciting to know that we could have as much or as little as we wanted. That night, we saw the first show and fell in love with the place even more!


I won’t bore you with a full blow by blow of what we did each day. Instead, this is the review that I wrote when we got back.


Brilliant holiday! Fantastic hotel in a fantastic location. After a 2 week stay, I was sorry to leave the hotel and all the lovely staff. Been home for 2 weeks now and already booked to go back next summer whilst still considering going again at the end of August if possible! With beautiful views and a spotless pool area, this is definitely a place I would recommend to anyone wanting a quieter Ibiza stay. The town of Santa Eulalia is only a 15 minute walk away in the heat of the afternoon and hosts a wide range of shops, restaurants, cafes and things to do.

Whilst the hotel was sold to us as ‘on the beach’, it isn’t. However, it is right on the coastline which offers some spectacular views if you care to take a stroll along the paths right beside the hotel. The pool area and bar were kept clean and there was always a lifeguard at hand to deal with anything. Despite the warnings against saving sunbeds, everyone does it and so to get the same place every day you may need to be down before breakfast. However, there are more than enough beds for everyone and it was never difficult to find 4 together for my family.

Entertainment for the night is advertised from around 1 o’clock outside the entertainment lounge and was quite good considering the range of ages of the guests. If the entertainment isn’t to your liking, the piano bar and terrace area are brilliant places to go for an after dinner chat and the staff are always willing to chat and help in any way they can. Without them, the holiday wouldn’t have been as much of a success so a quick thanks to José, José Luis, Alvaro, Angel and Tony for making this such a memorable holiday!

Being half board, we thought we may venture out into the town for evening meals. This turned out to be unnecessary as the food was of excellent standards. With enough for everyone at all times, there were no queues and everyone was always very welcoming and happy to help in whatever way they could. For those leaving the hotel before the restaurant opens, reception is happy to take your name and room number and ensure you get access to your full breakfast just slightly earlier than normal.

Don’t worry about paying for a sea view room though as most rooms overlook the sea! We asked for a high up room and found ourselves on the 6th floor overlooking the sea out towards Es Canar, a beautiful view considering we were expecting to not get a sea view!

A few minor complaints unfortunately but nothing that would put us off returning! The maid service came around early in the mornings and there were a few times we were leaving the room at 8:30 to go for breakfast to find the maid right outside our door. On the other hand, they were fantastic at being thorough and we never found any faults with their work so thank you! The rooms and balconies are quite small but adequate for all the time we spent in them. The hotel shop has a lot in it but you’d better be quick if you’re wanting to buy anything as it closes at 1 o’clock each day and doesn’t reopen until the next morning.

Overall, this is a fantastic hotel and I can’t wait to return! I hope this helps you decide this is the hotel for you. People of all ages can find something to love about Sol Ibiza regardless of what you enjoy. Can’t wait to return next year

I still struggle to explain why I love that place so much. It sounds cliche and overused, but that place was one of the few I’ve felt 100% safe and comfortable. It was the first holiday I enjoyed and didn’t want to leave. The staff and people we met there feel like family, and saying goodbye to them for the last time back in July 2016 was the most painful thing I’ve done. People can laugh at me all they want, but I do plan on going back sometime. I plan on returning and seeing the faces smiling back at me as I order a mojito at the bar, and make fun of José Luis for being grumpy and stomping around the place because he had to finish his break a couple of minutes earlier. When someone asks me what I would do if money were no object, my answer is simple – buy the hotel from the owners, restore its former glory of being somewhere affordable and good for everyone, bring back the staff who quit or were fired because they didn’t agree with the management’s “modern” views, and take all my family and friends there for a month. I’d spend every weekend there. Finish class at 1pm on a Friday, get to the airport, fly across to Ibiza, and get to the hotel on time for an evening meal back in the restaurant. I’d spend the night propping up the bar and chatting to anyone and everyone as they came back from their evening walks, or enjoyed the evening’s entertainment. I’d go to Es Canar when the bar closed, and sit on the beach talking to my friends until dawn, before heading back to the hotel for breakfast. Saturday and Sunday would be spent by the pool, or walking down to the town centre and nosying in the shops. All before a final dinner on Sunday night, and a flight back to Glasgow – getting me home on time for my 9am lecture on Monday.
Do you have a place that you’ll always be happy no matter what, or a dream that you know is unrealistic yet you hold on to it anyway? How do you cope knowing that what you really want to do is something that will never happen unless you win the lottery?


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