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Yay it’s almost the weekend again! As the weekend draws nearer, it’s time I start looking at my current watch lists again. So many episodes, so little time. And with more and more films appearing on the list, I really don’t know if I will ever fully catch up on everything I want to see. 

Recently there have been a lot of “My Top 10 on Netflix” posts floating around. And while I love reading them, they keep adding more and more to the lists of things I want to watch on Netflix. So rather than trying to remember them all, or instead of trying to remember them even just to write in my bullet journal. Maybe one for 2019? A watch list page? Anyway, we’ll worry about that in December when the time comes to start a new journal.

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My Current Watch Lists 2018

As I was saying, my current watch lists seem quite extensive at the minute, and I rarely seem to be making a dent in in before something else appears. Especially with more and more streaming services coming available as time goes on… But at least I can look at my current watch lists on each of these streaming services when coming to talk to you about them all! So for today’s post, as we approach a new month, I wanted to tell you all the top 10 for each film and series on my current watch lists.

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My Current Watch Lists

Whether it’s on Netflix, Sky Box Sets, online somewhere, or even just on regular TV, there are endless shows to start or resume. Will we take a look? I am going to put in bold what episode I am on at the time of this post going live. Don’t worry, I will avoid as many spoilers as possible!

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  1. Suits
    Harvey, a top lawyer in Pearson Hardman, hires himself an associate lawyer who never actually went to law school. What could possibly go wrong? I am loving every second of this show, and even find myself loving the characters we are meant to hate. Season 5 Episode 7
  2. Game of Thrones
    Right, I started Game of Thrones last summer before it was taken off Sky Box Sets. Now, I am trying to catch up with it. Please don’t ask me to name the characters, or who fights for whom. But I am enjoying it! For anyone who has managed to not hear of it before, the easiest way to describe it is as follows. A fantasy drama based on a book series, we follow many different characters and families as they fight it out to sit on the Iron Throne. Without any true spoilers, this show is like my next one – you can’t get too attached to anyone. Season 5 Episode 1
  3. Grey’s Anatomy
    Ah now this one I could and have talked about at length. There’s even a tag that you can take part in, although my post does contain spoilers. Starting in season 1 with the 5 interns, the best way I can describe Grey’s Anatomy is as a hospital soap series, but it is so much more than that. Following the lives of the doctors both inside and outside the hospital, it’s hard not to connect with at least one of the characters. I have been following Grey’s Anatomy since my GCSE years, but haven’t seen the last season. So I definitely need to catch up soon! Season 13 Episode 24
  4. Scandal
    With Shonda Rhymes being behind this, Grey’s Anatomy, and another show that’s coming up o my list, Scandal was as good as expected. Think something like Pretty Little Liars meets Scandal meets The West Wing (another must see by the way!). Again, I have at least 1 season to watch… But a team of lawyers work cases behind the scenes while Olivia, our main protagonist works along the President of the United States. My favourite part was when they mirrored the current political climate! Season 5 Episode 10
  5. Criminal Minds
    Criminal Minds is amazing. It is seriously dark in parts, to the point that one actor left due to nightmares caused by some of the plots, but it is fantastic. We join the Behavioural Analysis Unit in the FBI as they use their psychoanalysis skills to catch serial killers. Again, I stopped watching when I left uni, but I do want to go back and see how everyone is doing. Last I checked, I was Season 8 Episode 2.
  6. How To Get Away With Murder
    The last one on my list created by Shonda Rhymes, and a brilliant show at that. A group of law students get the special privilege of working cases for and alongside their lecturer. Season 1 starts with a student on the campus going missing, and that story then intertwines with the cases the students work throughout their year. I watched to the end of Season 3, but I watched the first episode of season 4 that long ago that I would probably need to rewatch it. One thing I should warn you about – the series always starts with one scene, goes back in time, and about 6 episodes later you finally catch up with that first scene. For that reason it can be a must-watch-one-more-episode type of show, so be warned. Season 4 Episode 1.
  7. 13 Reasons Why
    This is another Netflix show that I couldn’t help but binge watch the entire first season. Now I know there are a lot of things against 13 Reasons Why, but I felt compelled to watch until the end. Since then, a whole new season is out, and I need to watch it. Just to know what’s happened to everyone since the end. Season 2 Episode 1
  8. Nashville
    Please don’t judge me for this one. I love country music, and I love soaps. So what could’ve been better than a soap-type show based around country music? Now I’ll be honest, Mary put me onto this after she told me how one of the seasons had ended. And I am so so happy she did! After watching (I think) 5 seasons, I got to see some of the cast live in concert and it was brilliant. I think even Dad enjoyed it! Since then, I tried to watch the new series, but because one of my favourite characters left, I’ve struggled to get into the final series. But I refuse to give up without watching it all!  Season 6 Episode 1
  9. The Affair
    Right so this is one I kind of missed seasons 1 through to 3 of, but am now watching season 4. Mum and Rachel started watching The Affair when I was in first year of university, and I always seemed to be home for the last couple of episodes of the seasons. So while there are times I’m slightly confused as to what’s happening, I do really enjoy it. Each episode is split between two characters’ points of view. The first series sees a family on holiday by the sea, and we flick between each of the parents. Now, as the title would suggest, there is an affair in each season. But I can’t help but want to know more about each character. I’ll be honest, I want to go back and watch this from the start. For now though, I am on Season 4 Episode 6.
  10. The Last Leg
    Now this last one is a little different. It’s on Channel 4 at 10pm and it’s the best thing on TV at the minute in my opinion. Three comedians talk all things in the news and anything else that’s happened during the week. It’s funny, light, and the guests are always brilliant. Well, there are weeks that the guests aren’t the best, but the three hosts – Adam, Alex and Josh – more than make up for the less enjoyable guests. We record it on a Friday night and catch up on the Saturday or Sunday, so I have just watched Season 14 Episode 6.
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My Current Watch Lists

While these are just a few from my current watch lists, there are so so many more that I just need to see! What would you add to my current watch lists? Just a heads up – these are only the things that I am watching. Films and things I want to start watching will be on another list at another stage.

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