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My Christmas Wish List for 2021

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Day two of Blogmas is a wish list with a difference – my Christmas wish list! In previous years, I’ve shared my letter to Santa with you all. And while I love setting it up like that, we all know it really is a wish list.

December is definitely here, and with it comes the constant “but what do you want??”. I mean, to be fair it started back in October. But this is the month that you randomly remember a few things. With Christmas seaking up on me a bit this year, it was harder to think of what I would like. Never mind what I was going to gift others this year!

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Some of you may remember that over the last few years I have shared with you all my letter to Santa. The basics of it have rarely changed, and yet it still to this day remains one of the top viewed Blogmas posts I write each year! So rather than keeping you waiting, I decided to share my Christmas wish list as early as I possibly could.

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The tradition of writing letters to Santa seems to be the pinnacle of Christmas for anyone with children. And yet everyone does it differently. I know of someone who’s daughter writes it out with pictures and everything. This Mum then keeps every single letter her daughter has ever written to Santa in a memory box. Our cousins used to have to write their letters on the morning of Christmas Eve. Apparently this worked really well until one year my youngest cousin randomly changed what she wanted as her main present the day before Christmas. Needless to say, she didn’t get her Nintendo DSi, and there were almost tears when Rachel and I got one each…

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Us? Well, we always wrote our Santa letters some time after Halloween or before December. Except we typed them up on the computer. We were always told it was so Santa didn’t have trouble reading our handwriting. But since we “sent our letters up the chimney” (burnt them in the fire), Mum and Dad were able to go on the computer and read the lists again and again. Sneaky and yet so smart! Even when we turned to the Argos catalogue, each with a piece of blank paper and a pen. We were told to write down the name, page number, article number and price – just in case Santa’s elves couldn’t make it and he had to ask Mum and Dad to pick it up from the shops for him! If I’m ever a parent, I need to remember these underhand sneaky things so I can be the best at Christmas…

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If you’re looking to start a new tradition with your children this Christmas, why not consider getting a letter from Santa for them? Lapland Mailroom provides a personalised letter that your loved ones will want to read time and time again – I know I read mine over and over! Santa Claus will always be a special person for children, creating so many memories that last a lifetime. For the ideal festive gift that keeps on giving, make sure your child receives a personalised letter from Santa that helps them develop a love for Christmas that will never fade.

But I’m getting sidetracked (as per usual…) so shall we dive on in?

My Letter To Santa: A Christmas Wish List

Hi Santa!

It’s me, your little bit of Christmas Cheer Throughout The Year! Now that it’s coming up to that special day (and your busiest night of the year), I thought I should write to you with a few suggestions for my stocking this year. Mum’s been asking me to do this for a while now – in fact she asked me just a few weeks after my birthday! It’s getting harder and harder to think as the years go on. Maybe that’s because I’m working and able to buy myself small presents throughout the year…

This year, what I would love most of all is a new brown handbag. I fell in love with this one, but I also quite liked this handbag too. I’ve been using my black Michael Kors one constantly for work recently, so would love something I can use without feeling like I’m destroying it! Alternatively the same goes for a navy handbag.

I’m sure you saw me going back to guitar lessons finally in the summer, and you know how much I love learning new songs! I know that asking for the programming stuff to be able to plug my new guitar into the computer and record be asking a bit much, but there are two Taylor Swift song books I would really like – the 2018 Easy Guitar Anthology, and the second edition released later the same year.

As usual, I would really like a new bullet journal. The one you got me last year was perfect! This year could I maybe ask for the pink one? I love being able to tell which year was which quickly with the different colours from the last few years. As well as this, I would love a new book to read – maybe the new Richard Osmond? Another standard on my stocking fillers list is my Vitamin E skincare from The Body Shop please if you can – my skin just loves it at this time of year. On that theme, any bath bombs or bubble baths, new pyjamas, and I hate to say it but I could kinda do with a new big fluffy dressing gown and some slippers I can wear outside.

Lastly, and it’s only a suggestion, but you could take a look at my two Amazon wish lists? I have one for anything and everything, and the other is made up from small little stocking filler things.

I hope you’re keeping well, and are looking forward to the New Year! Who knows, maybe you’ll be able to travel and get away for a few days?

Looking forward to hearing you on the roof soon!

Love Katie.

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