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Haha, you thought I’d already given up, didn’t you? Welcome back to Life With Ktkinnes! Post 2 of 2020, and the second post of the decade.  I know we’re a little behind, but I wanted to take you on a tour of my 2020 Bullet Journal layout today.  So grab that cup of tea/coffee/beverage of your choice, maybe find a comfy seat, and hop aboard!

Before we get to the fun (and main) part of today’s post – isn’t it mental that we’re already at the 11th January? I’m so used to this month dragging that I’m really not sure what to do with myself now that it’s flying by.  What is great though, is that we’re so far staying on track with all but one of my goals for January! Can you guess which one?

What is a Bullet Journal?

So as my little “read more” intro suggested, today I wanted to share my 2020 bullet journal layout with you all.  Now, I know a lot of people have heard of bullet journals, but there are a few of you that haven’t I’m sure, but unfortunately I’m not great at trying to explain them.  My description of what a bullet journal is simply “a notebook that you style yourself so you can track anything and everything, but also a diary, and anything you want it to be”. Does that sound fair? Either way, that’s basically how I style my bullet journal layout for my every day use.

But if there’s one thing that drives me mad, it’s when you open someone’s post on something you’re interested in and they take what feels like a lifetime to start talking about it. So without further delay, let’s have a look at my 2020 bullet journal layout!

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How to set up your bullet journal layout

Mum and Dad bought me this bullet journal for Christmas – the exact one I asked for. So considering that last year’s was black, the yellow cover is quite a contrast! I was of course delighted, and spent the next week setting up my bullet journal layout.

2020 bullet journal

One thing I never really understood until November last year was why everyone always talks about a key for your bullet journal.  But if you’ve been reading for a while, you’ll remember the great breakdown of October 2019 (see Twitter for reference) and how it kick-started my proper use of the bullet journal. Only then did I realise that a proper key can be so helpful – especially when you’re trying to track about 10 different things daily, never mind your appointments, to do lists and everything else. So before you even get into the bullet journal layout properly, I have my Key on the inside front cover.  Somewhere I can easily flick back to to reference what I’m meant to be doing.


A quick note – having planned on using the pens that came with the bullet journal throughout the pages, I quickly discovered that they were bleeding quite noticeably through – hence the pencil marks beside them in the key to match up which pencil went with which colour coded option.

Next up, inside the bullet journal, there was already a contents page set up, saving me from having to create one as part of my bullet journal layout.  Now, I’m not really one to use a contents page, but while it’s there I might as well use it, right? So this is all I’ve got in it so far.contents

I won’t bore you with my 2020 Title Page – I’m not at all artistic, so it was quite simply just multicoloured writing of all the things I want more of in my life in 2020 – including bright colours!  From there, we’re straight into my goals section of my bullet journal layout.  My goals for 2020 are on the left, and then longer term goals are on the right.  I got some washi tape with the bullet journal, and I also had other older washi tape lurking around my room from my university days, so I whipped that out and got sticking!

I found a few years ago that breaking my goals down into sections really helped me when it came to deciding what was important to me.  Actually, I’ve just realised how many goals I set myself for the year! As for the 5 year plan and 10 year plan, these are just ideas on how I think I’d like my life to look at those stages.  Let’s face it, these are always subject to change.  Are any of us the same people we were back in 2010? And how many of us had an image back in 2010 of how our life would look in 2020? Case in point. So read take those with a pinch of salt.

My Bullet Journal Layout: Dates & Future Events

Next up comes my “Important Dates” sections.  I’ve a Year To View page, with then opposite it a list of any key things happening in the year, or things I need to remember.  After that comes the list of birthdays and anniversaries that I have to remember, and opposite that again is a list of present ideas, where to get them, that sort of thing. I highly recommend including this in your bullet journal layout plan!  This way I hopefully won’t be in a mad panic a week before each, trying to find a card or a present idea – all I’ll need to do is check my suggestions list! Now I just need to think of what to put on it…

2020 at a glance
birthdays and presents

After these couple of pages are the films, tv shows, and books that I’ve heard of that I just want to read or watch.  My plan is that each time I read a book on the shelf below, I can colour in the spine.  As for the Things To Watch page, I’ll give them a rating! So as you can see below, there are already 3 books to read, and a few things listed in my Things To Watch spread.  Now again, I’m not that artistic.  But I scrolled through Pinterest to find free printables for my bullet journal layout.  I know I could’ve bought some through Etsy, but the plan this year is to save money.  But we’ll get to that later.

Now we reach the “Looking After Me” pages. Last year I had a full spread on my weight, and didn’t think of anything else.  This year I decided, now that I’ve lost all that weight, it’s about time I started to actually take care of myself.  I split things into daily, weekly and monthly, created another table to track my weight at a quick glance, but have included a section where I want to take a measuring tape and track the centimetres or inches lost.  That way, if there’s a weight gain but a significant change in my shape or size, then I can at least be aware that I’m building muscle and it’s not fat!

look after yourself

This is then followed by a spread on “When Did I Last…” – an important part of my bullet journal layout for 2020.  No more wondering when something last happened, I can flick straight to this page and check!

when did i last

To finish off the “Looking After Me” section in my bullet journal layout, I have my Year In Pixels chart.  This was another printable, but would’ve been easy to make up myself.  The difference is, I wanted to be able to use pens on this page, so I knew I needed to print it out just so the bleeding wasn’t too bad.

Because there was then a spare page, I decided to record the Twitter Retweet Accounts I want to use this year.  Now before anyone panics, I always use #BloggersTribe on every promotion tweet, and I took these photos before I finished writing in which accounts I was using.  But if there’s an account you know of that I’ve missed and you think I need to use, please do let me know!

year in pixels & rt accounts

The final “Tracking” section at the start of my bullet journal layout is Let’s Talk Money.  I made it one of my goals this year to work hard on clearing any debts I have, and to seriously start saving for a deposit on a house or flat. I searched and searched online for tips and advice on how to save without being overly aware you were doing it, so as well as my direct debit every week that I set up about 2 years ago, I decided to go with the two below options.


I thought this would a fun way to add to my savings – especially for that deposit. I know it’s not an awful lot, but you never know how much you can save this way! Basically, I found a free printable Monopoly board, where the properties, prices, community chests, and chance cards were all left blank.  I then picked what amounts I would put on each square, and set up a grid to track 52 weeks of saving.  With a little blutac and a scrap of paper, I made a counter, and then I just did a quick search online for a “random dice roller”. Hey presto, I’ve got my own game that I play once a week! So each Wednesday, I’ll roll the dice, move my counter, and transfer whatever amount I land on into my savings. It’s not a lot, but it’s a bit of fun, and I feel like I’m at least doing a little extra each week.


Penny A Day
As always at the start of a new year, the Penny A Day savings challenge was running around on social media. So I decided that I would create a table, take part, and colour in every day that I remembered to put the money aside. The end of the year, by just putting away a penny a day, you should have saved £667.95! I know it’s not an awful lot towards anything, but if that’s there for a holiday for next year, or towards a house, or put into an account where it will earn some sort of interest, then isn’t it worth giving it a go? And so far so good – I haven’t even saved a full £1 yet, but I’ve been putting it away successfully for 11 days. In fact, it’s now a part of my morning routine! Can’t start the day without doing it.

Over the page, and excuse me for not showing it, I have a 2 page spread showing what I’ve spent on my credit card, and if I’m into my overdraft then by how much.  There’s a lot I don’t mind sharing with you all, but the exact figures aren’t something I want to share online, so please forgive me.

The final section of my “Let’s Talk Money” is my Savings Tetris colouring page, and a list of present ideas for me.  Every time my birthday and/or Christmas comes around, Mum starts asking for suggestions, and this year I am definite that I will have a list to give her! If we ignore the fact that I’ve already listed a bullet journal for next year…

savings & presents for me

And finally we’re into my monthly and weekly spreads! January was being set up when I took these pictures, so I haven’t actually got a weekly view to show you, but we’ll come back to look at my bullet journal again throughout the year and you can see it then.

For the monthly cover, I just found a stock image on shutterstock. It took up one page, and then on the opposite page I have a quick “calendar” to glance at, a to do list for the month, and my goals for the month.

This is where the key becomes useful. I’ve just listed the initials, and the dates, and beside them I’ve marked if there’s an appointment, and event, a birthday, or anything important to do. That way, I can take a quick glance and see if I’m free on any given day, or if there’s a mark then I know to turn to the weekly spread to see what it is I’ve got going on. My to do list is just things that need done at any stage that month – this month being Dad’s birthday, I needed to buy a card and a present.  Thankfully they’re both ticked off now! Finally, I set my goals for the month, which you can find out more details about in my last post – January 2020.

Intro to January

Over the page, I have my monthly tracking. As you can see above and below, I decided I was going through the month of January without any fizzy drinks. I can honestly say that there have only been 2 days so far that I’ve considered caving, but colouring in the supposed soda cups in the image below is reminding me to keep going. I’ve now one full row coloured in! Also, we should note – I haven’t even had fizzy water or tonic water, so I haven’t even resorted to them. I will admit though that I have swapped the Diet Cokes for water, coffee or alcohol, depending on the time of day and the company I’m in… maybe should cut the coffee or the alcohol next…

31 day challenge and habit tracking

On the opposite page, I have my monthly daily tracker. That sounds weird.  But here, we have each day of the month laid out, and what I have done or not done that day.  This again is where the key comes in handy because I can see at a quick glance what trends there are such as do my steps increase or decrease at the weekend, am I drinking enough water when I’m at home, that sort of thing.

Finally I have my “A Line A Day” two page spread – a bit like a gratitude log where I note anything I’m grateful for, or if something has been on my mind that day. Then we have the weekly spread, which is more or less the same as my spreads from last year – the week on one side, with any appointments etc, and my to do list on the other, along with my outfit plans, lunch plans, and anything else I need to remember that week.

So I hope you enjoyed your tour of my 2020 bullet journal ;layout so far! Do you bullet journal? Or have you tried it and it just didn’t work for you? Let me know in the comments below!

20 thoughts on “My 2020 Bullet Journal Layout

  1. ♡ 𝔧 𝔢 𝔫 𝔫 𝔦 ♡

    I love your books to read page! It looks so much better than mine, lol!♡

  2. D65

    Looks fantastic. My 2020 Journal is just an art book that I went nuts on! I found it better with the pens/highlighters etc because of the issue with bleed through.

  3. On Plan Rox

    Your journal looks amazing! I do a mix between a journal and keeping some lists on OneNote app on my phone (like books to read.) Yours is prettier than my app though lol

  4. Wendene Avia

    You are so organized!!
    Love the books to read page, I’m trying to read more this year too.

  5. ktkinnes

    Haha, I’m trying to be! I think that’s why I love my bullet journal, it makes me feel more organised. Good luck with your goals of reading more!

  6. ktkinnes

    Aw thank you! I tried a journal app on my phone, but then jumping between it, my health apps, my calendar, and then social media notifications just baffled me – I find pen and paper so much easier! Thanks so much for commenting!

  7. ktkinnes

    Aw thank you! Although I will be 100% honest – it was a free printable! If you do a search online, I’m sure you’ll find plenty of them to choose from if you’d like!

  8. D65

    I’m not sure where you live but I got mine from Officeworks, I live in Australia. They have small but thick plain art books, and I just used a leather-bound sleeve (from Officeworks) to put it into and you can barely tell a difference! It works really well 😀

  9. Michelle

    I really like your bullet journal and the layout. I never thought of adding a books section. I need to do that! Great post!

  10. clairelomax2018

    I love how much you’ve got in there. I have set mine up for my blog planner but I have not made time for my personal one.

    You’ve inspired me! Thank you x x

  11. bournemouthgirl

    I have not heard of that brand of bullet journal before. Your bullet journal is so colourful! The year log with the colour splotches looks great! The movie design page is so cute! Thank you for sharing! Look forward to seeing more bullet journal content from you xx

  12. Jordanne / Ofaglasgowgirl

    I always love the idea of bullet journals but I honestly just don’t have the focus for them haha So I love reading about other peoples. I love the Saveopoly page, that is such a great idea! Also, the “When I did last” page is a great way to keep track of everything. Good luck with your bullet journal this year 🙂

    Jordanne //

  13. ktkinnes

    Thank you! 😊 the saveopoly thing is a little booster – if it wasn’t for the fact I’ve to spend money when I play it, I’d be playing it all the time! 🙈 curious to see how consistent I can be with my journal this year – I always manage to quit for at least 3 months each year

  14. ktkinnes

    Thanks so much! I tried to make it as bright and bold as I could because I realised recently that lots of colour (especially blues and purples) makes me happy, so decided to go for it!

  15. ktkinnes

    Oh I never thought of any blog planning stuff! Do you use two separate journals/planners or just the one?

  16. carlamakemeup

    There are some really great ideas here that I might have to pop in my own – you’ve inspired me to pick mine back up when I’m next home!

  17. themajorblogger

    I’m not sure (or keen enough) for Bullet Journals yet. However, what you have put as your goals has helped me a bit on a general picture of what goals I could achieve. Especially when I’m as determined as I have been.

    I will brake down my basic goals as you have, if that’s okay?

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