Month 7

Month 7 Life With Ktkinnes
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Wow that’s weird that we’re half way through the year officially!

Hello again my dears! Apologies this didn’t go up yesterday, I just honestly haven’t really been blogging much and that fact alone is killing me.


Well, as you already know, it is finally July.  Schools are closing, it’s (apparently) getting warmer, and it’s less than a month until I go to Turkey on holiday! In fact there are a lot of exciting things happening this month, but before we go there I should probably tell you what I’ve been up to recently.


June started with me travelling back here to Northern Ireland and getting ready to start a relaxing summer holiday.  How wrong was I? I signed up to Weight Watchers within a few days of getting home, and was getting nervous for my first meeting.  On the Monday, I was seeing family, unpacking, and just generally getting ready for a relaxing summer when my mum phoned to say she knew of a job opening if I went to the local recruitment agency that day to sign up. That afternoon I was told I had the job and was starting on Monday morning! The next day I was up early for my first weight watchers meeting. The rest of the day was spent running errands and I can’t really remember it, but the end of the week saw me getting some work experience in a local secondary school and I loved it!

Since then, I’ve been working during the weeks full time, and weekends have involved a lot of blogging and family time. I went to the Nashville World Tour when they came to Belfast, have had a few barbeques,  been out for a few meals, booked a flight back to Glasgow so I can see people for 24 hours, took Rachel to the cinema for a secret screening of The House, and finished off the month out for dinner and then on to the theatre to see Not Dead Enough – a crime thriller based on the book by James Patterson.


July is set to be a bit less exciting.  I’m still in work Monday to Friday, but we have my aunt visiting for a few days, I’m in Glasgow for 24 hours, I’ve a load of packing to do, and at the end of the month I’m heading to Turkey for a summer holiday!



Well, I think that’s you up to date! But how did last month’s goals go I hear you ask… let’s take a look:

  1. Try to say yes to as many different experiences as possible
    I actually think I managed this! I don’t remember saying no to anything, so I think we can count this as completed.
  2. Read 1 book
    Books read this month include Letters to Eloise and The Devil’s Poetry! I wanted to read more, but I’ve just been exhausted with work so haven’t been reading much.
  3. Find a job
    Done! And I’m loving it!
  4. Watch one new film a week
    Yeah this one didn’t happen. Whoops!


So that wasn’t too bad a month, was it? This month, I have only a few goals:

  1. Continue working on my weightloss with Weight Watchers.
    I’ve managed to lose 11lbs so far and I can’t wait to lose more!
  2. Read 1 book.
    I need to keep on track of my reading goals!
  3. Figure out September’s life
    With leaving university, I need to figure out what I’m doing with my life.
  4. Blog at least once a week.
    I’ve been lacking since the end of exams, so I need to get back on it!


There we have it! What are your goals for this month? Anyone got anything exciting happening?


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One thought on “Month 7

  1. Zoe Jackson

    11lbs that’s awesome Katie. Well done you! Well I hope July will be good for you and you get a little extra time to focus on a little blogging. X

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