Monday’s Review

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Here is the promised update on the last week! It hasn’t been the most exciting so I’ll apologise in advance. Monday saw me sit my last exam of this exam diet. Whilst it could’ve gone much much better, I didn’t care because I was free! We then spent half an hour on Monday at a Paws for Stress session in the union – people brought in their dogs for you to stroke and play with. They go around universities, care homes, hospitals and more. It was the perfect way to start summer! A few drinks later, we went out for dinner and then ended up at a friend’s flat party. It was Kelsey’s last day with us so we wanted to make the most of it!

Tuesday, I woke up to say goodbye to Kelsey, we’ll hopefully get to see her again soon! Just a case of saving up and getting organised. After she left, I went back to bed for a while before getting up and spending the day with a friend. We went for lunch, headed into town to go shopping and then ended up back at his for dinner and to watch Big. It was the perfect distraction to be honest!

Monday's Review Life With Ktkinnes

Wednesday, Jason and I went into town to collect our euros and do a bit of shopping for our holidays! Getting extremely excited now!

Thursday, Mary and Nuala finished their exams before Nuala headed to London for a few days. I invited round another friend and the rest of us all had dinner together – a lovely homemade lasagne with salads and garlic bread. We then went on to watch Deadpool, definitely think you should watch it if you haven’t already!

The last few days though I’ve actually done very little. I went into town with Mary on Friday and have just spent the last few days moping around the flat, packing and tidying. One exciting thing from the last few days has to be my collaboration with Rach over at – head to either of our posts for some advice on university life!

But now I’m getting ready for bed. It’s an early start in the morning and I’m way too excited to sleep a full night. My toenails and finger nails are all painted, legs all nice and smooth, and the bags are sitting by the door!

Monday's Review Life With Ktkinnes
My ugly feet are slightly less ugly with nail polish on!

Speak to you all soon when we get back!

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