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Merry Christmas 2021!

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At last, the big day is here, and I am coming on to wish you and yours a very merry Christmas!

Blogmas 2021 has been a different one, and I hope you’ve enjoyed keeping up with it as much as I enjoyed creating it. There was a shaky moment back at the start. Between working full time, the end of the term of my OU course (plus an exam), alongside running Blogmas on 2 blogs? I was stressed to the hilt and considered just bailing on Blogmas altogether. Especially if I wanted to give myself a merry Christmas. I vowed I was stopping at 12 days. And then neither of my posts scheduled for 11th went live. So technically I had failed blogmas. But I continued for a few days, and just took the pressure off myself. After promising myself that I would end Blogmas on 25th December 2021 with a “Merry Christmas” post (i.e. today), I found myself stopping posting both here and on Christmas With Katie. So while Blogmas didn’t go to plan this year, at least I’ve officially got some posts planned for December next year!

Blogmas this year snuck up on me slightly. In fact, I had never intended on partaking in it this year on Life With Ktkinnes! With the launch of Christmas With Katie, I found myself looking forward to sharing all my Christmas content in one place. However, as time went on, I felt strange. I mean, can you imagine Life With Ktkinnes without Blogmas content? I’ve just shuddered at the thought!

The Initial Blogmas Plan

Initially, I decided to split my Christmas content across both blogs. A 12-Days-of-Blogmas plan, operating across two sites on alternative days. It sounds like a great plan, right? Except then I found I had too many ideas. What can I say, Christmas gets my creativity flowing! And then we reached Blogmas plan number 2.

Blogmas Plan 2

Fine. If I am committing myself to writing on both blogs for Blogmas, I simply cannot manage to post daily for 31 days on two websites. Have you seen my blogging motivation this year? It’s just not feasible. And I hate sharing sub-par content with you all. So I decided to just do the Advent style – 24/25 days. Come back fighting in January. No holding back. But then…

What Actually Happened

I had too many ideas. It’s as simple as that! Plus, I seem to love to torture myself. So that’s why, as I was saying, you may wish to keep your eyes open for more possible content over the next few days! I can’t promise we’ve another week of posting on either site, but the content ideas are there! Excited? I am! For a break haha! But January will be here soon and everything will settle a little. Plus, having taken the pressure off myself with a missed day quite early in the run, I actually found myself looking forward to sitting down with the laptop once my OU course was finished for the year.

But Merry Christmas!

As we sit here to wish one another a merry Christmas, I do have to take a moment to think of those who aren’t having the Christmas they imagined this year. Whether through family circumstances or geographical issues. Through deaths or marriages. Families once again find themselves sitting at tables missing loved ones. I mean, when I first drafted my thoughts for this post back in October, I never expected Omicron to appear. Nor did I expect to hear about a particular party having multiple parties while destroying other peoples’ Christmases last year. But I’m not going to focus on that right now, because it’s Christmas Day and I’m in too good a mood. I swear, this will be a merry Christmas if I have anything to do with it!

However, on that note, there are some families sitting apart for the last time. Couples who are apart, each with their own families, looking ahead to a Christmas together next year when married. Expectant parents tingle with excitement at the prospect of what’s to come in the year ahead. Because, as always, while there are moments of darkness and sadness, we must always hold on to the possibility of light and happiness to come. Because there is hope. There will be brighter days ahead. And even though it mightn’t seem like it to you right now, these dark times and feelings will pass. In a few year’s time, we’ll all look back on these few years. We’ll shudder at the memories, but hold them near. Because future you may be caught up in buying presents, stressful situations, or just genuinely not wanting to spend Christmas with certain family members. But we’ll remember the years when all we wanted was to be able to spend Christmas with those we hold dear. Presents didn’t matter, but their presence did.

So, as we go about our days, regardless of whether you’re with your friends or family, I hope you have a marvellous Christmas, and remember to take joy from each and every small opportunity you can.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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By the way, if you’ve just remembered you forgot to buy someone a gift, then fear not! Send them a Kindle edition of Calm By The Christmas Tree and help them enjoy some festive cheer right up until the end of this year!

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  • Michelle (Boomer Eco Crusader)

    Merry Christmas Katie and don’t feel bad about “failing Blogmas” as you put it. Your Blogmas lives on in all of us who you have inspired to give Blogmas a try. I bought your guide last year and it was really helpful in planning my first Blogmas. Blogmas 2020 was a great experience so I did it again next year. Not sure what will happen in 2022–let’s see where the world takes us.

    Enjoy Christmas and I look forward to reading your new content in the new year!

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