Melancholy Mind

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Right, I’ve been promising this review for quite some time. I read Melancholy Mind back in March, so it’s fair to say I owe you guys this review!


Melancholy Mind is a collection of poems written by Charlene McElhinney on the theme of mental health. This book gives an insight into Charlene’s experience of depression and anxiety, spanning across 6 main themes – Reality, Symptoms and Causes, Love, Insomnia, Medication, and Recovery and Coping.

“I feel like I’m on a see-saw

And the other person is way up in the sky

And I couldn’t be any lower”

(C. McElhinney, 2017, Melancholy Mind, p13)

Now when I say I couldn’t put this down, I’m not lying. I read Melancholy Mind cover to cover in a little over an hour and was an emotional mess by the end of it. As Charlene says at the beginning, “You are holding the toughest times of my life in your hands right now” and you can certainly feel that.


I have never had a book word perfectly all the thoughts I’ve had, both consciously and subconsciously, until I read Melancholy Mind. Since reading it, I’ve carried my copy with me nearly everywhere, finding comfort in reading someone else’s experiences with everything.

Melancholy Mind (paperback) by Charlene McElhinney

Melancholy Mind is is raw, honest, and I’m going to be recommending it to anyone and everyone.  Charlene really and truly has poured her heart and soul into her work, and should be incredibly proud of herself for putting this side of her out for everyone to read. It’s hard to feel alone on your darker days having read this, and it’s also a very useful tool for anyone who can’t quite vocalise how they’re feeling to non-sufferers. I challenge you to read Melancholy Mind and not tear up at least once.


If you haven’t read it yet, or want to read more of Charlene’s work, you can find out more information about her here, or buy a copy of Melancholy Mind here.


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11 thoughts on “Melancholy Mind

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  4. Iga Berry (@igaberry1)

    I think I have actually seen another blogger reading the same book a few days ago. I wonder what she thinks about it. It would be great to see for example five bloggers evaluating one poem. Reading so many different interpretations would be definitely an eye opening. Iga

  5. ktkinnes

    I let my sister borrow it while I was home and she raised an interesting point that while they’re individual poems, they seem to run from one to the other as if they were one long continuing poem, much like suffering from depression and anxiety is a continuous battle. Thanks for the comment! xx

  6. ktkinnes

    Thank you so much for writing Melancholy Mind! I even have it with me in Leeds just in case I want to reread some of it 💖 xx

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