Marvellous May Advertisers 2021

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AD | I can’t believe we’re almost a week into May, and I still haven’t introduced you to my marvellous May advertisers! You’re in for a real treat with these two lovely ladies I’ll be introducing to you today. So grab a cup of tea or coffee, and let’s jump in!

Another month begins, and with it comes two terrific bloggers you need to be following! These fabulous people have all asked to advertise with me for the month of May 2021. While they have paid for this opportunity, all views shared here are my own. So grab a cup of tea or coffee, and come meet my May Advertisers 2021!

May Advertiser #1 – The Thrifty Bride

The Thrifty Bride Blog Header as a May 2021 Advertiser

The Thrifty Bride is a place for brides planning their perfect day on a small budget. It’s for the brides who don’t want to throw thousands of pounds at one day and prefer to DIY their way to their dream wedding. It’s for the brides that are shunning tradition, that don’t want their day to be about the latest fads and that believe their wedding day should be about love not a fancy ceremony and venue. The Thrifty Bride has been keeping weddings bullsh*t free since 2019, and aims to bring you straightforward advice, stunning inspiration and more of what the modern bride wants and less of the stuffy, traditional things you don’t need!   Lauren is the thrifty bride. She got engaged in December 2018 and, like most women, thought she had a clear image in her head about her wedding. But the deeper she got into wedding planning the more Lauren realised her original vision was not what she wanted at all. Lauren didn’t want to through thousands of pounds at one day; she just wanted to marry her best friend. Neither Lauren or her fiancé are big on tradition so that’s all gone out of the window and instead they’re having a day that truly represents them. The simple motto of The Thrifty Bride, ‘nothing fancy just love’, is definitely a statement that sums up their own wedding.

Although I myself am nowhere near getting married, I have loved reading through Lauren’s posts. They’ve really helped me see what would truly matter to me at my own wedding in the future! How to have a COVID-19 safe wedding and still have fun, How to plan a dog-friendly wedding and What you need to know about giving notice of marriage are three posts I highly recommend to anyone and everyone! Why not head on over and show Lauren’s wedding blog some love?

May Advertisers #2 – Sunshine Sarah

Sunshine Sarah Blog Button for May 2021 Advertising

Sarah from Sunshine Sarah, is an established content creator trying to make her way in life. You can expect to find posts about lifestyle, eco swaps, veganism and Netflix recommendations. Sarah creates content that’s designed to make you feel better about things. She’s been living in Harrogate, North Yorkshire for 5 years now and has grown to love its many charms. Sarah enjoys walking in the Yorkshire Dales and documenting her travels. Sarah has brought sunshine to my Twitter feed for a good few years now, so if you don’t already follow her then why not? Some of my favourite posts from Sarah include her Why Letterbox Gift Sets Are The Perfect Gift post, Farmhouse Harrogate Reopens After The Covid-19 Pandemic and Easy, Eco-Friendly Swaps With Ohelo. So what are you waiting for? Go check out Sarah’s posts, and don’t forget to follow her on Twitter and Instagram!

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