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May 2021

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Don’t you just love getting a lie in on a Saturday? Well, if you’re reading this at 7am I can promise you that I am still asleep on this first day of May 2021! Isn’t it strange how fast time flies when very little changes? Well, things have finally started to open up here in Northern Ireland. And the most exciting part of it being 1st May 2021 is that today I am getting my hair cut for the first time since 17th December 2020!

April fairly flew by, and before I knew it, we were staring down the barrel of a gun at May. I’ve actually got quite a lot planned over the next few weeks. But we’ll keep that surprise for later. Remember May last year? It was definately a quiet one – a little shout out to my fellow Line of Duty fans! Are you ready for tomorrow night? But rather than reflecting on this day last year, shall we take a look at April 2021?

April 2021

The month started with us getting to be part of the virtual audience watching The Blame Game – a topical satirical news show talking about who’s to blame for different things going on in Northern Ireland. We actually had done this the week before, too, and somehow got tickets for week3! I also had my first mini guitar lesson in over a year – it felt fab to finally get playing guitar properly again. Good Friday saw us doing very little, if anything, because we were finally allowed to meet in gardens! Mum and Dad got some new garden furniture that we put together, and then had a delicious steak dinner. Then Saturday explored Crom Estate since the stay home rule finally lifted. Sunday was be the usual Easter roast but served with the stuffed aubergine recipe I shared a few weeks ago, and then we settled down to watch Line of Duty. I was off work on the Monday, with no plans, and then back into work on the Tuesday. I went to visit my cousin and her baby, and to be honest the rest of the month was a blur.

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April Goals

I genuinely couldn’t remember setting any goals for the month of April, so let’s see just how well I did at achieving them!

  1. Read 1 book. 
    Achieved! This month I completed The Book of Pride: LGBTQ Heroes Who Changed The World by Mason Funk, My Sister the Serial Killer by Oyinkan Braithwaite, and The Thursday Murder Club by Richard Osman. So that’s me actually reading 3 books in April! [affiliate links]
  2. Post weekly. 
    Achieved! It’s scary how easy it is to just not post. To value sleep and rest over blasting out a new post. But I’m actually really proud of myself for sharing at least 1 post a week between the two blogs. Remember, if you haven’t already done so, to go follow me on Christmas With Katie for festive cheer all through the year! If you enjoy my Blogmas posts then you’re going to want to be following me there when December rolls around.
  3. Save £400. While I only managed to save approximately £110, I’m still quite proud of myself for even that. Plus, I cleared another £500 off my credit card so I take that as a win.

Oh wow. Did I actually manage two out of three of my goals? I’m impressed! Did you think I would achieve it? Wow, I’m actually sitting here grinning. Shall we look ahead to May?

May 2021

As I said earlier, the highlight of today is going to be getting my hair cut at 2pm with Laura at Escape Hair Company. We may be going for drinks today as our pubs and retail also finally opened yesterday! Have you checked out my updated post on the Northern Ireland roadmap out of lockdown? It’ll keep you up to date with where we are here in Northern Ireland. But anyway, I digress. With Monday being the May 2021 Bank Holiday, I’m not sure what our plans are – maybe shopping, possibly a trip up the coast. Just something different. We have some plans for the following weekend, meaning I’m taking the following Monday off. On the 13th May 2021 we’re taking part in the virtual audience for Have I Got News For You which should be good fun. The following weekend I have a Zoom call set up with Neesha to learn more about how I can take my blog to the next level, and I am so excited! Which reminds me, I’ve also set aside time to start updating my Ultimate Guide to a Successful Blogmas! Have you got your copy yet? Then I currently have no plans for the week beginning 24th May, however our pubs and restaurants are supposedly going to be allowed to open indoors and outdoors, and then we’ve one more Bank Holiday at the end of May! Anyone else planning a home holiday for the bank holiday weekends? But the month is going to just fly by!

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May 2021 Goals

I am going to set some goals for May, but nothing too exciting. Take a read and let’s see if we can’t smash them?

  1. Read 2 books.
    It may sound ridiculous, but I am still to read Bridgerton book 1! And we also bought the Gyles Brandreth biography of Prince Phillip, the Duke of Edinburgh, so I want to read that.
  2. Post weekly again.
    If I can manage to post once a week between the two blogs again then I will be delighted. I’ve made a list of all the posts I wan to share on the Christmas blog, so if there’s anything in particular you want to read on this blo then let me know in the comments below!
  3. Reduce my phone screen time.
    I’ve got it down to an average of 3 hours 11 minutes a day (scary I know) so ideally I would like to get this down to even just 2 hours a day.

Have you set yourself any goals for the month ahead? Or have you made any plans? Let me know in the comments below!


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