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Eugh. Who knew moving could take so much time and energy?


It’s Friday again! And tomorrow is my 22nd birthday! There’s so much to do in the next 24 hours, never mind the next 48 hours before we head off to Paris! So of course my laptop decides to malfunction and not let me work on the one post I want to publish – ah well!

I promise you will get a “My New Flat” post as soon as it is organised. For example, this time next week I will have a sofa to sit on! Until then, it’s either a kitchen chair, a garden chair, or a cushion on the ground so I can blog while watching tv. However, it is all mine and I don’t have to worry about asking if anyone wants the toilet before I shower!


I’m actually really excited about the next week. Today I’m in the flat, unpacking (yes still), tidying, cleaning, and hopefully cooking! Tomorrow, I might treat myself to a different breakfast and eat it in bed… before taking a slow day making phone calls, packing, and getting ready for Disneyland Paris! Then, tomorrow night, Jordanne and I are going to see Blood Brothers! If you don’t know me, then you won’t understand my simple love for this musical. It’s actually nothing spectacular, and I’m really hoping Jordanne won’t be disappointed with it, but it is my favourite musical I have seen on stage. Hopefully I can get a review of it up soon! As I mentioned before, Sunday sees Jordanne and me fly off to Disneyland Paris for 3 nights! We then get back late on Wednesday, and I have to be up and ready for my sofa delivery any time on Thursday. Let’s hope I don’t have a job interview on Thursday!


But I have rambled enough! I actually came online to talk to you all about something else. But now that’s disappeared from my thoughts entirely.


It’s crazy that we are now over a week into September. I haven’t got working on any of my goals for the month yet, and it is seriously tempting to jump on the scales in the airport on Sunday because that’s the only way I can weigh myself any time soon. It’s actually surprising how disheartened that makes me feel. But I will get back to a weightwatchers meeting soon, and hopefully I will be pleasantly surprised with the results!


Through all this though, I have learnt one thing. Sleep and relaxation are two of the most important things in life.  Without sleep, you can’t function. When you can’t function, it’s hard to relax. And when you can’t relax, it’s hard to sleep again! So with that, I am going to say farewell again, sign off, and get started on today’s to do list.


What’re you up to this weekend?


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4 thoughts on “Katie Rambles Again

  1. ktkinnes

    Aw you should definitely go see it if/when you get the chance! I’m still singing the songs from it over a week later! And thank you 💖 actually have my part 1 of the mini break going live tomorrow! xx

  2. withanoceanviewblog

    I love your ramblings no matter how long or short. I hope you had a lovely birthday! I have seen the Blood Brothers movie and love that, I bet the musical is awesome. I look forward to reading your review <3

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