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July 2022

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And it’s Friday! And the beginning of July 2022. It seems only fair that the month begins at a weekend, especially as summer is (apparently) well and truly here. So before I jump into looking at July 2022, it’s time to have a bit of a recap on June 2022.

Well, it’s true what they say. Time flies when you’re having fun, and life certainly was busy the last few weeks. Even more so when I realised this weekend that there are less than 6 months until Christmas! Of course, this realisation made me remember that Christmas With Katie hasn’t had new content in 5 months… But regardless of that minor detail, my mind turned to Blogmas. And I’m not sure you’ll believe me, but I don’t think I’m going to try Blogmas this year? I mean, I have content ideas coming out of my ears. But I’m not going to put the pressure on to post daily for December. At least, that’s how I feel right now. There’s still time to change my mind I suppose! What do you think?

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But before we can even think about Blogmas and December, I kinda need to remember it’s only 1st July 2022 today. So before you head on over to Christmas With Katie to catch up on all the festive fun, shall we take a look back at June?

June 2022 Recap

So June 2022 began on a Wednesday, and it was a super busy day in the office. Seriously, you’d think bank holidays weren’t well publicised or something the way some people react when you remind them that couriers won’t be delivering for a few days. But the day was made better by the visitation of a colleague’s puppy, and a visit to a family friend for my first guitar lesson in about 5 weeks. Meaning I got to play with two dogs in the one day!

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Photo by Archibald Marajas on Pexels.com of a Coton de Tulear

Thursday 2nd June was the start of the 4 day weekend to celebrate the queen’s platinum jubilee – a whopping 70 years on the throne! In case you’re wondering and haven’t actually read yet, the Queen succeeded her father, George VI, as monarch on February 6th, 1952 with her coronation then taking place in June 1953. This may, in turn, have you wondering why we commemorate the year of ascension (1952) but the month of the coronation (June instead of February). Well, I saved us both some time and looked this up! The Jubilee is being celebrated in June because February 6th – the date on which the Queen assumed the throne in 1952 – is also the anniversary of her father’s death and was therefore considered inappropriate to celebrate. Makes sense I guess! But I got completely side-tracked there. We spent the morning of Thursday 2nd June watching Trooping The Colour before heading out shopping in the afternoon. We then watched the beacons being lit on the BBC TV show they put on. Friday 3rd June I started the day watching the Service of Thanksgiving while working, and in the afternoon we did a bit more shopping and food prep. Saturday, we went to a National Trust Jubilee Jazz picnic event and enjoyed the sun before home for a barbecue and the Party at the Palace on the TV. Sunday we took a day in the garden and finished the day with just a little more Jubilee tv – it would’ve been rude not to!

I was then in work for two days, then on Wednesday we headed to London! I have a post coming live in a few days about what all we got up to, but suffice to say we walked the feet off ourselves. Queen and Adam Lambert were incredible, I saw Les Misérables on the West End, I got blisters on my blisters as we walked to inadvertently see Changing The Guard, and the couple of days were topped off brilliantly when British Airways cancelled our flight as we stood staring at the plane from the boarding area. But, as I say, I’ll cover it all in a separate post. Either way, it was a good time. That weekend ended with a meal out in Lisburn on Saturday when we finally made it home and a barbecue on the Sunday before Rachel flew back to Edinburgh.

Another week of work came and went with a guitar lesson thrown into the week for good luck. I’m learning how to read tabs and actually play at the same time, so that’s fun… But the weekend came and Friday night saw me and Dad watch 4 episodes of Obi-Wan Kenobi on Disney+. And after a bit of shopping on Saturday morning, Dad and I took a trip to the garden centre to buy some shrubs. On Sunday, Father’s Day here in the UK, we went to the rugby club for a tasty lunch and stopped at the local pub on the way home for a cocktail. After a cheeseboard for dinner, we attempted to watch House of Gucci but we were all too tired.

July 2022 Life With Ktkinnes

Work the next week saw us transition to a new computer system, so everything felt tiring. But Choir started back this week! It was so good to get back and get singing again. Some things never change, and we altos were all over the shop. But with no concert until September 2023, I feel we have plenty of time to perfect the pretending to know what we’re doing! The rest of the week passed by uneventfully, and the weekend came again. Saturday morning we went shopping to get Granny B a birthday present for tomorrow, and then spent the afternoon in Belfast city centre for a little more retail therapy. The night was rounded off with Glastonbury on the TV. Sunday then was a washout. So a day of computer work (did someone say potential Blogmas planning?) and catching up on TV shows. A lazy day which was very much needed.

July 2022 Life With Ktkinnes

This week has just been the usual. Work during the days, choir Wednesday, Guitar last night… It’s been busy and yet I’m not exactly sure what I’ve been doing?

June 2022 Goals

With everything that was going on, goals kinda felt a bit far back in me. But shall we see how I got on with them before we look ahead to July 2022?

  • Read 2 books
    Umm… I didn’t even manage one? Which is shocking… I need to get back to reading!
  • Tick one show off my bucket list
    YES! One of the Big 5 on my list! Remaining are Phantom, Wicked, Lion King and The Cursed Child.
  • Continue my sleep schedule
    I did not achieve this… and I somewhat blame my Swiftie friends and our group chats… Because I get caught up in listening parties and just forget to go to sleep! And to be fair, First Kill also took up my nights as I binge-watched it.
opened book on tree root
Photo by rikka ameboshi on Pexels.com

July 2022

So as we begin July 2022, I am lying in bed waiting for the alarm to go off. I should probably change it from All Too Well now that I’m thinking about it. But it’s a half day in work today! So when I come home, I have a present to wrap, a card to write, and a cake to bake. Mum and Dad want me to make a simple Victoria Sponge with strawberries because Granny has always had strawberries and cream on her birthday. But I kind of want to make something more interesting? But anyway. That’s the plan for this afternoon. Then tomorrow, we’re going to take Granny out for lunch. I’m not really sure what the plans are for the rest of the weekend though at this stage. Then I’ve a week of work, hopefully with choir and guitar thrown in, and my aunt is coming over for a few days to visit from Scotland. I’m into work on 11th July, but then off 12th and 13th as we work skeleton staff, and the usual then. In fact, July is looking semi calm! But the end of the month is the exciting part – I get to meet some online friends in real life! I’m travelling to England for a Swiftogeddon in Chester. Flying into Liverpool and staying with some friends for the night. It means I’m missing Belfast’s Pride on the Saturday, but I’m so excited! You could be forgiven for saying “Katie, you need to calm down”… and if you don’t get the reference… Sorry.

As for goals for July 2022? I don’t know… let’s set some, shall we?

July 2022 Goals

  • Read a book!
    Having failed in June, July 2022 is the month I get back on reading track. Any reading recommendations for me?
  • Sort a sleep schedule!
    I had a severe conversation with myself a week ago in which I reminded myself I will soon be 30 years old and need sleep.
  • Schedule Posts Ahead
    While there’s even a mild suggestion of Blogmas 2022 (yes I know it’s only July 2022) then I need to get started sooner rather than later…
The Ultimate Guide to a Successful Blogmas!
The Ultimate Blogmas Guide [AD]

And there you have it! July 2022 is here, goals are set, and I am ready for the second half of 2022. Can we make this the best year ever? Cos it’s certainly shaping up to be the best of the decade so far! What have you got planned for July 2022?


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