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I’ve heard a few people on Twitter this week talking about I Blog Because… And I decided to write a post based on this hashtag.

When I started Life With Ktkinnes, I never ever imagined having this many followers or being as invested in it as I now am. Starting out as a place to vent and share everything that was going through my head during a very confusing few months, I was blogging because I was beginning to figure out who I was and because I had no friends.

If you’ve been around from the start, you’ll be aware that I took a seriously long break from blogging after I returned from that first holiday to Ibiza. I can’t even remember what I shared with you about that holiday… Probably a good thing as too many people know about my embarrassing experiment that happened that summer. I then picked up blogging again coming up to exams during first year at uni. I was getting ready to say goodbye to some amazing people before heading home.

My blog then became an escape. A way to stay in touch with like-minded people who knew what I was experiencing. Suddenly I was back at university and I found myself going from 30 followers to almost 100 followers in a matter of months. Here I am with over 150!

At this point, I was blogging because I enjoyed it. It’s a habit that I really enjoy indulging; the way a smoker enjoys that first cigarette after a transatlantic flight, I’m addicted to my blog. If I’m not posting, I’m on Twitter publicising posts or checking on my stats for the day.


At this point I’d like to note that I read somewhere that you should only check stats once a week otherwise you’ll be disheartened and lose interest. This is actually the opposite to me. I see low statistics and find myself trying to think of ways to increase the traffic on my blog. I don’t want to do what some people do and spam you all with constant new posts, but I do want to share as much as possible with you!

So to answer the question; I blog because I enjoy escaping into a community where I feel 100% comfortable being myself with little or no judgement for who that is.

Why do you blog?
Ktkinnes xx

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  1. thephotoguidebook

    That’s so awesome to hear that you got such a warm welcome after your break! Keep blogging!

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