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5 Home Improvement Tips Before Christmas | AD Life With Ktkinnes
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AD | Well I hate to say it, but today I’m mentioning the two big C words that people are probably fed up with or not wanting to see – Covid and Christmas. But how many of us spent the first couple of months of lockdowns and restrictions going hell for leather to get the house redecorated? And how many of us lost the motivation around June time (see my post about my redecorated bedroom for an example!) and now need to finish it all off before Christmas? Well don’t worry, because today I’m here with 5 home improvement tips you can do before Christmas! This post contains affiliate links which will be clearly marked as such.

Ah Friday, it’s here at last! And with it today came both my exciting Gumroad pay day email as well as the realisation that it’s only two more weeks until my work pay day! That’s the sort of thinking I like to focus on on a Friday, don’t you? But since this week was spent between work, Open University work, and working on Blogmas posts, I have to admit Christmas is very much on my mind!

5 Home Improvement Tips Before Christmas

It’s been a busy few days, and we were actually just talking about the redecoration projects we started during lockdown. Dad and I still have one bedroom to redecorate, and my Granny is getting her house redecorated – hopefully on time for Christmas and her birthday! So with all that going on, now seemed as good a time as any to talk about my tips and tricks for home improvement before Christmas.

home improvement
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Home Improvement

Improvement 1: Have a Clear Out

You can’t start anything properly in the way of home improvement – whether through renovating or just redecorating – without having a clear out. Not only will you discover things you forgot you had, but it can help you rediscover wasted space that could make for an exciting new feature in your newly redecorated or renovated home! So get decluttering and cleaning, and you may find a new love for your home that wasn’t there before. As Emily says in her Ultimate Guide to Making Money Online, [AFF] those little bits and pieces that have been cluttering up your home could be sold online to add to your budget for home improvement, or squirreled away to add to that Christmas budget! Either way, with Christmas coming and the decorations coming out, it’s always a good idea to give the house a proper once-over before you get the tree and tinsel out.

Improvement 2: Give New Life to Old Features

Is your mattress lumpy and bumpy and giving you nightmares in the way of a bad back? Or maybe you’ve got some furniture that could do with some TLC? One thing a lot of people consider doing at this time of year is actually what keeps me in my day job – they get their furniture reupholstered! If your sofa or armchair have seen better days, and you’re expecting to be allowed family and friends in the house at Christmas, why not reach out to your local upholsterer and see if they can squeeze you in? Not that I’m at all biased, but if you’re looking for either a faux leather for your sofa, or a funky fabric for your chair, why not check out Malone Fabrics online and request some samples? Some of it has also been used for headboards, dining room chairs, and even on top of tables and panels in lifts! But either way, bring some new life to your old furniture with either a lick of paint or a trip to the upholsterers, and you’ll soon have your furniture festive ready!

Improvement 3: Redecorate

Now this is a big one, and not one everyone will want to do this this close to the festive period. But get the paint brushes and rollers out and redecorate the room that needs it! You know the one I mean – with the dirty handprints, or the shading where it’s faded in the bright light of the sun. But the walls and furniture aren’t the only things that might need some love in the lead up to Christmas. Carpets, wooden floors, and tiles all need a little love. As we said in tip 1, cleaning is a good place to start! But what about your lino floors or wooden ones? Discover engineered wood flooring from leading experts, Flooring365. They provide quality engineered wood flooring to people throughout the UK – always at the best prices. Engineered wood is the most popular of all the real wood flooring options they offer: long-lasting, moisture resistant, and with the quality finish and design of solid wood flooring. If you want a beautiful real wood floor for your home, consider ordering your free samples of engineered wood flooring from Flooring365. Plus, think how amazing your wooden floor will look with your Christmas tree sitting on it.

Improvement 4: Block Off Draughts

One of the biggest ways to waste your money during the winter months is having your heating literally leaking out into the cold air outside. So save yourself some money and improve your home at the same time by filling in those cracks in the door frames or getting some heavy duty curtains to close off the cold air. Head to your local hardware store to pick up some filler, and the staff should be more than happy to advise if you need some help. Alternatively, get yourself some really cute draught excluders – you can even get Christmas themed ones to match your Christmas decorations! It mightn’t seem like much, but this little home improvement step will really help you feel warm and cosy in your home this Christmas – both literally and metaphorically!

Improvement 5: Update Your Lighting

The final thing I would suggest to improve your home on time for Christmas would be to up your lighting game. In our house, the main rooms have smart bulbs that we control from our phones. The kitchen has motion sensored lights that are along the floor and under the cupboards, as well as some lovely bright lights on the ceiling. And you have no idea how much the right kind of light can help! If like me you find yourself working in your room or study later in the evening when the natural light is low, you’re going to need a bright light to help you concentrate. Alternatively, you may be looking for softer lighting for your bedrooms and living room as these are places that ooze comfort and relaxation. No one wants to feel they’re being interrogated as they get ready for bed or relax in front of the TV! Check that all your outdoor lights still work okay, and that your security lights come on automatically, and put some timers in place for the likes of your hallway or any other entrances. Not only are these great deterrents for burglars, but it also means that you don’t come in to a fully dark house as the winter months drag on.


There are so many other little things you can do to help with home improvements before Christmas. From the little things like keeping on top of the household chores, to the big renovations such as new flooring, each thing you come across and change will help you love your home more and more. So on that note, I had better get out of bed (even if it is only 7am here) and clear the room across the hall for the boiler repair man coming this morning. As I say, all these little things need fixed and checked before Christmas so you don’t find yourself stuck with no heating in December!

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