Hello and goodbye!

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Finally finished preparation for my Fundamentals of Education seminar today! Haven’t revised for the physics class test which is on Wednesday and is actually important but will deal with that and the maths tomorrow… Which is technically today…. Oh dear I’m confused.

I just finished reading both The Diary of an Expectant Father and Shopping at Tesco. Would not recommend the former as it was just downright weird. However the latter was a quick read – 10 minutes maybe?

Either way, I need sleep. May have to pull an all nighter tomorrow after Irish dancing (is it that time of the week again already?).
A brief heads up – I’m officially out to my parents now. Well I haven’t confirmed it but Rachel told them I’m a lesbian so technically I am officially out. Maybe this means I will relax enough on Wednesday night in Polo!
Anyway, yes, sleep.
Will give you a proper chat soon!
Ktkinnes xxxx

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