Hello 2017!

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Thank god you’re here, we’ve been anxiously waiting for you! Now, I know we had many many reasons to want rid of 2016, but it’s important to remember that it wasn’t all bad. And who knows, maybe 2017 will be our year!
I plan on revamping my blog, changing my schedule a bit, and just generally putting more effort into living life this year – and what better day to start than today? Now, don’t get me wrong, New Year is always a bit of an anti-climax and I’m not a massive fan of it or doing anything, however I do love the symbolisation of a new chapter beginning and a fresh start for those of us wishing to better ourselves or set goals. Speaking of, it’s been a long long time since I got setting any goals!
As with last year, I want to set goals for the year, and goals for the month. However, to help myself get slightly more organised, I want to separate them into categories! So without further delay, here are my goals for 2017!

  1. Lose 2 stone in weight. That’s 28 pounds across 12 months. 2 and a half a month roughly. Perfectly doable.
  2. Save money.
  3. Become more confident.
  4. Read 12 books.


  1. Post 2 times a week.
  2. Try and keep to a schedule of posts.
  3. Reach 350 followers by the end of the year.
  4. Interact with more blogs and their authors!


  1. Pass this year and get into 3rd year.
  2. Keep on top of work.
  3. Ask questions if I’m confused or need help.


  1. Visit one new country.
  2. Meet up with Francesca!
  3. Go on more adventures or days out

So those are the goals for the year! Are you planning any of the above? Hopefully I’ll be able to achieve all of the above, but remember to call back on New Year’s Eve to see how I get on!
As for January’s goals, these rarely change much!

  1. Go to all my classes
  2. Keep on top of work
  3. Read one book
  4. Live in a clean and tidy room
  5. Make some new friends
  6. Organise my blog
  7. Make a weight loss plan and stick to it!

Don’t think I’ve ever had so many goals for the one month…
Once again, HAPPY NEW YEAR! Be the best you you can be, and don’t let anyone bring you down.
Good luck!
Ktkinnes xx

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  • kirstyhoggons

    We definitely have quite a few similar goals! I am actually so excited to start achieving them! I hope you achieve all of yours, lovely x

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