Happy New Year! January 2022

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Okay, the title is slightly misleading as honestly I’m not the happiest this 1st January 2022. I woke up with a little bit of a hangover, and definitely am looking forward to heading to bed tonight! But as always, a new year brings about new opportunities. So as we start a new year, let’s say hello to January 2022 in the only way I know how.

Christmas is well and truly over, and the decorations are coming down before I go back to work. Slightly sad, but I am super excited to get a good clean of the upstairs of the house. It may seem trivial, but something about a new year always makes me want to clean and tidy. Are you the same?

It’s also normally today that I excitedly set myself some goals for the upcoming year. But this year I just don’t have the enthusiasm. Maybe it’s the hangover talking, but I’m being cautious about 2022. After 2 years of claiming I will make this year my year, maybe this is the year we just wait and see what’s happening? I don’t know. But before we even reach that point, let’s take a brief look back at December.

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December 2021

Most of the month was taken up preparing for Christmas, truth be told. The first weekend saw my cousin and his girlfriend come over for a visit (they live between Scotland and Bulgaria, so came on a short holiday). We celebrated Granny’s birthday with a takeaway at our house, I took my cousin on a tour of the north coast on the Saturday, and on the Sunday we took them for Sunday lunch at the rugby club. Another week of work followed, with my last guitar lesson of 2021 in the middle of it. We’re working on a new scale, and I think I’m finally getting the hang of it! That weekend I then had Open Uni work to do, meaning I didn’t get to Fermanagh to see my cousin for her 30th birthday. But I did manage to get my Christmas shopping finished that weekend! So that was at least something. The following week, Rachel arrived home for a few days. We were in Portrush for Mum’s birthday, and spent the Saturday afternoon at the rugby club. On the Sunday we heard the happy news that my eldest cousin had given birth to a healthy little girl! Then Rachel was off to the airport. Monday was normal in work, and Tuesday saw me leaving the office to get my booster vaccine. Then I was home to load the car and do the final packing! We were off to Scotland on the Wednesday morning, making a quick lunch stop in Glasgow for old times’ sake. We had our Christmas in Dundee where it actually snowed on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day!!! Then we arrived home Tuesday of this week and have been going full pelt since we got back. Wednesday was food shopping, laundry, and cleaning. Thursday saw more shopping and cleaning, and I ordered myself the new laptop I’m currently writing to you on. Finally Friday arrived, I collected the laptop, we had some errands to run, and ended the year with a drink in our local pub before heading home for food and drinks. My downfall… too much food, and a mix of prosecco, gin and red wine. I’m just glad I never progressed to the whisky I had planned on having!

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With all that going on, I can’t even remember what goals I set. Never mind if I achieved any! Shall we remind ourselves?

December 2021 Goals

  1. Achieve Blogmas
    To keep things fair, I had decreed that “achieving Blogmas” was posting 31 posts in total across both blogs. In the end, I achieved 18 posts here on Life With Ktkinnes, and 17 over on Christmas With Katie – a total of 35 posts! I achieved Blogmas! To celebrate, I’m going to have a tin of Diet Coke.
  2. Read 1 book
    Okay so this was a surprise – I finished a whole 5 books in December! No idea how that happened, but I’m certainly not complaining. In total, I managed a whopping 41 books across 2021. Furlough was good for some things I think!
  3. Enjoy the festive season!
    I think I managed this! I was stressed at times, and Christmas didn’t really feel like Christmas to be honest. But we had a great time, filled with fun and games and laughter. It was an almost normal Christmas for us, and I finally feel like I’ve had a break off work.

Okay that was surprising… I actually achieved all three goals! Didn’t see that coming, did you? I appreciate my definition of completing Blogmas may have been a bit of a cheat, but 35 posts in 31 days is impressive if I do say so myself.

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January 2022 – Looking Ahead

So now that we’re into January 2022, and I’m getting used to typing January 2022 instead of 2021, it’s time to look at the month ahead. Today is certainly a duvet day, during which I might treat myself to playing The Sims after I’ve shared this post. Tomorrow Granny H is coming up for lunch, and then the decorations are coming down on Monday. I’m back to work on Tuesday, while Dad is taking Maisey to the vets to get her booster shots done. I haven’t discussed yet when I’m back to guitar, but Open Uni starts again next week. The only real event in my calendar for the month is Dad’s birthday on the 19th. We’re taking him to see Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time at the opera house, and out for dinner before it. And I know Mum and Dad will have a night out at some stage to see Ulster play Leinster in the postponed rugby match, so that means I get a night home alone! Hopefully my new bullet journal will have arrived by then.

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January 2022 Goals

I know we haven’t set any resolutions yet, and we will set a few in a couple of minutes, but let’s firstly set some goals for January 2022.

  1. Read 2 books
  2. Post twice on each blog
  3. Perfect the new scale for guitar
  4. Reduce how much bread I eat

Short and simple goals for the month. It hit me in the last week just how much bread I eat, so that’s why I’m reducing my intake this month. A bit like my month of no fizzy drinks a couple of years ago. But now that we’ve sorted my goals for January 2022, let’s get some goals set for the year!

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Goals for 2022

So as I said, I’m waiting for my new bullet journal to come in. Making setting my goals for the year a tad difficult. I don’t know why, but I prefer to write them out in a bujo before sharing them with you. Sounds silly when I put it down on the page. Either way, I’m setting some goals for 2022 today, so let’s get to it! As I have done in previous years, I split these goals across 4 categories – Health, Money, Myself, and Blogging. Will we take a look at them?


  • Eat less bread
  • Drink more water
  • Drink less coffee
  • Exercise more than in 2021
  • Eat healthier
  • Be more mindful of my food/drink habits
  • Meditate more
  • Get more sleep


  • Finish the year with a clear credit card
  • Have more savings (Help to buy ISA!)
  • Be financially stable
  • Spend less on others – I realise this sounds wrong, but I tend to go overboard with presents every now and again, so I need to try and stop this.


  • Read 30 books
  • Be more present in life and spend less time on my phone
  • Journal daily
  • Improve at Guitar
  • Keep my room tidy
  • Travel more (when possible without PCR tests)


  • Reach 12,000 followers on Twitter
  • Reach 1000 blog followers here, and 100 followers on Christmas With Katie
  • Post regularly
  • Increase the DA of both blogs – Life to 30, and Christmas to 20

It seems like a lot to achieve in one year, but I’m optimistic! What goals have you set yourself for the year? Or even just for the month ahead? Let me know in the comments below and I’ll do whatever I can to help support your goals! In the meantime, I’m away to watch The Sound of Music, and just feel a tad more human. Speak soon!

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