Goodbye September and Hello October!

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Wow who knew we would be sitting here today for what will be my 317th post? Does it seem like I’ve been writing that many?


September was a busy month, as always. We redecorated the hall, stairs and landing at home, before a lot of my friends from uni came over for my birthday – cue the drinking, the jokes and the fun of sleeping in a tent! During their time with us in Northern Ireland, we went up to the north coast where we crossed Carrick-a-Rede’s rope bridge, had a picnic in Ballycastle, and had dinner in The Ramore Wine Bar to kick start the celebrations. My birthday came and saw us barbecuing in the worst weather of the week… the poor gazebo will never be put up again. The next day, I gave them a mini tour of Lisburn and headed into Belfast for an hour or so, before having dinner out again at a mini disco type thing! Sunday was then spent playing mini golf (I came second!) and into Belfast again for the market. The next day was spent in Dublin with Nuala and Lucy, once we eventually got there… I may have had a slight problem in that I didn’t check the time my train was meant to be leaving for Dublin. Well, I did check, but didn’t think to double check we were leaving Lisburn at that time. Surely when buying tickets online from one place to another, if shown a time, you expect that time to correspond with the time the train leaves your initial station? Apparently not. Anyway, we had a great time and then I got home rather late and semi drunk. Tuesday was spent having a last minute panic about packing and getting things done, as on Wednesday I was on the boat and moving back to Glasgow for university! That night, we had a catch-up flat party and had a great time. That weekend, I then went home again for Rachel’s 18th birthday and arrived back at the flat at midnight before starting lectures the next morning.

Lectures have flown by. I’ve been to debating society, LGBTQ+’s Meet and Greet event, a couple more flat parties, another LGBTQ+ event, and so much more! It really has been an eventful month, even if it doesn’t look it here typed out.

Now, September’s goals were very few and so I had hoped to have completed them all. Can you guess how many I achieved? Well, I haven’t got a job yet. I am trying though so be patient! You’ll be one of the first to know. I actually did manage to complete the Gratitude Challenge! Yes, I was a bit slow at posting some, and they were all posted out of order… but the important thing here is I succeeded. I haven’t read a book though, sorry.

So now that we’re into October, it’s time to set some new goals! This month, I want to:

  • Attend every lecture I have. Yes, they’re mundane and boring, but they’re important so I am going to go.
  • Be conscious of how much I’m spending. Christmas is 12 weeks away now so I need to make sure I have money for presents. Of course, I also need to buy decorations… and clothes… and plan Christmas posts… Whoops, getting off topic – sorry
  • Keep on top of keeping my room tidy. There’s so much to do that I tend to just throw things into my room and walk away again, especially now that I’m spending very little time in there. So you’d expect it to be tidy! Think again…


So there you have it. Three achievable goals. What are your goals for the month? Either tell me about them in the comments below or send me a link to your post if you write one like me!


Ktkinnes xx

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