Goodbye February

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And hello March! Is it just me or did February seem to pass really slowly compared to other months? It feels a lot longer ago than 4 weeks that I was off university feeling sick.

Looking Back At February

Throughout February, we had a friend come stay with us while her flat was being fixed from the storms. Jason and I managed to attend 3 out of 4 LGBTQ+ events and managed to make a few new friends. I went home for a few days to catch up with the family and meet our new addition. We had 2 separate musicals nights, both on Thursdays, to try and cheer us up about an awful week of deadlines. There was the first 21st birthday out of all our friends, I went to Dundee for a weekend with an eventful ending and to top it all off I have a date in less than 60 hours!

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So amongst all that, there were the month’s goals to work on. I was very good at keeping up with work this month, making sure I had the notes if I was stupid enough to skip a lecture. Saving money wasn’t great but I did only have 2 takeaways this month. We’re working on it. I went to Irish Dancing every week it was on and am now looking into buying the hard shoes for the new dances we’ll be learning. Fingers crossed it works out! Sleep wasn’t a great one either but again we can deal with that slowly and surely.
This month I look forward to trying new goals, or reviving old ones. I want to do better at them and achieve them.

  • Go to as many socials and events as possible. It seems I can actually talk to people if I try hard enough, and for some unknown reason these people seem to like me! Hence, date.
  • Keep up with work again. I have now picked an essay title for Fundamentals of Education so no longer need to attend the lectures. However this is not a licence to lie in bed for an extra hour. Make use of the time either with reading for the essay or preparing for other classes and homework.
  • Go to Irish Dancing as frequently as possible. I love going and although it gives me sore shins I just can’t seem to get enough of it.
  • Read 1 new book and 1 old book this month. While I have my goal of reading all the Harry Potter books again, I also want to try and read new books if only to say I’ve read them.
  • Tidy and clean even once a week. I’m currently sitting on my bed surveying the state my room is in. There’s no excuse, it’s just laziness. And that’s why I plan on tidying it and cleaning it fully today.

With only 3 weeks until I go home for Easter, it’s important that I try hard at these goals. Exams are just around the corner!

So I shall say goodbye for now, enjoy your extra day of February. Make it count whatever you do!

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