Blogmas Day 13: Glasgow at Christmas

Blogmas Day 13: Glasgow at Christmas Life With Ktkinnes
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And we’re officially over halfway to Christmas now! How’ve you been enjoying blogmas so far? Did you start and not manage to keep up? Or have you been pushing through and keeping up with it all?

Whatever your stance is on blogmas, and the upcoming best time of the year, you can’t help but get caught up in the excitement of the month. Speaking of, who’s joining me to watch the Christmas Favourite HOME ALONE tonight?! If you haven’t heard of Home Alone or seen it before (and yes I can’t help but judge you if this is the case) then check out the trailer for this heartwarming family favourite that I’ll certainly be watching tonight.

I was genuinely heartbroken when Netflix UK took this off their site, so now I need to go find another platform to watch this on. But watch it I shall!

So back to the theme of today’s blogmas post: Christmas in Glasgow. Now I know a lot of you aren’t actually living in Glasgow, and so this might not seem like the sort of post you want to read. However, hopefully you’ll see something here that inspires you to look up what’s going on near you this Christmas.

By now the light’s have been turned on (and I am totally not jealous of those of you who got tickets to this event… really I’m not…), the annual Santa Dash has taken place, and we’re officially nearing the end of the festive season. But do not despair! Because here’s a list of the things you can still do this weekend to bring some festive spirit to your day.

  1. Visit the Christmas Markets – here in Glasgow we are lucky enough to have 2 markets, so why not head down to them both? The St Enoch Market is open 10am until 8pm every day until the 22nd December, and the George Square Market is 10am until 10pm and is there until the 29th December.
  2. Take a look through Shearer Candles, the oldest candle company in Scotland, located in Princes Square. This is a one-off shopping and dining experience. The shop is decorated during the festive season with stunning lights and carol singers, and is a must see for all Christmas fans!
  3. Walk around the Winter Wonderland that is the John Lewis Christmas Department – this is something I try and do every other week once I notice the basement department has been turned into a magical place filled with decorations that I would buy if I had the money!
  4. Go and visit the big man himself! – Santa is visiting both of the shopping centres in Glasgow City Centre, so why not go and say hello? Maybe drop a few hints as to those extra presents you hope to find in your stocking or under the tree?
  5. Sleeping Beauty at the King’s Theatre Glasgow – want to visit a Panto? Sleeping Beauty is on in the King’s Theatre with ticket prices starting as low as £12 plus your booking fee!
  6. Have a drink in Glasgow’s Ice Bar – wrap up warm and immerse yourself in the chilly environment while drinking from a glass made of ice! This is only open at the weekends, and the length of time spent in the bar is restricted due to popularity. So if you’re interested in going, book here in advance!
  7. Breakfast or Tea with Santa at Dobbies Milngavie – for more information on this, check out the Dobbies website here
  8. Go to Loch Lomond and visit Santa while observing the Christmas Market – there is so much to do and see at Loch Lomond, so this is the perfect place to enjoy a walk in the crisp fresh air before grabbing a hot drink!

There are so many other things going on throughout December, and I for one am going to be keeping an eye out for any charity showings of films – one of the dog charities is showing It’s A Wonderful Life and I can’t wait to try and get to it!

Have you any festive based plans for this weekend?

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