Friday Favourites: Naomi

Friday Favourites: Naomi Life With Ktkinnes
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Hello again! Sorry this post is a little late, the last few weeks have been rather busy and I just haven’t sat down to write any posts. But anyway, onwards with yet another brilliant blogger for you all to follow!

Today’s Friday Favourite (yes, on a Wednesday, shh) is Naomi from Naomi Rowan. It’s funny, I can’t remember the first time I read Naomi’s blog, nor do I remember the first time we talked, but I also can’t remember a time of me blogging without reading Naomi’s blog or chatting to her every now and again on Twitter! However, since Naomi actually only started blogging in 2016, I really can’t have been talking to her all that long!

Naomi started her blog as a way to share her passions while trying to spread positivity through her beauty and lifestyle posts. Aside from blogging, this 19 year old from Scotland also loves to sing and is hoping to train in classical voice soon. She writes about anything and everything, and, like myself, can’t walk past a dog without saying hello!

One of my favourite posts of Naomi’s is her Making Happiness A Habit post, in which she talks about the many ways you can bring a little bit of happiness into your day to day life. In fact, I frequently return to this post to remind myself of ways to bring back the happiness, and also to remind me that, as Naomi herself says, ‘Happiness isn’t something that can be achieved all of the time’. In fact, it’s this line in her post that reminds me of a quote I used to write in the front of my school diary each year:

Everyone wants happiness, no one wants pain. But you can’t have a rainbow, without a little rain!

So if you find yourself itching to read some new posts, or get talking to a different person on Twitter over the next few days, here are Naomi’s links below!

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