Friday Favourites: Holly

Friday Favourites: Holly Life With Ktkinnes
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Welcome back to Friday Favourites! The first of May’s Favourites is Holly from Holzieloves and I have to say I’m actually extremely disappointed in myself for not writing this post a lot sooner – sorry Holly! I genuinely thought I had!

Now once again I can’t quite remember the first time Holly and I got chatting, but I love chatting to her and she’s such an awesome person! For as long as she can remember, Holly has always had pen and paper in sight, growing her passion for writing. Her blog covers a lot of different things including beauty, lifestyle and advice. In fact, she’s currently writing a post a day this week so remember to head over to her blog to check them out! And on top of all this, she released her own book – Bullied For Being Me – on Amazon just a few months ago. I can’t say anything about it yet as I only ordered it a few days ago so come back in a few weeks to hear my thoughts!

It was hard to pick a favourite post of Holly’s, I actually really enjoy reading them all! But if I had to pick, my favourite would be Please Don’t Forget Me. It’s raw, emotional, and honest. I can’t imagine what Holly has been going through, and this post lets us have a small insight into her mind as she discusses how she is coping with her Dad’s illness. One thing she says though, is something that all of us should remember:

Make as many memories as possible, be whoever you want and don’t let anybody change you as one day that may be taken from you and you’ll wish you had lived  your life to its fullest.

So if you don’t already follow Holly, or just fancy taking a look at some of her posts, check out her links below!

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