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Prior to my exam (yes I’m terrified right now) I need lunch. So I came to the conclusion I would go buy a Tesco meal deal. We all know the deal – sandwich, drink and snack for £3.

Deciding on the steak fajita, I am actually very disappointed. The steak has no flavour, the wrap is dry, there’s no vegetable and I’m sorry I bought it. Never been so disappointed by a lunch! Am actually considering sending a complaint to Tesco about it. Would you?

The hotel maids are coming along the corridor cleaning. I am unsure whether I should leave and give them peace or ask them to come back in an hour when I’m out.

Hopefully today will go well and I can mess up on Friday… Will let you know! But in the meantime, if you want a healthier and tastier lunch idea, why not check out my healthy lunch ideas for the office?
Ktkinnes xxx

Food Glorious Food Life With Ktkinnes

The offending food

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