Father’s Day Is Coming!*

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Wow that title scared me a little… anyone else completely at a loss as to what to get their Dad? Well, I may be able to help even just a little with the burning question. Today I’m reviewing products from both The Old English Company, and PersonalizedCart.com , as well as bringing you to their Father’s Day collections.Well I will be completely honest and say this has been scheduled about a week in advance, but isn’t there something relatively satisfying seeing that little “Scheduled” section slowly going up. But I’m getting off topic, sorry. Yes. This morning I am waking up in Edinburgh, and with the UK’s Father’s Day only two weeks away, I wanted to share with you two brilliant websites you could use to find the perfect present.

The Old English Company

When Ben from The Old English Company first approached me with the opportunity to try a few of their products in exchange for a review, I was delighted to go and have a nosey at the website. From greeting cards to stationery, accessories to homeware, I was absolutely spoilt for choice and struggled to narrow down what I would love to see.

Whoops, there I go getting excited and jumping the gun! I suppose I had better tell you a little about the company to start. The Old English Company is a stationery and giftware brand, creating beautiful, hand-lettered products. First established in London, their studios are now located in the beautiful town of Stamford. Following no particular calligraphy rules, all of their products are uniquely hand-lettered to create stylish, uncomplicated designs with messages that resonate with people.

As I mentioned before, I received a few items in exchange for a review, and to be honest I loved the items I came across. They were good enough to send me a few small bits and pieces, seen in the photos below, but the range is huge! I honestly struggled to choose from their wide selection.

Father's Day Is Coming!* Life With KtkinnesFather's Day Is Coming!* Life With KtkinnesFather's Day Is Coming!* Life With KtkinnesFather's Day Is Coming!* Life With KtkinnesFather's Day Is Coming!* Life With KtkinnesFather's Day Is Coming!* Life With Ktkinnes

The card I received was of excellent quality, and I can’t wait to have the opportunity to send it. My “Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost” print is one of my favourites. I’ve always wanted a print with this, as it applies to both travel, and is one of my favourite quotes from The Lord of the Rings – random I know! The breadboard has been invaluable over the last two weeks, and it’s the perfect size! And finally, I love both the planner and the notebook. The planner has lots of space to write in, and the dates aren’t pre-written so if you’re like me and forget to use it, you don’t feel like you’re wasting paper. Finally, not shown in these pictures, I received a “Baby it’s cold outside” pillow case – perfect for Christmas lovers like me!

So as I say, The Old English Company have a wide range of products that I would highly recommend you take a look at. They even have their Father’s Day section you can browse here!


Like I said above, I also wanted to tell you about a second website that have a great range of products suitable for Father’s Day. In fact, the item I was kindly gifted to review would have made a perfect present for Father’s Day. Unfortunately for me, I opened it in front of my Dad so that kind of ruined that idea. However, the men’s travel toiletries bag came embossed with Dad’s initials, and it is of perfect quality. A little on the small side for if you were going away for more than a week, this is a great size for those weekends away.

If the travel toiletries bag doesn’t sound like the sort of thing your dad would be interested in, then you should definitely check out the rest of their website. Delivery to the U.K. took about 10 days, so you may want to get ordering now if you see something you like!

Other Options

If you really can’t find anything on either of these great sites, then some of my fallbacks include:

  • Thornton’s toffee
  • Green and Black’s Dark Chocolate
  • Book voucher or Kindle voucher
  • Concert tickets or tickets to a show
  • Clothes for his summer holiday
  • A new wallet or phone case

What would you add to my list of present ideas? Or are you like me and probably going to have a last minute panic? Let me know in the comments below!

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