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Family Decorations

Does it scare you that we’re currently 9 sleeps away from Christmas Day? I’m so excited and yet scared at the same time! What am I meant to do with myself when Christmas is over? I never think about that until it’s too late. Almost makes me lose my Christmas spirit before we’ve even reached the top of it.

Day 16 of Blogmas brings us one of my all-time favourite songs and I genuinely will cry if someone insults it. Christmas just wouldn’t be the same if it wasn’t for Slade and Merry Christmas Everybody. Hope you enjoy listening today!



Today, I wanted to take you on a little tour of my family’s Christmas decorations, so I hope you enjoy them! I could only include some, however I will (hopefully) let you see them all soon!


Ktkinnes xxx


4 thoughts on “Family Decorations

  1. OMG you have an ornament that I have, I have that Disney Christmas Bambi, growing up my mum had them all on our tree 🙂 I also have the Pocahontas. I love your firepace somewhere Santa can come down, we didn’t have a fireplace just a radiator that after watching The Santa Claus I learned he can come through those to 🙂 lo

  2. Aw that’s so cool!! My parents started collecting them when they got married so we have so many more! I just couldn’t get photos of them all 🙈 AAAAH!! The Santa Clause is definitely the best movie ever! It’s good that santa had an entry route though 😊 xx

  3. No way, my mum and dad did that, my favourite was Peter Pan on the sleigh. I loved them all. Oh Christmas memories flashing back lol x

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