Eugh. Sunday.

Brunette woman in bed, beside quote saying "Warning: Going to sleep on Sunday will cause Monday"
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I love Sunday. The relaxation, the preparation for the week ahead, and the ever present desire to hide in bed for an eternity. But whoever once said there’s no post on Sundays clearly never looked at my blog!

After a busy week of what felt like doing nothing, I’m exhausted. And I’ve somehow developed a cold. Monday was hectic, writing a presentation due in on Tuesday, and accompanied by a trip to the park. Tuesday then saw a day of shopping, spending money unnecessarily but it was fun. Wednesday came with a presentation in Physics that I think went well, and then a fab night out with my new friends at lgbtq+.

Thursday should’ve been a day of recovery except it was St. Patrick’s Day and so the drinking continued – the day ending with me attending my first ever ceilidh. Friday saw me tidying and beginning to get my life organised again before watching Freedom Writers, a fantastic film. My review can be found by clicking on the aforementioned link. Saturday was super Saturday, 3 rugby matches to complete the Six Nations competition for 2016 and once again alcohol was consumed. With the cold I wasn’t drinking much and so it was fun to watch Nuala and Charlie get incredibly drunk.

I’m now currently in bed, dosed up with painkillers and cold and flu medicine, watching Criminal Minds and considering making a revision timetable. 37 days until the first exam!

Brunette woman in bed, beside quote saying "Warning: Going to sleep on Sunday will cause Monday"

Tonight’s plan is a quiet night in. Maybe a film with Mary. I’m heading home for a few weeks as of Tuesday so tomorrow will probably be spent packing along with meeting up with one of said lgbtq+ friends for coffee. Hopefully this week will be less hectic with a lot more sleep involved! Coughing stops me from sleeping…

Anyway, I’m going to go and pay attention to the tv. Remember, make the most of what’s left of your Sunday night freedom!

4 thoughts on “Eugh. Sunday.

  1. ktkinnes

    Thank you so much! Knowing there are people who actually read it make it so much easier to write and share more. I love reading Positive Destinations and can’t wait for your next post! x

  2. Positive Destinations

    Thank you, that’s so lovely! I agree, writing becomes less awkward when you know people actually read your content!

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