Deliciously Primitive Book Review* Life With Ktkinnes

Deliciously Primitive Book Review*

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Today marks the first official book review of 2018! It seems to have taken a while to actually post one. Well, to be honest Deliciously Primitive is actually the second book I’ve read so far in 2018, but I didn’t want to bombard you with reviews so book one will wait until next month.Back in December, I was contacted by Roberto – the author of Deliciously Primitive – and asked to review his self published guide for “guys who are crap with women”. Naturally, I was curious to see what his guide suggested – surely if it helps guys with girls then it should also help me with them, right?

Deliciously Primitive Book Review* Life With Ktkinnes

When Deliciously Primitive arrived through my letterbox, I was struck first of all by the sheer size and design of the book – it certainly is one for the coffee table! The lovely black hardback book with the metallic red of words “first edition” written across the end just looked so eye-catching, and it wasn’t long before I found myself flicking through the pages.

A Guide for Guys about Women

Most guys are not very good at understanding women, are you Amigo?

In fact, it’s got that bad most guys don’t expect to understand them. It’s too confusing.

How come Society doesn’t consider it’s important for guys to understand women? It’s scandalous.

It’s weird. It’s bonkers.

Nobody taught you at school did they? Or at College or your mother (especially your mother).

Yet you are expected to find a woman who likes you enough to commit and couple up

To create a family and have kids to make the next building block for a society

That gives no help in providing you with the skills to go and do these things properly.

It’s a bummer!

It’s not how it should be!

Enter Billy, a stubborn and curiosity filled maverick with enough money to do as he pleased.

Billy decided to find out about women after having a strange encounter in bed with Mandy.

What she did is all in the Guide. It left Billy a different person

It’s all Mandy’s fault.

And partly Amanda’s who did the same to me

There is no easy way to find out about women because they won’t tell you anything.

This meant he had to do it the hard way because there is no easy way

So Billy went into the wilderness that is the world of women on a voyage of discovery

He has been with more women in more positions in more countries than any other guy on the planet

Took him 40 years but he found out why women do what they do and what causes it.

Billy says not knowing this information creates a “Gap of Ignorance” in guys which is too big.

Billy learnt this info by being in various different situations with women

He has picked the 50 best ones from which he learnt the most

Only by entering one or more of these situations yourself Amigo will you learn about women.

You will find all 50 situations and full instructions on how to use them in our Guide “Deliciously Primitive”

Printed on heavy duty paper with a handmade hardback cover with a magnetic fold-over clasp.

It’s a special book full of special information.

It’s waiting for you Amigo just like she is.

Here are 3 of the Situations for you to look at. You can order your copy below. Let’s go Amigo!

The above quote has been taken straight from the Deliciously Primitive website which you can find linked below.

Taking Deliciously Primitive to be a light-hearted humorous book, I did find myself laughing every now and again. Girls, don’t be too concerned if you find your boyfriend/husband/partner reading it – you could probably learn a thing or two about yourself while reading!

The short sentences are catchy and it certainly wasn’t hard to read the first 40 pages on the day I got it. The style of writing is really easy to read, and it reminded me of a book I bought Rachel for Christmas – You Need More Sleep: Advice From Cats . It is witty, and while I wouldn’t recommend strong “feminists” (read: feminazis) reading it on the off chance they take it too seriously, I do think it’s a very interesting read.

Deliciously Primitive Book Review* Life With Ktkinnes

Deliciously Primitive gives men advice on how to succeed with women, and gives women a chance to see how we are perceived by men. If you were to believe everything Billy says in his situations, you would think we had some hidden agenda to ensnare men – I think maybe I’ve missed the memo on this agenda! At least if you take Deliciously Primitive in jest, as I presume it has been written, you’ll be in for a few laughs!

If you would like to read Deliciously Primitive for yourself, you can purchase it from the official website where you can also read previews, and find out some more information about it.

*I was sent Deliciously Primitive for free in exchange for a review. As such, all thoughts and opinions expressed above are my own honest ones, unless quoted as otherwise and credited to others. Have you written a book you would like me to review? Read my Work With Me page for more information!

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