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Incredible Christmas Gifts I’d Buy If I Won The Lottery

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It’s Friday once again! And the last one before Christmas! Have you finished your Christmas shopping, or are you taking this weekend as a last chance to get out and buy everything you can lay your hands on? Well, today I wanted to share with you the presents I would be gifting if I won the lottery.

Some of you may remember my post from a few weeks back about If I Won The Lottery – this post is kinda like that! Except instead of buying houses for people or cars, I’m looking at the Christmas gifts I would give.

Christmas Gifts for Mum

So Mum always loves some new clothes, and although I know she would really love just the money and time to redecorate the house into exactly what she imagines it could be, I would most likely gift her either lifetime membership to the Ulster Rugby or a lovely Carissima Gold 9 ct 2 Colour Gold Diamond Cut Wave Link Bracelet. Another option would be to buy her a top of the range FitBit [aff].

Money No Object Christmas Gifts for Dad

Dad loves his technology. And while I know he would love a top of the range iPhone, or any technology really, the Christmas present I would buy for him if I won the lottery would have to be an entire new wardrobe of clothes from the brands he loves such as Polo, Hilfiger, and Boss [aff]. Dad really isn’t one for shopping from M&S or Next! Or if that wouldn’t suffice, I’d probably get him this golf game tracker [aff] to help him improve his golfing game!

Incredible Christmas Gifts If I Won The Lottery

Gifts for Rachel If I Won The Lottery

Rachel, Rachel, Rachel… what do you buy for a sister? She doesn’t wear jewellery much anymore, and I can’t think of any “things” that I would buy her. If she weren’t living in her flat anymore, I would buy her the dog she’s wanted from a young age – a St Bernard puppy! And all the accessories and tools [aff] that she would need to care for the dog.

Now if I won the lottery I would of course have to buy myself a few Christmas gifts…

Christmas Gifts for Me If I Won The Lottery

Now I would obviously treat myself to my dream home and my dream Christmas decorations that I covered in yesterday’s new post on my out-of-this-world Christmas home! But what I would really love to buy for myself would either be a Dyson hairdryer or this Philips Lumea Prestige IPL Cordless Hair Removal Device [aff].

What would you buy as Christmas gifts for your friends and family if money were no object? Is there anything on my list that you would bookmark for yourself or family?

Obviously there are a lot more people I would buy presents for, but I wanted to just focus on the three main people in my family and what I would buy for them. I wish I could spoil them all all the time, but who knows maybe next year will be the year I can afford to buy them the presents they deserve. Actually, on that note, I recently saw someone share this:

Someone buys you a present at £20 but you don’t like it. What you should remember is that that person likely works for approx £8 an hour. That person worked 2 and a half hours minimum (cos let’s face it, tax) to be able to buy you a present they thought you’d like. So instead of complaining that you don’t like it, think about the sentiment with which it was given. Gifts don’t have to cost an arm and a leg just to mean someone is important to you.

See you tomorrow for a new exciting post! PS – it’s only 7 more sleeps until Christmas!


  • Helen

    Great ideas!!
    I agree that it’s hard to shop for moms or women in general lol
    A st bernard puppy would be awesome. They’re cute and smart and awesome to get a dog for Christmas

  • clairelomax2018

    Oh gosh we play this game all the time!! And I still don’t know what I would buy. Probably a round the world plane ticket for me and the whole family x

  • Clarissa

    Wow this is such a fun idea for a post Katie! I would buy a cabin at the lake for me and my family. Of course it would need all the toys like paddle boards and kayaks for the nieces and nephews, and and fishing boat for dad and obviously a hot tub for those cooler evenings. 😁

  • sunsetsbooksandwine

    What a lovely post especially the last paragraph, never thought about it in that way before! Thanks for sharing! X

  • kayleigh zara

    These are some really fabulous luxury gifts! If I won the lottery I think I’d spend christmas in the savoy or in some fancy hotel sipping champagne! x

  • Simona ~ The Grumpy Olive

    My sisters and I always thought that, if we were to win the lottery one day, we would most definitely finish to pay our parents’ mortgage and two cars so they can move around with no issues, plus a little lump of money to finish up the house. Then we would probably help any other member of the family and finally get us a nice house in the country side, with a side of cats and dogs ha! x

  • Kelly Diane

    This is such a great post idea. If I won the lottery I’d want to treat my family as well. I saw that statement you mentioned at the moment last week and it really made me think more about gratitude.

  • Nic | Nic's Adventures & Bakes

    Thanks for sharing, I would buy a spa day for my mum, me and my sister-in-law to have to treat all of us from this horrible year. Then I would get both my dad and brother a yearly beer subscription service 🙂

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