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What I’m Gifting This Year

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Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat…. and it’s a Wednesday morning! But not just any Wednesday, it’s Christmas Eve Eve! And also I don’t want to fat shame any geese, so instead, I’ll just share my favourite gif for today down below. But with Christmas getting close, and some people able to go last minute shopping today and tomorrow in actual stores, I wanted to share what I’m gifting this year in case you still need some inspiration!

What I'm Gifting This Year Life With Ktkinnes
FRIENDS: Phoebe episode 2×09 “Happy Christmas Eve Eve!”

Christmas is one of those times I absolutely love, in case you hadn’t noticed! But one thing I really hate about the festive season is when you struggle to think of the *perfect* gift for someone. This year, to save me from tears, I started my shopping early. Like July early. But that’s because we have several family birthdays in December that always end in a battle to make sure you get to be the one to buy the present you thought of. It can be a challenge, but one we all must partake in each year.

What I’m gifting this year is a little different to normal years – I mean it’s 2020, did you really expect it to be normal? With being fully furloughed then part time furloughed, then job retention scheme then furlough again, my finances are all over the place. But that doesn’t mean I cut back on presents! Instead, I might have gone the opposite way…

Before I go any further…

RACHEL. This is your annual warning to stop reading this post now! You can come back in a few days to read. Like tomorrow, after you’ve had your Christmas Day!

Now that that’s that our of the way, shall we have a look at what I’m gifting this Christmas?

What I’m Gifting…

I’ll try to include links to the items I’ve bought, including their price at time of buying, where they’re from, and any other key information for them!


We’re starting easy here. I had originally bought a digital radio and a book for her for Christmas, but then I found out Rachel and I had had the exact same idea for a present for her, so Rachel gave hers as a birthday present. To be fair, hers actually went with what everyone else was buying. I bought this because Mum had said she would really like to replace her navy handbag. If you remember the weekend at the start of November when we went Christmas shopping, I actually came across the perfect bag for her from T K Maxx for £49.99 – a Dents real leather navy handbag! Let’s hope she likes it…


Dad manages to stress me every year – he never gives us ideas! But this year we were walking around M&S when he said he would like some joggers and a hoodie to wear around the house for cleaning and gardening – like, was he sick? Had he been possessed? That was so out of character I couldn’t figure out if he meant it or not! But since Dad is a big labels fan, I actually went online to Hollister for these for him. I know they aren’t matching, but I thought they went well together? I went for the burgundy hoodie and the black joggers, each priced at £29.


Rachel normally is super easy to buy for, but this year I really struggled. Plus the fact I needed to have it bought, wrapped and ready for the first weekend in December! So this year I went with a simple relaxing lounge suit from Stradivarius and a few little things to make a relaxation hamper. Cue the bath bombs, bubble bath, and other cosy items – perfect for evenings after a long shift on at the Birth Center!

Beige straight fit knit trousers and matching top from Stradivarius - What I;m gifting Rachel This Year


With having bought so much skincare and toiletries stuff for Cameron over the last few years, I really wanted to go for something a little different this year. That’s why I ended up buying Cameron a hot sauce set (£7.99 from T K Maxx) and then I actually shopped local small businesses for his second present! I bought the below cheeseboard and knife set (£25) in From Home To Home, and it was made by a small business called Sarah & Mart’s Art. You can check out their Etsy store here to see their beautiful gifts! So I got it on time to give it to him alongside giving Rachel’s present that first weekend in December.

What I'm Gifting This Year Life With Ktkinnes

Granny B

Granny is one of those people who would be happy with an orange wrapped in paper for Christmas – she just loves presents in general! So this year what Rachel and I are gifting Granny is a gorgeous scarf and pair of gloves from a local small business in Rachel’s town in Edinburgh. I don’t actually remember the name of the shop, so if Rachel passes it on to me then I’ll come back and update you all! We also got her a calendar as we always do.

Granny B Scarf and Gloves - What I'm Gifting 2020

Granny H

Ah Granny H. Granny’s birthday was actually 3 weeks ago, back when Rachel and I gave her her Chanel Perfume and body lotion for her birthday present. So this year for Christmas we kept it slightly more basic and got her an oil humidifier diffuser thing. She had seen Rachel’s and really liked it, so we thought it would be something different for her! Plus a calendar for her too – let’s hope she can start filling it in from 6th February when our lockdown ends again!

And there you have it! I got a few people a small gift, just something to say thank you for the year, but I won’t bore you with those. Hopefully if you’re not already sorted, you’re well on your way to being sorted now! Let me know in the comments below what you’re gifting this Christmas, or pin this post for ideas for next year!


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