Christmas Card Swap 2020

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It’s back again! As part of Christmas With Ktkinnes, I am bringing back my Christmas Card Swap for the fifth year in a row! Some of you may be thinking it’s a little early, but here we are anyway. It’s the approaching the end of September, and I’m announcing the next element of my Christmas plans!

As time goes on, it seems fewer and fewer Christmas cards come in through the door during the festive season. So is that a sign to stop with the card swap? Or is it even more reason to host the Christmas card swap? I don’t know if it will continue through to 2021, but it’s definitely here for Christmas 2020!

Sign up here –>

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The History of the Card Swap

Back in 2016, I had everyone either email or DM me on Twitter if they wanted to partake in my Christmas Card Swap. This seemed like a great idea, until I was jumping between accounts and trying to format the addresses to make sure no one got left out.  Then, in 2017 I discovered JotForm and I was a very happy Katie.  No more trying to gather addresses myself, people could just sign up through the link, leave their addresses, and at the end of the sign up period I emailed the spreadsheet to everyone and told them to just go for it and be free! Then in 2018, I decided enough was enough. I would just give everyone 3 people to write to each, unless they asked for more. I didn’t have a clue at the time how much longer that would take to organise! Needless to say, I went into work shattered the morning after I’d sorted it all. So last year, I decided to resort to the 2018 style. Did it work? I don’t know. I know I can count on one hand the number of cards I received, even after sending out 30 myself. And I wasn’t sending them to receive them, but it made me wonder how many other people taking part had had the same experience.

Christmas Card Swap 2020

As this may be the last year of the Christmas Card Swap, let’s say goodbye with a bang! I’ve inserted links above and below, and you can easily sign up through these links. I will then sort through the addresses, and send them to anyone involved – check out my form for more details. On previous years, we have had people from all over the world getting involved, so you’re invited to choose where in the world you would like to post to. Don’t worry, once the card swap is done, all addresses are deleted.

If you took part last year and would like to be involved again this year then please let me know by filling out the form again. As I’m sure you’re all aware, GDPR has a lot of implications so just to clarify – your address will not be stored longer than necessary to complete this year’s card swap, and you have the right to withdraw your name and address at any stage of the Christmas Card Swap. For this reason, I can’t just use your details from last year so please do sign up again if you want to take part!

Christmas Card Swap 2020 Feature Photo

Sign up closes on Monday 23rd November 2020 at 11:59pm GBT, and I will be in touch with the relevant addresses by Thursday 26th November 2019! So what are you waiting for? Click the link below to take part!

*Please note, this card swap is open to everyone, not just bloggers*

Cards can be homemade or store bought, and that part is entirely up to you. Just remember to check latest posting times and dates with your local post office as you want it to arrive before the 25th December!

To sign up, please follow this link –>

Christmas With Ktkinnes Update

As mentioned in my post – The Ultimate Guide to a Successful Blogmas – I am working on making this Christmas the biggest and best one yet here on Life With Ktkinnes. From this, Christmas With Ktkinnes has been developed! This Christmas Card Swap is stage two, with Stage One being the launch of my Blogmas Planner and Ebook [AD].

I have plans for Instagram Challenges, a special hashtag specific to the stuff going on, movie nights, Twitter Chats, and a lot more! So keep your eyes peeled for further information as we get closer to the most wonderful time of the year! I’ll link to it here too so you can easily find any information.

Will you be signing up to my Christmas Card Swap? Let me know in the comments below, and don’t forget to pin this post so that even more people can see and find out how to join in!

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7 thoughts on “Christmas Card Swap 2020

  1. Kay

    First one as part of the new blog (but did it before from the old one!)
    Can’t wait to send some handmade love!!

  2. Kelly Diane

    I’m so happy that the card swap is back this year. I loved receiving lovely cards last year and what better way to spread a bit of kindness after a difficult year.


    Missed the sign up by a few days 🙂 this sounds like it would have been a great deal of fun! Merry Christmas to everyone anyway!

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